Escape From The Fact

Authors Note: Its HarukaxSeiya fiction, If you don't like it don't read it!

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Chapter 1:

"W-what? Are you sure.. about what you are saying?"

"Yes I'm.."

"But... How did that happen?"



"... Its none of your concern.. Gomen.." She whispered softly.

Michiru looked at Haruka's down cast eyes, her eyes softened at the look of the blond woman. She was surprised by the news she got from her thats why she was speaking with her in unusual tone. Michiru paused for moment before she spoke softly, the way she always used with her dear Haruka "You can tell me anything, Haruka.. You know that.."

"I Just.. can't say it.. I'm Sorry Michiru.."

Michiru looked at the other girl, expecting her to speak or say anything, but when she got nothing from Haruka she sighed and closed her eyes for a while. " As you wish, But you should tell everyone about it-"

"I know.." She was interrupted by Haruka who got up and walked out of the room.

Next Day at Rei's Temple

"PREGNANT??!!" Everyone screamed out in surprised in the same time. Haruka and Michiru were sitting silently, it was not clear if Haruka was upset or not. No one in the room was able believe that Haruka the strongest and tomboy Senshi is pregnant; it would be easier for them to believe it if it was Michiru but not Haruka!

"But-but..! It's so unlike you Haruka!!" Usagi exclaimed which made her earn a death glare from Michiru and immediately Mina added "How come that could happen?! I Thought you are a lesbian!"

"Damare" Haruka muttered under her breath.

"I think You can't fight anymore while you are pregnant" Mako pointed out and Rei nodded "How far you are?" Ami asked

"A couple of months.." Haruka replied softly unable to look at the girls.

"Two months far!!" Usagi exclaimed once again then an idea hit her, her face expression turned into a shocked one "M-Mamo-chan!! he was here a couple of months ago before he went back to America!!" Haruka eyes widened at that and Mina added "The Star lights were here as well!!"

Haruka slammed her hands on the table as she got up "WHY WOULD IT BE ANY OF THEM??" She yelled out making Usagi and Mina flinch before she turned and quickly run out of the room, Michiru, Ray and Ami noticed that Haruka was... crying.

Flash Back

"Dame!!!...yameteee…aaahh…I-Iie!! onegaiiii…aaaaa"

Sound of ripping clothes

End of flash back

Haruka shook her head trying to block out that memory, she closed her eyes tightly as she leaning her head against one of the trees and her tears slowly streaming down her cheeks. the young girl touched her cheeks wondering why all of this happened to her, why her out of all these girls?


That is why she hate them, she hate all of them and hate the fact that she can't abort this baby because then she will lose her power as a sailor scout.

End Of Chapter 1

Gomen: sorry

Damare: Shut up

Dame: No

Yamete: stop

Iie: no

Onegai: please

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