Give Me Back My Brother

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Chapter One: Hiding

Chitose Tachibana peered out from from the small slit in the sliding metal door of the storage space under the raised tatami room. She could not hear the unfamiliar voices anymore. Where the strangers finally gone?

Suddenly, the door slid open all the way. Chitose's heart raced as she fell forward…and into something soft. She could feel the object beneath her moving slightly, up and down…it was a person! But who? She was too afraid to look. What if it was a stranger?

"I found you, Chitose!" sang a kind voice.

The child looked up to see a teenager with black hair, dressed in a dreary blue kimono smiling at her. "Itsuki!" she cried in relief, throwing her arms around her older brother.

"The stranger is gone." He told her, and for the first time, Chitose noticed the strain in his smile.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, her little face filled with concern. She had seen such a look on her brother's face rather often recently…What was going on? Was he hiding something from her?

"Nothing." The reply came from a boy standing nearby who looked exactly like Itsuki. That was because he was his twin brother, Mutsuki. "The Ceremony Master just wanted to talk with us a bit before…" His smile waned slightly. They were hiding something! But what?

Mutsuki helped his brother and little sister to their feet. "Why don't the three of us go and do something together?" Chitose was not sure, but she thought she heard him add in a quiet, sad voice, "Before it's too late…"

The three siblings went into the twins' room and played together until night came. But even as they laughed and smiled, Chitose could not shake the feeling that something was wrong…

That night, she had a dream that one of her brother's went far away, and everything became very dark…