Give Me Back My Brother

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Chapter Twelve: Found

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"I found you, Chitose!"

Chitose Tachibana sniffled, finally feeling strong enough to struggle to her feet after her encounter with Yae. She had been unconscious for some time, but it seemed as though Yae had left the house by the time she had came to.

"Why does it have to be this way?!"

The little girl rubbed at her eyes and slowly started walking, no longer caring if anyone saw her. She just wanted to get out of this nightmare-she just wanted to see her brothers again-she just didn't want to be alone anymore…

"You are much too young to understand, Chitose."

Going right through the door, she continued wandering aimlessly through her empty home. It was even quieter than usual-she didn't even hear the agonized moans of the other villagers that often frightened her.

"I didn't want to die…"

Was the new silence why the atmosphere of the house seemed different to her? She felt strange-like a weight had been lifted from her heart. But she was still scared and all alone, so what did it matter?

"I can't talk about Mutsuki anymore…"

The little girl wondered about Yae. For some reason, just thinking of her no longer made her feel angry, just sad. Why had she returned after all this time? Had she maybe come back to try and fix her mistakes or perhaps to see Sae? And that picture box of hers…If she had kept taking her picture with that awful thing, what would have happened to her?

"I'll be back…later tonight."

Chitose found herself in the room that led to the bridge that connected her house to the Kiryu's. There was a large closet in it, which was used to store bedding. She went inside and sat in the corner of the small, crowded space.


Itsuki and Mutsuki had lied to her. They had both promised to always find her, no matter where she hid. If they ever left her, they would make sure to come back. But they hadn't. They had both left her and never returned. She had been hiding like this for a very long time over the eternity she had been trapped here, but the only person who had ever found her was Yae. Why had they lied? Why hadn't they come back? Why hadn't they found her? Didn't they love her anymore?

"Run away from this place and never look back."

"Itsuki…Mutsuki…Someone…find me."

"Everyone just DIE!!!"

Her sniffles turned to sobs. Hugging her knees to her chest, she buried her face in the soft fabric of her red kimono and let it soak up her tears. No one was ever going to find her.

"Why do you kill?"

Still crying, Chitose pulled her bell from inside her kimono. She had found it shortly after waking up. The red cord has ripped and the key was gone, but it was otherwise intact. Not bothering to look up, she weakly shook it, her body wracking with sobs at the realization that it did not matter how hard she shook it-it never had changed anything.

"Give me back my brother!"

A sudden noise from the other side of the closet door startled her. Stuffing her bell back in her kimono, she tried unsuccessfully to muffle her sobs so as not to be discovered by whoever was there. Still crying hysterically she held the door shut with all her strength, her small body pressed up against it. She felt it start to move under her and squeezed her eyes shut in terror, unable to do anything as it slid open and she fell forward.

The pain from her body colliding with the floor that she expected never came, as she instead fell against something soft and warm-a person. She felt their hands wrap around her waist, holding her tightly as she tried to struggle. Another pair of hands found her shoulders. Heart racing, she shook her head wildly as she sobbed, desperately trying to free herself from her captors.

"Chitose…" said the person she had fell onto.

"…we found you." the other one finished.

A chord in her heart struck, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, her body felt consumed in warmth. Her sobs stopped in an instant, and she slowly raised her tear-streaked face. She shifted her dark eyes from one face to the other, her gaze widening. Identical boys, with short black hair and warm smiles.

The boy who she had collapsed onto embraced her, tears in his eyes. Itsuki repeated his brother's words. "We found you…"

Mustuki wiped away his own tears and embraced them both, together, finishing:

"…And we'll never let you go again."