My summer

Disclaimer: I own nothing. But I wish I did.

Summary: A summer that takes place in a time that never existed...basically before Destiny happened, Tess turned up etc. Everybody's happy, but not for long.

"So. Explain to me again why we're here." Liz Parker said tiredly, following her best friend Maria to the end of the shopping mall, where her favourite shops were located.

"Don't you see, Liz? We're here simply because we can be here! There's no school to panic over, no work until tomorrow, no, well, no significant others to tie us down." Maria DeLuca's happy face turned into one of faraway sorrow, but only for a moment. The cheerful facade was soon back again, if only to keep Liz from falling into yet another deep depression.

Liz and Maria had, to put it bluntly, been abandoned. Max Evans and Michael Guerin, their other halves, as it were, had left Liz and Maria behind with their unwanted junior year textbooks, or so it seemed. School had finished on the Wednesday before, and neither of them had heard from the boys, or Max's sister Isabel, since.

Of course, there was the fact that Max, Isabel and Michael were...not of this earth. That did give them some sort of reason to go traipsing around the New Mexico land, and it was taken as read that Liz and Maria, along with Isabel's flirt-object, Alex, were not to ask any questions.

It didn't mean that they couldn't moan about it in private, especially as the three 'couples' hadn't been getting on well particularly lately.

Max and Liz still had the whole 'he's an alien, I'm not' issue to sort out. Maria and Michael had communication problems, as in they didn't know how to, and Alex and Isabel just weren't seeing eye-to-eye.

Hence the mall raiding.

"Come on, Liz, I want to go and find that new store that Jaynie in my biology class told me about. It's got all these strange kinds of ornaments, and oils, and other sorts of stuff," Maria finally took Liz by the hand, after she refused to co-operate, and together they walked to the far end of Roswell's only mall, in search for a store called 'The Missing Pieces'.

"I don't understand why we have to stay for so long," Isabel complained, as she lifted a purple sports bag into the Evan's beat up car. "Why can't we just stay out there for the weekend, and come back on Tuesday? There's no need for us to be gone so long, and I don't want us causing suspicion."

"Isobel, there is every need. If what you saw in your dream was correct-" and here he aimed his gaze at his sister "-then we need to find the Truth Teller. We can't scour the whole of the desert in one weekend."

"That's right, Isobel, how could you have forgotten?" Michael said sarcastically from his vantage viewing point of the back of the Jeep. "After all, how could we only give up four days of our lives searching for the Truth Teller, something which, if intact, could tell us everything about our home planet? How could you. Your fellow Czechoslovakians are disgusted with you."

Isobel sighed and slumped into the passenger seat. "I know it's important. But a week? You know that Alex worries, and before you say anything, Liz and Maria aren't exactly going to be happy if you go without telling anyone."

Michael coughed, and then sheepishly said, "I left Maria a note at the Crashdown."

"What?" Max yelled. "What did you say in it?"

"Nothing major. Just that we'd all be gone for at least a week, and not to worry about us."

"Well, that makes everything fine then," Max said, glaring at his best friend.

"Oh, and you didn't even give Liz one thought after you decided we were coming out here?" Isobel asked. She then added quietly, "Still, she's going to know. I knew you wouldn't do anything, so I left notes for her and Alex at the Crashdown as well. Just telling them that we'd be fine."

Max couldn't take any more of this outpouring, so he simply said, "Fine. Whatever. Has everybody got everything?"

"Aye aye, capt'n," Michael said, raising his hand in salute. A quick check in the rear-view mirror, and Max, Isobel and Michael were on their way, to find the object that held clues to their destiny.

To be continued...