My Summer Part 7

Summary: Tying up of loose ends.

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Rating: G

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It had been five days since the Truth Teller had been discovered, used, and then lost again. Roswell still looked the same, the themed shops didn't disappear just because three aliens had stopped searching for their home, having found it, but were told that they were not meant to be there. Life had to go on, especially because it wasn't public knowledge that there were three aliens living in Roswell.

Isobel and Alex...well what could you say about them? They hadn't spoken about the issues which were previously so important. Alex knew that Isobel had been experiencing conflicts between her life on Earth and the one that she knew she should have been searching for. Isobel knew that Alex was too emotionally held-back to admit to her how much they cared. I saw them yesterday, they were sitting in the Crashdown Cafe. I don't know how she did it, but Isobel had managed to perasuade Alex to try chocolate ice-cream with Tabasco sauce. The things that boy will do for love...or for a certain Isobel Evans who is still trying to believe that her rightful home is on Earth. How wrong she is...

Michael and there was a challenge. But they too were witnessed by me yesterday, when two people are working in such close proximity it's hard to keep the ice from thawing. Maria doesn't want to be abandoned, and I would feel the same. But that's one of the things about going out with an alien. That strange edge of unpredictableness that only Michael can provide. Michael needs the stability of Maria, he needs her. There is no other way to describe them, but as soulmates. Communication will never be their strong point, as will agreeing with each other. But the world would be so boring if it was perfect, and no-one would have it any other way.

Max and Liz...they are a completely different story. They're more than soulmates, they should be destined to be together. No matter what happens, the world will conspire to get them together. But the Crashdown has not been graced with the presence of Max Evans since before the Truth Teller was found. The promises he made that night were eventually discovered to be empty, and his courage false. No matter what kind of pep talk he gave himself, Max only ever go as far as the top of the street where the Crashdown was located, and the same went for the road where Liz's house was. Liz was also guilty, she worked so hard and so often that all thoughts of Max Evans seemed certain to be dispelled from her mind. But they weren't, and she remained unhappy, as did he.

Yet, the summer is only a week old. If I can conspire with the heavens, then we will surely acheive destiny before the sun rises for the autumn. Who knows what accidental discoveries will be made.

And who am I?

You'll just have to wait and see.

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