Moonlight Silhouette

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I felt the cool grass against my cheek and I must have been content for a moment. But in the next moment my eyes sprung open and darted around as I tried to grasp my surroundings.

My eyes focused on the tall silhouette of Lord Sesshoumaru against the bright moon and I remembered where I was. In my dream the caress of the grass had been Sesshoumaru's lips on my cheek and I was disappointed.

Of course I would fall in love with him. And he wouldn't fall in love with me. Why would he love me? I was just a simple, seventeen year old mortal who still followed him around. He probably saw me only as a daughter, if anything. Who falls in love with a girl they had raised from the age of eight?

But I had loved him ever since I can remember! He was devastatingly handsome, strong and fiercely protective of me. Of course I would fall in love with him.

I studied his face, illuminated by the moonlight. The slim contour of his nose, his luminous, molten gold eyes, staring into some unseen place. His silver sheets of hair, blowing softly in the breeze. They were like..poetry. She smiled softly. She saw his features arranged in that serene, emotionless glance that she had come to love. He inclined his head slightly and turned towards her.

"Rin." He murmered. "Why are you crying?"

Crying? I lifted a hand to her cheek. I had been crying. He walked over and kneeled next to me, brushing a tear away with one finger.

"N-nothing." I felt as though my tears were freezing on my cheeks as he touched me. "Just a bad dream." I said softly. He straightened.

"Wait, Sesshoumaru-sama!" I said, "Could you, maybe, hold me, like you used to?" I said, my voice shrinking away. But he came over and gathered me into his arms, holding me close. It had given me so much comfort as a child to be held by him, to feel warm and safe and loved. But now, now I was a woman. And he just made me even more confused.

This was meant to be just a vignette, but let me know if you would like to see more of it, I could easily change it into a chaptered story. Thanks for reading! JW