Some of you may have noticed that I used song titles and/or lyrics for my chapter titles as well as the story title. This is how the list goes:

P.S. Check out the sequel Second Sight

All That's Left (song title) Thrice

C1 – In Dying Memory (garage band name)

C2 – Red Is The New Black (song title) Funeral For A Friend

C3 – Send Me An Angel (song title) Thrice

C4 – Handguns And Second Chances (song title) Senses Fail

C5 – Don't Look Back In Anger (song title) Oasis

C6 – Smashed Into Pieces (song title) Silverstein

C7 – The Weak And The Wounded (song title) Silverstein

C8 – Torn Within (song title) As I Lay Dying

C9 – My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre (song title) Atreyu

C10 – The Sound Of Silence (song title) Simon and Garfunkel

C11 – Into The Dark Past (song title) Angel Dust

C12 – Beside You (song title) Van Morrison

C13 – At Least I know I'm A Sinner (song title) Atreyu

C14 – All These Things That I've Done (song title) The Killers

C15 – Standing All Alone (song title) Not By Choice

C16 – Everything Is All Right (song title) Plus 44

C17 – I Feel Like I'm In For It Now (lyrics) The Gift - Angels And Airwaves

C18 – Standing On The Edge (lyrics) I want To Save You - Something Corporate

C19 – She Prays To The Lord I'll Be Fine (lyrics) Mother's Prayer - Mest

C20 – How To Save A Life (song title) The Fray

C21 – No Mercy No More (lyrics) Fallen Angels - Within Temptation

C22 part 1 – What Are Sighs And What Is Sadness (lyrics) Long, Long Journey - Enya

C22 part 2 – To A Heart That's Coming Home (lyrics) Long, Long Journey - Enya