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Chapter 25: The Wedding

" AHHH MY DRESS! WHERE THE HECK IS MY DRESS?" Sakura said running around frantically. Today is her wedding day, and she could not be anymore nervous.

" Sakura it is in the closet." Tenten said and pulled out her dress.

" Oh right!" Sakura said and she ran up stairs to get the dress and the make-up on.

With the boys

" Hey Uchiha!" Naruto called out.

" What?" Sasuke asked.

"Can you tie my tie?" Naruto asked.

" Why do I have to do it?" Sasuke said.

" Cause everyone else is busy." Naruto said.

" Dobe I busy to I'm getting married today!" Sasuke said and hit him on the head.

" Ow fine whatever." Naruto said and walked out of the room.

With the girls

" Wow Sakura you look so beautiful!" Ino said. Sakura was wearing her wedding dress and her hair was half up.

" One last thing!" Hinata said and grabbed her Vail and put it on her.

" There now your ready!" Tenten said and they all had a group hug. There was water works every where.

At the ceremony

" Hey Uchiha!" Naruto said once again. The ceremony has started and they were in line with the brides maids.

" What Naruto can't you see I'm about to get married?" Sasuke said.

" Don't hurt Sakura okay?" Naruto said. His voice was so serious.

" Okay." Sasuke said.

Everyone has gone and now the bride-to-be was about to walk down the aisle. All eyes was on her. She looked like a angel in her wedding dress. She was just plain beautiful!

' Wow Sakura looks great!' Sasuke thought and smiled when she got up there. And the wedding started. ( I'm not good and describing weddings cause the last time I went to a wedding was like a super long time ago so I'm just going to skip to the 'I dos' okay? Gomen.)

" Sasuke, do you take Sakura to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you?" The Pastor said.

" I do." Sasuke said and Sakura smiled.

" Sakura, do you take Sasuke to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you?" The Pastor asked

" I do." Sakura said and tears were coming down her face.

" Then I now declare you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride." He said. Sasuke lifted her Vail and gave her a very passionate kiss. Then they ran out of the alter to go to there dinner thing.

At the dinner thing ( what is it called?)

" Sakura I'm so proud of you!" Sakura's mom said.

" Thanks mom!" Sakura said and gave her a hug.

" Hey Sasuke!" Sakura' s dad called out.

" Yes Mr. Haruno?" Sasuke said very polity.

" You can call me dad now! Anyway if you hurt my daughter in anyway I'll hunt you down and kick your pretty boy ass!" Mr. Haruno threaten.

" Don't worry dad. I have no intension of hurting you daughter, my wife." Sasuke said.

" Good." Mr. Haruno said and walked away towards Sakura. When he was gone Sasuke let out a laugh. ' He kick my ass? He has got to be kidding.' It was time for the toast and the maid of honor stood up to make it. But of course being Hinata, she fainted so Ino did it.

" Here's to my best friend Sakura, and her new husband Sasuke!" Ino said and raised her drink. Next it was the best man. Naruto.

" Oh my gosh! Sasuke your not going to make him talk are you?" Sakura said.

" He made me." Sasuke said.

" I've known Sasuke all my life and I have never seen him this happy with someone. He was always none as the ice-cube at our school until and certain pink haired girl came. Its Sakura! He whispered that to Sasuke which earned him a bonk on the head.

" You would think that Naruto would have brain damage by now." Hinata said.

" He doesn't have a brain to start with!" Tenten said.

" Anyway I would like to thank Sakura for finally melting the ice-cube! May you live a long and happy life together!" Naruto said and finished the toast.

The party went on for hours until there was one last toast made by Sakura.

" Hi everybody I would like to thank everyone who came tonight and I have one last toast. This toast goes to my mother. She is pregnant!" Sakura said which cause everyone to " GASP"

" Yes it is true we are 3 months pregnant with a boy!" Mrs, Haruno said. Everyone clapped and Sakura and Sasuke where going home to the Uchiha mansion. Sasuke carried her bridal style into the room and I think you know what will happen.

10 months later

" AHHHHHHHHHHHHH GET THIS DAMN THING OUT OF ME!" Sakura yelled. She was nine months pregnant with Sasuke's child. Sasuke was pacing aound the around waiting to see if Sakura is okay. Then the screaming stopped and the doctor came out and told him to come in.

There she was. Sakura was crying and really sweaty and was holding a baby. Sasuke came by her side and looked at there new son.

" He's beautiful!" Sasuke said and gave his wife a kiss.

" What do you want to name him?" Sakura asked.

" How about Sasomeky?" Sasuke said.

" Okay!" Sakura said. And they lived a happy life together.

Naruto and Hinata is married and had one kid, Kyuubi. ( gomen I couldn't think of any names)

Shikamaru and Ino is a newly wed.

and Neji and Tenten are married and have 2 kid. Nej-Nej and Tenji (lol my cousin thought of it!)

Mr. And Mrs. Haruno had a boy and it was named Konsuke.

They all still were best friends and they all live next to each other so they will not drift apart.

The end.

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