Back there, where we never went…

Looking back I walk towards that path,
That led down the gate we never took.
You left, and we made a promise to keep
Our friendship forever…

But now you're burning out,
Something's different in your eyes,
The laughter fades away, not dancing like it use to.
Perfect as we where, why is it all different?

I use to be able to see you laugh and dance,
We use to have so much fun before everything changed.
I would take the fall, you know that.
If it allowed me another chance
Too keep you safe…

I'll close my eyes and make a wish
Even though you don't hear it, can't feel it.
There's nothing left I can do, besides be there for you.

I know you can't hear me now, you won't listen
And I'm climbing the walls; that pain's staying inside bottled up.
Why can't I let you go?
Why won't I listen too the reason;
That I should be hearing and walking away?

You're only an illusion now,
You keep hiding in my mind,
As I walk down the streets alone and
There's no reason why
But I don't want to know why.

I can't stop crying,
I'm missing something
That was there a while back,
Now it's gone and
All that's there is your ghost…

You stare at me and I stare back,
But there's bleeding tears, in my eyes…

And the words I'm going to say
Aren't heard as I look away and
Stare out into the
Darkness of pain and secrets…

The darkness of my mind that lives
Inside of me, the howling storm
It never goes away and
Nothing is the same again?


Why can't it just be perfect?

Am I asking too much?

For everything to be fine!