Dear Readers,

Thanks to those of you who've read 'What Now, Severus?' as it unfolded over the past year. I planned a short, rather silly story, when I started it about a year ago, but instead ended up with a really, really long, silly story. Although it's a flawed and frivolous piece of work, parts of it still make me laugh, so it's okay.

Now that it's all over I must thank a couple of splendid people. First, Blackcoyote, alias Thestralgrin, who encouraged me to write the bloody story, back in the beginning. She also betaed and helped me keep Snape as in character as a horny wizard in an absurd romance could be. If he roamed too far into unbelievable land, blame me. She tried! (If you think the story sucked, that would also be my fault.) Also Mark Darcy, who read, encouraged, kept me going and advocated more contractions, to keep people from sounding stilted. Melodia, thanks for critiquing the smut, although I know you loved it! You people rock!

Thank you, everyone who reviewed the story. I loved knowing you were out there reading, and loved hearing what you thought about it. You also rock!

To those who said this story is a Mary Sue, you may be right, although I think some people are a bit confused about what that means. If there's a Potter fan fic with an OC that has no "MS" characteristics, she'd be indistinguishable from the Common Room wallpaper. Anyway, if there's a Mary Sue in this story, I believe she's actually Michael Sue Fletcher, not Zelda.

People have asked what happens when Severus meets Zelda's kids, and other non-earth shattering events. If you're interested in finding out, I'm playing with a (hopefully!) much shorter story that deals with a few of those questions. The first chapter of Severus Snape Begins the Beguine will be posted soon, if you want to know more.

Thanks, everybody. Writing is a blast and everybody should do it. Go write!

Emilie D