Chapter 2: Target Practice

"You think they can win?" Tenchi asked.

"Absolutely!" his Mr. Misaki said. "You know what those girls can do; their powers can make this a breeze."

"There's more to winning than just ability." said grandfather Misaki. "They need to use their skills in harmony to ensure victory."

"Now for the first challenge!" Satoshi said. "First we choose the participants by lottery!" Two lotto ball machines were pulled out and balls were flying inside the plastic domes. "Remember all decisions are final." A ball popped out of on machine. "And our first challenger for Team Misaki is Kiyone!" Satoshi said holding up a ball with Kioyne's name on it.

"Way to go Kiyone!" Mihoshi said.

"And the Peterson's first participant…" Satoshi said as a second ball came out. "is Chip!"

"Good luck son!" George said.

"I won't need luck!" said Chip.

"Kiyone, take him down!" whispered Ryoko.

"The first event is Target Practice!"

"Then I won't have any problems." said Kiyone. "I'm a very good shot."

"Oh but you don't shoot the target in this game, you are the target!"


"In this game we shot Velcro covered balls at you while you wear special suits with a Velcro target on your chest and stand on a balance beam over a pit of mud! Each ball that stays on the target when time runs out gives you a point but fall in the mud and you lose them all!" Kiyone and Chip got into position. "Ready, set, go!"

The balls were fired from tennis ball launchers. Chip was very impressive in catching the balls with his chest; Kiyone was doing well but had to work harder at it. "You can do it Kiyone!" Mihoshi shouted.

"What!" Kiyone asked as turned around. A ball hit her in the butt making her lose her balance and fall in the mud just as the buzzer sounded ending the game.

"Oh, too bad!" said Satoshi. "Team Misaki has lost all of the points they've earned this round! But it looks like Chip has caught ten balls giving the Petersons ten points!"

"Mihoshi, I lost because of you!" Kiyone said while still caked with mud.

"I just wanted to help…" Mihoshi said.

"Don't worry we'll get another chance." said Sasami.

"The Petersons have ten points!" said Satoshi. "Team Misaki has none! Stay tuned for the next round!"