The day was anew. Gil Grissom walked into the break room at the Las Vegas crime lab, and as usual, saw his team all with fresh cups of coffee in their hands waiting for him. "Okay, Catherine and Warrick- 419 in Henderson; Greg, Nick- robbery at LiquorPlus. Sara, you're with me. We've got a 419 downtown," the man said handing everyone their files. Catherine and Warrick headed out the doors, as did Nick and Greg. "Shall we?" Grissom said to Sara as they headed outside and jumped into a Tahoe.

"So, what'd we got?" Sara asked Grissom in the car as they headed to the scene. "Dead woman in front of a guy's house," he told her. "Who's the owner of the house?" she asked him. "Thomas…Jirkenson," he told her turning a corner. "Huh…" she said looking at the picture of the man. "He…looks sort of familiar…" she muttered. "I think I've seen him around town some time…" she said shrugging and putting the picture back.

When Grissom and Sara arrived at the scene, everything seemed to be in order- there was a puddle of blood that used to be surrounding a body, until the coroner had examined it and it had been taken away to the lab. There were markers indicating signs of struggle and blood drops. As Grissom headed into the house, he made tripped over a box in the entryway. He picked up the box with a gloved hand- it was a normal cardboard box, nothing special. But then…he dropped everything in his hands and his jaw dropped as he looked around the house.

Sara was finishing up the perimeter of the house and Grissom was still standing cock-eyed in the entryway of the house. He made his way further through the house, looking at all of the walls and at the scattered papers on the floor. He didn't even notice when Sara walked into the house.

"So, what'd you-" she didn't finish as she realized what was on the walls. There were newspaper articles, videocassette tapes, even photographs- all of her. She backed up a little, almost losing her balance. She looked to the side, and at her horror, there were even things she had thrown away in public garbage cans lain out on the floor. "G-G…. Grissom…" she said looking up at her boss who was just as shocked as she was.

"Sara, I want you out of here now," he told her. "Go tell Brass," he said making a gesture for her to leave. She wasn't moving. "Now," he said firmly and she ran out of the house. She explained the situation to Brass and he had a patrol car drive Sara to the lab. Grissom thought it'd be the safest place- there were people there, and if this guy were really as obsessed with Sara as they could guess, he'd look for her at her apartment.

For the rest of the day, Sara sat in the lab. She wasn't working any cases; she just sat in silence, every now and then changing the sitting position she was in. Grissom finally returned to the lab with evidence bags coming out of his ears. Sara couldn't help but look at the evidence as he passed- they were photographs of her and many other things he had collected. She ran out of the room and got sick in the bathroom.

Catherine walked into the bathroom to find Sara getting sick. "Sara?" she said looking concerned. Sara just got sick again. "I…heard about the case…and…the suspect…is obsessed with you?" she said leaning against the wall. Sara got sick yet again. She walked over to the sink and washed her face. "Sorry, Catherine…" she said wiping the water from her face.

"No, it's okay," she told her. "Where're you going to stay?" Catherine asked her. "I…I guess I'll just go to a hotel," Sara told her. "I should be okay," she reassured her. Catherine forced a smile. "…Sara, you know my cell phone number…listen- if you need anything, just call me," she told her putting a hand on her shoulder and then walking out of the bathroom. Sara sighed as she turned around and got sick again.

Catherine walked into Grissom's office. "Hey, you paged me- what's up?" she asked taking a seat in a chair across from Grissom. "I need you to help me on the case Sara had been working on," he told her. "I already spoke with Warrick- he said he's got everything under control," Grissom told her. "Okay," Catherine said nodding. "So, what do we have so far?" she asked him. He sighed. "Well, the scene was staged- fake blood, but a real body, so I'm thinking…the killer was trying to send us a message," Grissom told her. "How so?" Catherine asked a bit confused.

Grissom held up a picture taken of the victim- young brunette, slender, light-skinned, long legs. Catherine's eyes widened. "…Oh…" she said rubbing her head. "Like the case with-" "Yes," Grissom told her not wanting to be reminded of the case. This was of course, the case with the young woman who had a haunting resemblance to Sara. The thoughts of the case still made him grimace and shiver. Sara walked down the hallway, heading to her car; Grissom and Catherine didn't even notice her.

She walked outside searching around for her keys and she finally found them. She walked over to her car and started to unlock the door. She sighed as the key got stuck in the door and she pulled on it. She finally got it out and went to open her door, when she felt hands grab around her waist and her mouth. With muffled screams, she dropped her keys as she was dragged off.