Based on stuff that's not mine...

Written by Cyclone...

Whirlwind Productions presents...



It was a dark and story night, which Conner felt was rather
appropriate, considering the circumstances. He backed away from his
opponent... his _final_ opponent, for it was the Gathering, and they
were the last.

Kasir was, despite his name, an Asian man of unknown background.
No one even knew how old he was. Kasir wielded a pair unique swords
with apparently magical capabilities.

Kasir slashed at Conner with Soulstealer. Conner parried and
barely spun away from Kasir's other sword, Soulreaper. "How can you
hope to defeat me, Highlander? Even your clansman, even the great
Methos, fell to my blades. Mwahhahhahahahaa!!"

A nick appeared in Kasir's shirt as he leaped away from Conner
and eyed him warily. *You talk too much, Kasir,* thought Conner.

Kasir snarled and launched into a flurry of attacks. Soulreaper
and Soulstealer weaved in an intricate and chaotic "pattern" which
Conner tried his best to avoid and parry. He was doing fairly well
until it happened.

He tripped.

His legs were tangled in what appeared to be cables of some sort,
it was too dark for either of them to see. Kasir laughed again, "And
the Prize _will_ be mine!" As he swung both swords down toward Conner's
exposed throat, they burst into flames: Soulreaper coldly burned an icy
blue, Soulstealer flamed an intense red.

Conner disentangled himself and rolled out of the way. Kasir's
swords sliced deep into the concrete...

...through the cables.

The electrical current coursed through Kasir's body, frying his
nervous system. Conner crawled away from the electrical lightshow and
pulled himself to his feet.

Kasir collapsed and tried feebly to pull himself up for several
minutes as Conner tried to summon up the strength to take his head. To
Conner's amazement, Kasir was soon standing with no difficulty. In
fact, he almost seemed... rejuvenated.

The electrocuted Immortal glanced at the Highlander, grinning
maniacally as his eyes glowed with an unnatural light. "Look
_carefully_, MacLeod. THIS is the look of the TRUE victor!"

Conner backed away from the apparently insane Immortal and could
only think of one thing to say: "How...?"

"...did I survive?" Kasir chuckled. "_That_, Highlander, was
merely a _taste_ of what my power will be... ONCE I TAKE YOUR HEAD!!!"
he roared.

He charged the Scotsman with reckless abandon. Conner leaped to
the side, tumbling to the ground, and turned around to see the enraged
Asian barreling towards him. He did the one thing he could think of.

He threw his sword.

The katana flew through the air and skewered the berserk Immortal
through the gut. The Asian collapsed to the ground, a shocked look on
his face. Conner rose and gripped his katana, pulling it out of Kasir's

As Kasir groaned, the mortal wound already healed enough for him
to move, Conner swung the blade down on Kasir's neck, crying out at the
top of his lungs, "There can BE only one!"

The Quickening was unlike ever before. Electricity still arced
and shot all over the place, but, around MacLeod and the remains of
Kasir, there was a column of peace, surrounded by a wall of interlaced
electrical energy.

Conner heard something and listened to it intently, dropping his

"A new name, hmm?" He grinned. "I think I'll call myself...

It has begun!