Summary: AUAfter meeting on a train in Europe, Gar and Raven must make every moment count in the time they are given before sunrise. Obviously BBxRae.

Author's Note: Hey ya'll, this is my first fancfic so be nice. Please...? It's based on one of the most romantic movies of all time, Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Most of the dialogue istake straight from the moviecuz i thought it was so witty and awesome.Amazing movie, I recommend you go see it.

Disclaimer: I don't own either the Teen Titans nor Before Sunrise.

Chapter 1 - the MEETING

Sheesh, some people have no manners. Raven Roth watched as the German couple sitting across from her began to argue loudly. The woman had begun shouting and smacking the man's leg while he continued to read the paper, oblivious to his wife's anger. Suddenly the woman stood, ripped away the man's paper and began to shout obscenities in German causing everyone in the car to stare. Sighing, Raven stood, took her single bag from the train's overhead compartment and went down the aisle in search for another seat. And the view had been so nice.

She found a seat across a young man, looking to be about her age with messy brown hair that fell over his eyes. He was wearing dark green cargos, a grey shirt and a faded, vintage looking jean jacket to top it all off. But what really caught her attention were his electric green eyes that seemed to be engrossed in the novel he was reading, she couldn't quite make out what it was. Then suddenly, the German woman stomped down the aisle and headed out the car, husband in tow. All the passengers looked in awe; some shaking their heads in shame, even the boy in front of her couldn't help but stare. He looked at Raven, smiled, went back to his book and did a double take. Boy is she pretty. Wonder if she speaks English.

"Do you have any idea what they were talking about?" She simply looked up from her book in a confused stare.

"Uhm, sorry. Do you – Do you speak English?" He seemed to blush at his own stupidity. Great conversation starter. Note to self; first ask if the girl speaks English. Finally she snapped out of it, realising what he just said.

"Yeah. No, my German is pretty sloppy," she gave him a weak smile. He nodded, she noticed his eyes, and they seemed to be laughing. Were they laughing at her?

"Have you ever heard that as couples grow old they lose the ability to hear each other?" She looked at him funny. He's odd, but cute.


"Well, supposedly, men lose the ability to hear higher-pitched sounds, and women eventually lose hearing in the low end. I guess they sort of nullify each other, or something." He smiled at her and she thought, well he's certainly persistent. And his adorable smile doesn't hurt either. So she decided to play along.

"I guess. Nature's way of allowing couples to grow old together without killing each other" She then went back to her book thinking that might have ended their conversation. What followed was a few seconds of silence as the boy looked at her. She could feel his eyes on her.

Gorgeous, he thought. He watched as a strand of her purple hair fell over her face as she read. A slim hand tucked the deviant strand back behind her ear giving him full view of her face. Her eyes were a dark blue which went nicely went with the colour of her hair. The rest of which was tied back in a messy bun. She wore a black spaghetti-strap top and faded blue jeans with a dark blue sweater tied around her waist.

"What are you reading?" he asked. She turned the book towards him, Dante's Inferno. He simply raised his eyebrows impressed.

She nodded at the book in his hand, "'Bout you?" He gave her an embarrassed smile as he turned the book to face her, George Orwell's The Animal Farm. She laughed as they both glanced down the aisle, the German couple was returning to their seat albeit somewhat calmer. Turning back to him she smirked as if there was a joke between them. That was what he needed to boost his courage.

"Listen, I was thinking about going to the lounge car sometime soon. Would you like to join me?" he asked her hopefully. She decided to tease him a bit by looking like she was thinking about it, smiled then gave a small nod, "Yeah."

He stood up with a huge grin on his face, "Okay" grabbed his and her bags, and led her out of the car.

Sounds of soft laughter and murmurs of conversation could be heard behind a booth in the lounge car of the Eurail. The sun was beaming through the windows, down on two strangers that had just met a few moments ago.

"I knew you were American. And, let me guess, you don't speak any other language right?" Raven asked him teasingly.

"Hey, I take offence in that. So I'm the crude, dumb, vulgar American who has no culture, right? But, I tried. I took French for four years in high school. When I first got to Paris, I stood in line at the Metro station. I was practicing. 'Un billet, s'il vous plaît. Un billet s'il vous plaît' y'know--" She smirked at his bad French accent.

"It's, un billet," she corrected.

"Un," he said in a mocking way, eyebrow raised, "Whatever. Un. Un." They both laughed.

"So I get to the ticket booth and I completely blank out. And I'm standing there like an idiot going 'uh, I need a ticket to uh... get to uh…'" She smiled at him and he laughed. He took a moment to look at her smile, she really was beautiful. Finally, he snapped out of it and asked, "So how 'bout you?"

"Me? Actually I'm Spanish."

"How come you speak such good English then? You don't have much of an accent either."

"I spent most of my childhood in Los Angeles. I guess I picked up the American accent and never let go. But then I moved back to Spain with my mother."

"Is that where you're headed?"

"No, no. I'm headed to Paris. My classes start next week."

"School huh? Where do you go?"

"Yeah, La Sorbonne, you know?" She smiled at the confused look on his face.

"Yeah, sure," he honestly didn't know what he was talking about. He just smiled at her awkwardly as she giggled. At least I can make her laugh.

"Where're you headed?"

"Oh, uh. I'm going to Vienna." She looked at him questioningly.

"Vienna? What's in Vienna?"

"Well, you see. Their main export is in sausage so I--" He saw her looking at him disbelievingly with an eyebrow raised so he decided to give up. "I really don't know. I'm flying out from there tomorrow."

"Ah ha. So you're on holiday?"

"Kinda… Sorta… Not really. Actually I don't know what I'm on. I had a friend in Madrid so I got one of those Eurail passes."

"So has this Eurotrip been good for you?"

He simply looked at her and smiled, "It sucked." She pouted at him and said, "What?" She was somewhat shocked. American's don't usually spend hundreds of dollars to take a trip around Europe only to say that it sucked.

"Well… actually, I've been finding that sitting down looking out the window has been great." She nodded her head not understanding. He sighed leaning back and running his hand through his messy hair only to have it fall back over his eyes. He's kinda cute… kinda.

"What do you mean?"

"You get ideas you wouldn't normally get."


"Alright, like… I had this idea. For a television show, this show that would last 24 hours a day for a year straight, right? What you do, is you get 365 people from cities all over the world, to do these 24 hour documents of real time, capturing life as it's lived. Um, ok, it would start with uh, a guy waking up in the morning, and, uh, y'know, taking the long shower, eating a little breakfast, making a little coffee, and, uh, reading the paper."

Raven looked at him with disbelief, "Oh, you mean those boring, mundane things people do everyday of their life? Those?"

He laughed at her comment saying, "I was going to say the poetry of day-to-day life, but sure yours sounds good too." She laughs right back at him. Poetic ain't he?

"I like that. But who's gunna honestly watch this?"

"Okay fine, tell me this. Think about it this way. Why is it, that a dog lying in the sun can be so beautiful? It is it's beautiful. But a guy standing over a bank machine, taking out money, looks like a complete moron." She's shocked by his insight and smiles.

"Wow, I didn't take you for a smart guy. Let alone a sensitive thinker."

He shrugged, "I pick my moments."

"So this is like a National Geographic program, but on people?"

He laughed, "Yeah! That's it. A documentary on people." The waiter arrived with their drink and he rose up his glass in a toast.

"To those boring, mundane things people do everyday of their lives." Raven raised her glass up to his and shook her head.

"No, to the poetry of day-to-day life."