It wasn't until the next morning that Melle's eyes opened again. The blue orbs staring straight at the ceiling in it's curled up manner. As she stared up at it she wondered if she was dead. But if she was dead, then, how'd she get here... in Frightenedly she raised her right hand up slowly to see. Then to her surprise she was human! Immediately her eyes widened as she sat straight up. "I-I'm not dead...?" Turning her head she looked at the clock on her night stand. The time read 8:15AM! IT WAS CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!

Covering her mouth she panicked a moment. How was she back in her room like this...?? Where was Stinkie..!? What happened to... was it all a dream!? N-no it couldn't have been.. The ring on her finger bared witness to what they'd done the day before.. and with her in her pajama's... It really happened! S-So where was he..!? Where was her lover?! In her mine she pictured them as they both fell and she passed out. "Oh... god no,... please..." tears quickly filled her eyes as she jumped out of bed and slammed her door open.

The next thing she knew she was running down the hallway just as fast as she could. "S-STINKIE??? STINKIE!!!" Melle shouted out as she ran through the halls. Her eyes darted from spot to spot to see if her specter would appear. "STINKIIIIEE!!" With eyes filled with tears she raced towards the stairs of which she hurried down.

Kat and Casper were among the first to greet her at the bottom of the stairs. "Melle...?? What's wrong...?" They questioned, as the two hadn't realized what happened late last night.

"Wh-Where's Stinkie at...???" Grabbing onto Kat, Melle shook her lightly.

"I... I don't know I haven't seen him all morning.." Kat trailed off. "What's wrong...? What happened...??"

"L-last night there was an intruder and...they kidnapped me.. and Stinkie got into this huge fight with him..! Before the fight ended the guy stabbed Stinkie... and then I fell with the guy over the cliff... but Stinkie came after me.. and... I.. I passed out. Where is he..?! Where is he...?!" Crying like mad Melle shook Kat.

Having heard all of the yelling and the craziness going on Stretch flew down from upstairs. "Whats all da racket...? I was... OH! Melle.." Stretch paused as he stared at her face covered in tears. "Why're ya cryin' like dat...? Did Stinkie do somethin' stupid...?" He questioned.

"S-stretch... Wh-where is he...?? Wh-What happened to him...?" Melle now focused most of her attention on the tallest ghost, running over and hugging onto him.

Stretchs eyes just widened to this! Normally this fleshie wasn't THAT clingy with HIM! Usually she tried her best to avoid him in fact. It then occurred to him that his brother hadn't yet showed up to greet Melle when she woke up. Slapping his forehead he grumbled and shook his head, "DAT IDIOT...Nngghh... STIIIIIIIIIIIIINKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!" A roar erupted from him that was so loud it shook the damn manor. "Now dun worry doll face..." placing a hand to Melles chin he smiled lightly. "Dat idiot'll be here in a second if 'e knows whats good for 'im." Gently he ruffled the little fleshies hair.

Sure enough as Stretch had promised Stinkie rushed through the walls from inside the kitchen. "WH-what...?! WHAT...? I'm busy in dere! I was...ACK!!" Stinkie gagged as he found himself being strangled by Stretch.

"Brother! Do you recall what I told ya's about STAYIN' NEAR 'ER TILL SHE WOKE UP?! WHAT DIDN' YA UNDERSTAND ABOUT DAT HUH?! YA SCARED DA POOR GHOUL OUTTA HER MIND!!" With that he SLAPPED his brother upside of his head as hard as he could. "I swear, I'm related t'morons! Am I honestly da only one wit a BRAIN?!"

Melle just stared with her hands covered over her mouth, her eyes still dripped with tears as she seen her lover float there in front of her. He was ok...! He was ... He was still alive ..!! In A matter of speaking anyways, but, It didn't matter, Ghost or human she loved him so much! It over joyed her to see him there as a ghost. "NNGGH... STINKIE!!!" She cried out as she hugged onto him as tightly as she could.

Stinkie just smiled and hugged her back in return, a light frown forming on his face soon afterwards." Daww.. Melle, I didn' mean t'scare ya... I didn'. I was jus' tryin' ta make ya some breakfast.. Heheh, I know dat sounds scary too, but it ain't! I swear, all da food is edible.. and... F-Fresh.." he gulped lightly as he stroked the back of her head.

"W-what happened...?" Melle sniffled as she lent her cheek into his hand.

"Well just before we hit bottom, I turned back into a ghost..! So I managed ta fly us back up to da top of da cliff. Uhh... Dash left a nasty mess down there so, I wouldn' go there.." Stinkie gulped and rubbed the back of his head. "Though when he crashed, he lost da vacuum an Stretch an' dem was released.. so..! From there I jus' brought ya back and placed ya in bed..." Stinkie rubbed his arm softly. "I tried waitin' for ya but if I'd stayed there any longer jus' watchin' ya I'd of gone mad!! I couldn' wait till ya woke up so I flew on down 'ere an' made ya breakfast." Laughing nervously he looked at Stretch.

Stretch and Fatso both just looked at each other. The last one to join them was Ghastly who stopped beside Stretch and folded her arms. "So...Whats that mean for the rest of us who're hungry...?"Fatso questioned.

"Casper'll have t'make it for yas..! I ain' got time...! Uh..y'know.. Aftalife is short as it is!" Waving his hand he grabbed Melle's hand and dragged her off towards the kitchen.

"Gee, Thanks Uncle Stinkie." Casper smirked and laughed lightly looking over to Kat. "I guess I'm just happy that things are back to normal around here! All of that human stuff was really giving me panic attacks! Which is bad seeing s I'm DEAD!" He laughed and floated on towards the kitchen with everyone, Including Dr. Harvey who had joined them.

So the whole family sat together at the table and ate breakfast together peacefully for once. Well, about as peacefully as it could get as the usual antics had started up. Stinkie belching like a guy from a taco parlor who'd had one too many root beers. Stretch rambling on and on about something, And Fatso making jokes out of good points! This always ended with the Trio getting into some giant brawl and the food flying everywhere.

When all the food had been eaten it was time for them to all open their Christmas presents. Kat had received plenty of nice items that she'd need for college. Not to mention, She received some really nice pieces of jewelry. Especially one that was given to her specially from Casper and Her Father. Also The really nice perfumes and things Melle had bought for her. Dr. Harvey received quite a few gifts as well from both Kat and Casper. He even received a new desk that was some how purchased by the Ghostly Trio at some point. Though he didn't bother to ask how, or WHERE they hid it. Casper received a few gifts from Kat such as a friendship necklace and quite a few things that they thought he'd be able to use around the house. Oh not to mention a new video gaming system! Stretch received the eerie sounds CD which he'd hoped for! It was the only thing he really wanted, the other one was just to have Ghastly back home. Fatso's gift was a Phantom of the Opera DVD! As far as Stinkie's went Everyone pitched in and had something custom made for him. It was a VERY special body suit. THIS gift would allow him to be able to sleep beside Melle without getting her cold! This bodysuit was made specifically so that you could turn it on and it'd be warm!

"I... I dunno what t'say...I... I love it!! Tank you!!! YA GUYS ROCK!!" Stinkie laughed and hugged EVERYONE in that room.

Melle was the last one to open her gifts. She received quite a few of the toys and items she'd asked for! Like a Lava Lamp, and some DVDs.

"Hrmn.. I'm sorry I couldn' getcha anythin... or didn'..." Lowering his head Stinkie frowned a little.

"OH... I don't need anything other than you being here. That was the biggest gift of all today... I.. I have you still." Melle hugged onto him tightly. Stinkie just smiled warmly and hugged her back, burping once or twice. "Hehehehe... oops..! Mushy moments give me gas, forgot dat.."

"Well then I suppose you'll be having many more of those moments." A voice that no one recognized was heard coming from somewhere. Everyone in that room looked up to see none other than J.T. McFadden standing there. The whole room gasped as they stared at Caspers father.

"Hello...Didn't expect to see me again hrmn..?" A soft chuckle released from J.T.s lips as he approached the group. "You're all probably wondering why I'm here. I...wanted to give my son a proper Christmas present one last time.." His eyes looked to Casper whose eyes shined over.

"DAD!!!" Casper cried out happily as he flew over and hugged his father tightly. The second he touched him he found himself turned into a human again. He was a little older this time.

"I only see it fit...that everyone gets a chance to enjoy this Christmas holiday together. It's a very special occasion. " J.T. Continued as he hugged Casper back very tightly. "You've grown to be quite a man Casper. I'm VERY proud of you... Merry Christmas..."

"Merry Christmas to you too father.." Casper cried his tears into his fathers shirt.

Kat just smiled widely at Casper as she enjoyed seeing Casper finally get to be with his father. It warmed her heart more than anything. She remembered how much Casper missed his father and so made her over joyed that he got this chance.

It was then that everyone in that room who HAD been dead were now alive and living. Stretch just stared at himself as he turned back into one. "G-GAH! I'mma... a... F-Fleshie..." He cringed as he grumped.

"I AM TOO! ..OH BOY!!! Does dis mean dat what we eat stays wit us...?" Fatso rubbed his hands together. "Thank brudder yer da best!!" Happily he hugged J.T. as well now.

"MYAW!! An I just got used ta bein' a ghost gain... Ah well..." Stinkie shrugged as he pulled Melle close to im. "Mmhm... Thanks for da Christmas gift bro..."

"Yeah.. Thanks...!" Stretch grumbled his arms folded over his chest now as he leaned back against the wall. It wasn't until Ghastly walked in front of im that he changed his attitude a little.

"What was that...Sloane...?" Ghastly winked at him and kissed him deeply.

"A-Abigail...!!" Stretches eyes widened as he stared at her and grinned. "ME? Sayin' somethin..? Pfft.. no way!Wh-what'd I be sayin...?" He smirked some as he teased after her. "I forgot how hot you looked as a maid!"

"This whole situation will only last for this day until after dinner. After dinner everyone will return to their ghostly form. Do you understand...?" J.T. raised an eyebrow at everyone who just nodded in Agreement. "By the way Blayne..."

"Hrmn...?" Stinkie looked over at his brother curiously.

"I'm very impressed with how you handled Melle. Oh...and one last thing..." A sly look placed upon J.T.'s face.

"Whazzat...?" Stinkie quirked an eyebrow as he waited for an answer.

"You DID give Melle a present..." J.T. lingered as he looked back at Stinkie.

"Wh-whatta ya mean...?" Stinkie scratched the top of his head as he looked at Melle.

"Oh, You'll find out in 9 months..." With that J.T. laughed as everyones expressions in the room just turned to a jaw-dropping state.

"Y-Y-Y-YA...M-M-MEAN...!!!" Jumping to his feet Stinkie shouted towards his brother.

"TH-THAT I'M...! I'M..!" Melle's eyes were widened as she looked at Stinkie.

"PREGNANT?!!" Stretch finished as his eye twitched now.

J.T. just nodded his head to all three of them as he continued to laugh. It was then that Stinkie, Stretch AND Melle all fainted. The second all three hit the floor dust flies EVERYWHERE. Casper and Kat just exchange looks and shake their head.

"WELL... Now I know where the rest of MY pocket book will be going..." Dr. Harvey just nodded and took a sip of his coffee before he finally fainted as well.

And so, for the rest of the day everyone enjoyed each others company. Casper was able to play games with his three Uncles, Kat, Dr. Harvey, Melle and most of all his Father! This was a dream come true for him. Everyone just continued on for hours with singing Christmas carols, having fun with stories and just enjoying one anothers company. This was a Christmas that everyone at the Whipstaff Manor had longed for. By the end of the day when all the food had been eaten, everything returned to it's normal nature. The ghosts were ghosts and the fleshies were fleshies. Before the night was over everyone wished everyone a Merry Christmas. They all knew that day would be the most treasured day of all in their home. Especially to Casper who'd finally been granted his true wish.