Witching Hour

By Ael L. Bolt

Rating: G

Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

Summary: The team wants to know why Daniel is calling Britain. SG-1/HP. Set in season eight. Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

"Danny, what's this?"

Daniel peered over the back of the couch at the sheet of paper Jack was waving around. "It's my phone bill, Jack," he said in a tone that indicated he thought Jack had the IQ of a potato.

"I mean this," Jack clarified, rolling his eyes and tapping the long, long list of calls to Britain. "Any particular reason why you're spending thousands of dollars to call overseas?"

Sam glanced up from the movie in interest. "Maybe he has friends over there, sir." Yet she still looked to Daniel for an answer.

Daniel considered his words carefully. "I guess you could say that. Back in 1990 I met a woman in a coffeeshop."

Jack blinked in confusion at this. "A girlfriend? But Daniel, Sha're…"

Daniel shook his head. "God, you have such a one-track mind, Jack. She was one of those budding author-types, looking for her first big novel. I managed to give her a few…tips, to get her started. We get in touch every so often; I help her out on anything she gets stuck on, she tells me all about her new book before it gets published, and sometimes we just chat. She's really a nice lady."

"Has this young woman succeeded in her literary excursions?" Teal'c asked curiously.

Daniel smiled, as if they were all being left out of some private joke. "You could say that." He took a swig of coffee to stall, ignoring three inquiring pairs of eyes directed at him. "So far she has five books out. The sixth is supposed to hit the shelves next summer."

Unnoticed by the quartet, the movie credits scrolled. Casually, Daniel looked at his watch. "Don't we have a briefing tomorrow morning?"

Jack groaned. "Bright and early. Come on, kids, let's let Daniel get his beauty sleep." They bid their goodbyes, and left.

Daniel waited a few minutes, then pulled out his cellphone and punched the speed dial. "Hey, Jo."

He could almost hear her smile. "Harry! Oh, I suppose you want me to call you Daniel now." A chuckle.

"You can call me anything you want," he said with a grin. "Well, within reason anyway. How's the book coming?"

"I'm a little stuck, to be honest," she confessed. "I'm afraid I've forgotten what you told me about how you tricked Ron into playing so well against Slytherin in your sixth year."

Daniel smirked at the memory. "You remember how I won that Felix Felicis potion earlier in the year, right? Well, I saw Ron needed a boost, so I staged putting it in his pumpkin juice…"