Title: Yesterday I Woke Up and You Were Gone

Summary: Just as the title says. My reaction to Eddy's death Sunday.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure what the WWE owns. But I'm sure they own something.

Yesterday I woke up and you were gone

It hurt to know you were never coming back

It always seemed you'd be there.

But I woke up yesterday and you were gone.

I can't imagine the pain your family felt

Or your friends who now no longer have you in their lives

You touched so many lives

But yesterday we all woke up and you were gone.

You lied cheated and stole your way into our hearts

We knew you were the next champion

We all knew it in our hearts

But when I woke up yesterday you were gone

How can wrestling ever be the same?

We won't have your smiling face or your skills

We will no longer have you.

Because when I woke up yesterday you were gone

I have no doubt that you are in Heaven

You had a great heart and were a great person

We are better for having known you

When I woke up yesterday you were gone.