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Summary: Teachers do NOT date teachers- the number one rule. No one had ever questioned it, considered breaking it, even bothered to notice it. But when Rachel meets her new teacher, sparks fly and the most forgotten and important rule of all suddenly becomes remembered, but in the end, will it be all that important?

It wasn't hard to hear the rumors spreading around the school, especially when the people at said school are hyper-active, sugar high preps…but Rachel had to admit, they were pretty interesting (the rumors, that is), a new teacher in the middle of the year? It was strange, all right. As she stepped into her first period class no one seemed to notice her, which wasn't highly unusual, in fact, it was perfectly normal. She took the seat at the back of the room, taking notice- for the first time- of the young man sitting at the teacher's desk. She took the time to study her teacher from the place she was seated at. He looked young for a teacher, but then again, most of the teachers at Gotham High were way too old to be teaching. A young teacher might be a nice change.

He looked to be about twenty-one with light green hair that was fading to brown, the dye having worn off. His eyes were about ten times greener than his hair, and Rachel had a feeling he wasn't wearing contacts. His slightly pointed ears and wide grin only added to his boyish charm and had almost all the girls giggling like idiots.

"Hello class, my name is Garfield Logan, but that's Mr. Logan to you dudes." Rachel was suddenly glad he wasn't her English teacher. "Let me start by giving you a little background information about me. I graduated third of my class at Stanford and majored in biology, which would explain why I'm here teaching it. I love video games, I'm twenty-four, and I'm single." He said, giving a playful wink at the girls making all the girls start that annoying giggling again. Rachel rolled her eyes at the pathetic display, as soon as he turned around they would start whispering about how good looking he was, and how his ears were kind of pointy, and he had nice eyes. The exact type of thing Rachel would not be caught dead saying. She heard the whispering immediately, talking about how he was single and could be dating anyone. She let out an irritable sigh, 'Teachers DON'T date students.' She thought, trying to project her thoughts to the other female students.

"Rachel? Is there a Rachel in the house?" Rachel snapped out of her thoughts in time to raise her hand for attendance. Garfield stared at her for a second, not liking the blank expression on her face, or the frown. He made a comment, hoping to make her smile.

"You have one of my favorite names, you know. If I had a daughter I'd definitely name her Rachel."

"I hate my name." Garfield swallowed; something about her was highly unusual. He could feel her intimidating gaze burning holes in him from underneath her hood, and the fact that he couldn't see her face didn't help either. He let out a nervous chuckle.

"Right." He said, trying not to look too nervous in front of his students. 'It's going to be a long year…' He thought to himself, not too optimistically for a change. ' It might help if I could somehow get her to take off that damn hood.'

"Isn't there a rule for wearing hats in school?" He asked suddenly.

"It's a hood."

"Even so, I'd appreciate it if you'd take it off."

"No." Her response was definitely not expected. Aren't teachers supposed to be giving the orders? Maybe a threat could change her mind. As he opened his mouth to assign detention, he found she had beaten him to the punch.

"Go ahead and assign detention, I have nothing better to do." It was the truth, even if Garfield Logan didn't know it yet. He tried to see if it was a bluff, but it was too hard to tell with that black sweater hood on.

"Fine then," He said, deciding to call her on it, "I suppose you won't mind having detention for the rest of the week." She didn't even look up from a dark looking mystery/suspense book to acknowledge the threat. Garfield growled under his breath. She was getting to him, and she knew it. "Fine then," He said calmly, trying to maintain his composure, "You can come in for the rest of the month." Not even a glance from her. Clearly she had gotten the best of him. He was naive sometimes, but he knew when he was beaten. "A whole year!" Or maybe not.

The rest of the class was about as uneventful as it was boring. Mr. Logan tried his best to get back on schedule after his little argument with Rachel. The boring forty-five minute period was an opportune time to read, and although she would never admit it, watch the other students. She observed as the girls passed notes and whispered to each other. Rachel began to wonder why their doctors hadn't prescribed Ritalin. She ignored their gossip for now, moving on to her only two friends in the school who were currently sitting on the other side of the classroom trying not to look too conspicuous in their flirting (guess who?). From where she was sitting Rachel couldn't make out their conversation but already knew what they were saying, it got predictable after the first few times. Kori would ask a question she sometimes already knew the answer too, and being a foreigner made it a lot easier to come up with questions. After Kori had asked her question Richard would answer and after a minute of detailed explanation would steer the conversation towards asking her out on a date. He would, of course, stumble over his words and instead of the sentence coming out "Kori would you like to go to lunch with me," like it should have; it came out as "Kori…. What's the math homework?" or some equally lame recovery. Yup, they were predictable, all right. Rachel sighed; this was more boring than… everything. The bell was heaven to her ears. She gathered up her books and moved towards the door, prepared to go to gym class. Things were never that easy.

"Miss Roth, I'd like to have a word with you." She should have guessed.

"I noticed you weren't particularly concerned with class or me, for that matter." As he droned on she knew the inevitable question was yet to come. 'Three, two, one…"

"…And, well, never mind. It's not my business what goes on at your house and what it has to do with your paying attention." Rachel was surprised, even if she didn't show it. He managed not to get on her nerves this time, but how long could that last?

"Anyway, I expect you'll be coming to detention for a while so I might as well tell you that you won't be alone." Not as long as she had hoped. The information was not new to Rachel. Kori was coming as she always did, to clean the chalkboards for community service. And of course, what was Kori without Richard? He excused her to gym class and wrote her a pass, after explaining the situation she was already aware about. She walked down the hallways unnoticed and silent, like always. 'The new teacher's bearable, at least." Rachel thought to herself. 'He knows how to make conversation, even if it isn't interesting." She ignored the fact that the comments were probably the most positive things she had said about anyone since before she met Richard and Kori.

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