Nice to Meet You

Hi there, blood-fire-dragon here, fanfic-demon has allowed me to use a character of theirs in this story, so enjoy it plz

It was like any ordinary day for Shuichi Minamino. He did his morning routines, said goodbye to his mother, and went to school. Upon entering the school he had to once more deal with all of his fan girls, who tried to get a date with him. 20 minutes later found him in class waiting for the Sensei to enter and start their class.

"All right class, settle down. Now I have an announcement to make. We have a new student with us from America today, so I suggest you all treat her with respect." The Sensei announced. The door opened and in came the new student. Kurama looked up and gasped at what he saw.

She looked about 16, 5'4", with the most unusual dark green eyes he'd ever seen. She had long black hair with red streaks up front that reached her mid back with a black feather braided into it. She had on the official school uniform, and had hoops in each ear, plus a stud inside the left ear. Her eyebrow was pierced as well with a small hoop.

"Now everyone, this is Raven Ramirez. I'd like you all to make her feel welcome." The Sensei said.

"Hola. Esto es estúpido y un país muy extraño. Pero sigue siendo agradable satisfacerle…No(1)." Raven stated, watching the confused expressions in the classroom.

"Um, could you say that in Japanese please." The sensei asked, looking just as confused.

Hiding a smirk, Raven re-introduced herself, "Hi, I'm really glade to be here. Its a nice country." She said, taking a small bow and glancing over all the students, stopping briefly on Kurama.

"Now, who would like to escort Ms. Ramirez around?" the Sensei asked, scanning the room.

"I will Sensei." A young man said, standing up and offering his most charming smile at her.

Raven grimaced just slightly at him, only noticeable by a certain fox. Sighing, Kurama stood up and looked at his Sensei.

"I will take on the responsibility of showing Ms. Ramirez around, Sensei." Kurama said in his most polite way.

"Very well. I'm sorry Kyo, maybe next time." The Sensei stated a little relieved, and asked Raven to sit beside Kurama.

"Thanks." Raven whispered as she past, only audible to Kurama's ears, and he returned her words with a nod of his head.

"Now, as for today's lesson…" the Sensei began, and everything fell into a familiar pattern, some paying attention. The girls ogling over 'Shuichi'.


"Hey there Ramrez. We girls need to talk." Said a prep as she and her cronies came over to her.

"Its Ramirez, idiota(2). Now what do you want?" Raven asked, reading a book, not even glancing at them.

"It's about Shuichi, the kind, smart and most popular boy who has to show you around. Well, we just wanted you to know that he's…"

"Off limits. Right? Well, I don't see any of you dating him. In fact, I don't see your name on him, or any kind of neon sign flashing 'he's off limits'. So, I guess he's not off limits now is he?" Raven stated with a small smirk, never taking her eyes off the book.

"Listen you smartass American. He's ours, and if you touch him, we'll be on you like a cat to a mouse." The prep threatened, actually bristling at her words.

"Well that's nice." Raven said in a sarcastically sweet voice, still reading her book.

"Why you…"

"Excuse me girls, but Ms. Raven and I need to be going. So if you don't mind." Kurama asked politely getting in the way of an obvious fight.

"For you Shuichi, anything. Besides, we're done, come on girls, lets get back to our work." She said, and they all left, shaking their hips a bit more for Kurama.

"It looks like their ready to have a hip de-placement. Either that or they want us to quite literally kick their ass." Raven stated, watching them go with Kurama.

"I'm sorry if they threatened you, they're known to do that whenever someone new is here, whether it be girls or boys." Kurama sighed apologetically, to Raven.

"Don't apologize for something you have no control over. Its like a broken pencil, pointless." Raven joked, finally looking up at Kurama.

"Heh. Well, I was asked to show you around." Kurama chuckled. Raven got up and followed in silence, while Kurama gave her the tour.

(After School)

"See ya later Shuichi." A guy from Kurama's class offered as he ran down the hall towards the exit.

Kurama sighed as he got ready for another day of politely turning down his fan girls. He opened the doors and, as he expected, his fan girls were already there to offer themselves to him. Kurama took about 10 minutes of politely turning them down and finally reached the gates.

Sighing, he got ready to go, but stopped when he saw Raven walking on top of the wall instead of the sidewalk. Curious as a fox, he walked up beside her and waited for her to acknowledge him, it didn't take long.

"What'cha want?" Raven asked as she continued her way.

"I was wondering why you were walking on the wall instead of the sidewalk." Kurama asked, continuing down his own path as well.

"I don't know. I just like to test my balance every once in a while." Raven said, finally jumping down when the wall ended.

"Where are you heading?" Kurama asked, trying to bring up a small conversation.

"Home." Raven replied, staring ahead of her.

"Where's that? I'll walk you there." Kurama offered glancing over to her.

Raven glanced at him suspiciously, "You aren't some kind of stalker, are you?"


Raven studied him for a moment as if deciding something, then turned and shrugged, telling him where she lived.

"Really! That's right next door to me." Kurama stated, watching Raven's expression, and, like Hiei, nothing but a shrug.

"Interesting. This isn't like its some small town ya'know. First its school, then its living next door." Raven muttered, and stopped, looking up the driveway to her home.

"Well, I guess I'll see ya later. Tomorrows Saturday, so there's no school tomorrow." Kurama stated, then left for his house.

"Mother, I'm home." Kurama announced as he walked in, taking off his shoes and putting on some slippers.

"Oh that's good. How was your day today? Anything interesting happen?" Shiori asked, walking up to her son and giving him a hug.

"We have a new student in our class from America, and I have to show her around for a bit. She lives next door too, but other than that, everything's the same." Kurama briefed as he set his book-bag down and walked into the kitchen with his mother.

"Well, sounds like you had a busy day. Help me set the table and we can have dinner." Shiori said kindly and they set the table for dinner.

After dinner, Kurama went up to his room and did his homework, as always, done within minutes. Looking at his clock, he found it was 10:32 p.m. Glancing out his window he found nothing there. Sighing, he went to the window and stood looking out.

'I guess Hiei isn't coming over tonight.' Kurama sighed and changed for bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

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Hola. Esto es estúpido y un país muy extraño. Pero sigue siendo agradable satisfacerle…No- basically is 'Hi. This is stupid and a very strange country. But it is still nice to meet you. Not'

Idiota- idiot