Grissom walked through the lab that morning, sipping a big mug of coffee. Nick was laughing in the break room, cracking jokes with the rest of the team. Catherine and Warrick found the jokes quite humorous; Sara was reading a book, not really listening to the jokes. Grissom walked into the break room handing Nick and Warrick a file.

"Nick, Warrick-Missing-persons in Henderson. Catherine, Sara," he started handing them a file. "419 downtown," he said. "As for me, I'm going to court," he said walking out. Everyone headed for their crime scenes.

As Sara drove both herself and Catherine to the scene, Catherine noticed something- it was the middle of summer and Sara was wearing a long-sleeved sweater. "Sara?" Catherine asked her. "What?" she asked turning. "What's up with the sweater?" she asked her, pointing to it. "Oh, I'm cold," she told her. "…In the middle of summer?" "Well, I took a cold shower this morning," she told her, putting the car in park as they arrived at the scene. "…Right," Catherine said, not believing her.

They walked out, grabbing their kits. Sara quickly ducked under the crime-scene tape and started taking photos of the body. Catherine went to ask Brass about the body.

As Brass talked to Catherine, telling her about the body, Catherine was still pondering the question in her mind- why was Sara wearing a sweater in summer? "Uh, thanks Brass," Catherine said, though she hadn't heard a word from the detective. She walked over to the scene and started processing.

As they drove back to the lab, Catherine could see beads of sweat dripping down Sara's face, so she tried again. "Aren't you too hot in that sweater?" she asked her. "No, I'm okay," she said as they arrived at the lab. Catherine just nodded and walked back into the lab, watching Sara as she locked up the car. She went to the locker room, flipping through her things when Sara walked into the room. Her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Sara said answering the phone. "Oh, hello Jake. Yeah, I'm still at work. I'll be back soon. Huh? Okay, bye," she said hanging up. "Date?" Catherine asked her, smiling. "You could say that. We've been dating for a while now," Sara said going through her things. A thought stuck Catherine's mind. "How about you go home early tonight? I have everything under control, go meet the guy for dinner," she told her smiling. "Um, are you sure?" Sara asked her. Catherine just nodded and shooed her out of the lab. She smiled to herself as she watched Sara back out of the lab parking lot and leave.

Sara came into the lab the next morning, wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt. This still bugged Catherine- why would she be wearing them in this weather? Obviously, she could tell she wasn't too cold, since she would have beads of sweat dripping down her face all the time. Later in the day, a man arrived at the lab.

"Sara, you've got a visitor," Catherine teased her, looking at the tall man at the front desk. He walked through the lab, straight to Sara. "Sara, where've you been?" he asked her. "I'm sorry, I was really busy," she told him, walking over to him. "Well, that's alright, as long as you're pacing yourself. Why don't you come home now?" he asked her. She looked at Catherine, who only nodded.

"Um, okay," she said taking off her latex gloves. "I'll just get my things," she said heading to the locker room. He walked back toward the front desk, waiting for her. When she came out of the locker room, she looked a little nervous. She had a forced smile across her face and walked out with the man. Catherine looked at her strangely, but thought nothing of it.

Sara was in the car with Jake, who drove back to her apartment. "I thought you said you'd be home at four," he said a bit irritated. "I'm sorry," she told him. "I got tied up in work, I guess I just forgot…" He sighed as he stepped out of the car, locking it up. He went into Sara's apartment, and she followed shortly after. She closed the door behind her.

Nothing was heard from the apartment, except for some muffled voices and a loud crash.