Catherine drove Sara to her apartment. They heard a voice inside. "He's here…" Sara said, shaking. "It's okay," Catherine told her. "Wait here," she said getting out of the car. Sara sat alone in the car- but she was worried about Catherine. Catherine walked up to the apartment door and knocked on it.

"Jake, come out here where I can see you!" she said grabbing her gun. He opened the door to find Catherine with her gun drawn, but his eyes automatically scanned the area for Sara and he saw her in the car. He ran out of the apartment to the car and threw her door open, grabbing her from the car.

"Hey! Over here!" Catherine said running over to him. "Shut up!" he said hitting Catherine across the face, making her lip bleed some. "Catherine!" Sara said worried about her. "Jake, stop it! Leave her out of this!" she said punching his face. She was a bit surprised at the sudden strength she had found inside herself, but it didn't last long because he slapped her.

Sara tried to elbow him, but he leaned down and bit her arm, drawing blood. Sara screamed out in pain, just as the police arrived. "Right on time," Catherine said smiling as she wiped blood away from her mouth. Jake looked around at the cops.

He grabbed Catherine and held a gun to her head. "Don't make another move, or she's gonna get it!" he yelled, a firm grip on Catherine. Sara got angry; she should have never brought Catherine into this whole thing, and she ran behind Jake.

"Don't move!" he yelled to the cops. Catherine was silent- she knew Sara had a plan. And, she knew for sure about it when the next thing happened.

Sara jumped on top of Jake, throwing her arms over his face, making him unable to see. He was throwing his arms around rapidly, trying to get Sara off of him, and he let Catherine go. Catherine kicked his stomach, making him lose his balance, but at the same time, he fell down onto the ground on top of Sara. Sara gasped for breath as the sudden weight was put over her, and she quickly got out from under the man.

"Thanks, Catherine," she said getting up and catching her breath. "No problem, and thank you," she said thanking her as well. Jake was lying on the ground, but he wasn't finished with this whole thing for good. He jumped onto his feet behind Sara. "Sara, move!" Catherine said quickly to her. "What?" Sara said, confused, but quickly knew what she meant after he held his arm around Sara's neck. She was losing her breath quickly, as he strangled her. This is it she thought. She thought of all the cases she had worked on with battered women, and how she had gotten too emotionally involved with them, as Grissom said.

Jake moved back toward the apartment, strangling Sara as he went. She had finally had enough and bit down on his arm hard as he had done to her. He yelled out in pain as he threw her onto the ground. He grabbed his gun and held it to Sara's chest. He was about to pull the trigger, but Catherine acted first and he fell over, blood pouring down from his gunshot wound.

Sara got up so he wouldn't fall on her again. Catherine ran over to Sara and helped her up. She went over to the ambulance and they made sure her arm wasn't infected from where he had bitten her. They bandaged it up and cleaned her other cuts and scrapes, as they did to Catherine. "Catherine, I…I'm so sorry," Sara told her when everything was finally over.

"I know, Sara. But, things like this just happen, and believe me- I was happy to help," she said smiling. "No one helped me when Eddie was this way…so I'm glad I was able to help you," she told her. Sara smiled as they closed the doors to the ambulance, and as it drove off into the distance.

The End