I hope you like this collection of poems, I tried many different meters in this…I have ideas for quite a few, so I'll keep adding as I go. If you would like to request a certain character in a poem, please do so in the reviews and I will be glad to try and fulfill your request. (Include the character and what you would like me to write about) Hope you enjoy! This is the comedy category…

(This first one was inspired by the thought that Link has a lot of girls chase him around/ how much they like him. This is what he might think)

Too Many Girls for Me

If I run into one, then I run into two,

I tell you girls, I don't know what to do,

I realized a fact I never really knew,

I know there's only one of me, and too many of you!

I'm just a young guy; I'm just a young man,

I'm not a miracle worker; I do what I can,

I'm seeing double now, three, four, five, six,

I'm wondering if this is a problem I can fix.

You surround me and look at me as if I've done a crime,

You know I will save you time after time,

You know whether your hair is green, blonde or red,

You will follow me and hound me until I'm dead.

There's no way I can choose, there's no way I can know,

There's no way I can respond to the feelings that you show,

There's only one thing that I really can say,

If you're a handsome hero, there's a price to pay!

(This next one is based on Link's view of Navi)

Stop! Look! Listen!

"Stop! Look! Listen!" Is all she ever yells,

About the enemies' weaknesses is all she ever tells,

I get a splitting headache, every time I hear,

Her little tiny voice shrieking in my ear,

She treats me like I'm stupid, like I just can't see,

Oh, why oh why did she get assigned to me?

Of course we go there, do this, do that,

And when she's done bugging me she flies into my hat,

Why can't you leave me alone, just please fly away,

Then I won't have to listen to your incessant "Hey!"

When we go fishing, why you just wait,

Don't worry Navi, I know what we'll use for bait…

Did you like them? I hope so. This concludes comedy, unless someone has a request. Otherwise, we're done. So…look for the next update on dark selection poems.