A/N: For the purpose of this story, Rory and Logan never ended their no-strings relationship

Love and Hate

He came into her life without warning.

She found him, a keen mind and a guarded heart.

She longs for him, with a head full of memories that never were.

She let herself love him, let her heart open up to him.

Her innocence blinded her to who he really was.

He made her feel alive and she reached out to hold his hand.

He tempted her with his intelligence.

And he betrayed her with his arrogance, giving himself to others.

But every time she was near him she was consumed.

He burned her with lust.

He could do more damage to her than any fire could.

He would pass by her, another girl wrapped around him.

His nonchalance mocked her.

Yet she loved him with her hatred.

And he hurt her with his charm, using words like sharp knives.

She was caught, stuck in a never ending battle of love and hate.

Trapped in this sham of a relationship, giving into her lust, sparking more loathing.

She thought herself forever ruined by the pull she felt towards him.

The tears of pain and the screams of pleasure mix together till all she can see is him.

How could love hurt so much?