Worth Waiting For

Heero hated waiting.

Mostly because people bothered him while he was waiting, thinking that he'd 'appreciate some company' or other such drivel. He liked being alone; it gave him time to think. It always amazed him – though it shouldn't have, considering Relena's thankfully former crush on him – the number of people that mistook his taciturnity for 'shyness.'

Duo had said he was like a cactus, with protective spines around his heart, ones that people had to be very diligent and patient about navigating their way through in order to even have a chance of getting close to him.

Heero had pointed out that aside from their work at Preventers, that admittedly frustrating enterprise was the only thing Duo actually used his patience on.

Duo had just given him an enigmatic smile and said, "Some things are worth waiting for."

Somehow, Heero didn't think Duo was referring to paperwork.

Waiting wasn't all that bad, though. It did give Heero plenty of time to think – which was something he'd been doing a lot of, lately.

Heero didn't think he should keep Duo waiting any longer. He just hoped whatever Duo found in him…was worth it.