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Faith: Hope in Something You Can't See

Eragon looked out at the horizon. It was a beautiful pinky, purple blue. There were wisps of clouds that slowly moved by. Eragon was on a little grassy hill a few miles away from the Varden camp. Saphira, who was sitting in her own elegant way next to Eragon, sighed. It had been a year since that fateful day at burning plains. Saphira was worried for her rider. Ever since he had learned of Murtagh and his father, he had quickly fallen in a downwards spiral. He no longer was cheerful and no longer laughed freely. He was silent most of the time and never showed emotion. Saphira thought him as an emotionless warrior. He just did what he was told. Sure he still cared for her and she could get him to chuckle occasionally, but that was about it. Saphira hadn't even noticed it at first. But then when he didn't even blush when Arya would enter a room or talk to him, she knew something was wrong. Eragon promised her every day that when it was all over and Galbatorix was dead, he would take her to the Hadarac desert, and they would hang out there for a time. After the burning plains incident, they went back to Ellesmèra to finish his training. It went well and he was anointed a true rider. He then went back to the Varden to fulfill his promise to Roran. They were able to rescue her safely. She was hurt but she hadn't had any life threatening wounds. He had already fixed Elva, who still had the visions, but she controlled them. They also went to their friend, the dwarf kings, funeral and fixed the glass statue.

Saphira was tired of this all-serious Eragon. She wanted her go-get-um, happy, carefree rider back. She let a silent tear slide down her cheek, careful not to let Eragon see. She figured that that was why he was so serious and close-minded lately. He had just seen to much, blood, gore, betrayal, and loss of family and friends too soon.

Little one, I am going to go back.

All right Saphira, I'll be there in a little while.

That's fine little one, I love you.

I love you to. He replied in a distracted tone.

Saphira lifted off the ground and soared through the sky towards the huge Varden camp in Surda. She decided to voice her concerns with Arya. She soon spotted her walking with Nasuada, talking quietly. Saphira swooped down lazily and landed in front of Arya giving Nasuada a start, however the elf was well aware of Saphira above them. They stopped talking and looked at Saphira wondering what was wrong.

Arya I need a word with you.

All right. Is anything wrong?

Nay. I just need help with something.

Arya turned to Nasuada. " I am truly sorry Nasuada, but Saphira has requested that I assist her in something. I will be back later." With that Arya turned back to Saphira and they walked over a secluded area. It was a little park, not far away was the training grounds, and metal sounds could be heard.

Arya touched Saphira on the nose. What ails you so bright scales?

It is Eragon. No nothing is wrong with him; she said after seeing her face. I just don't know what to do with him anymore. He's always so uptight and he doesn't talk a lot anymore. I mean, it's not like he's not paying attention to me anymore, in fact he has paid more attention to me more. Bur He scares me. With that faraway look in his eyes. . . Always looking like he's pleading with some otherworldly force to take him away from the place. Arya knew that it was a big deal if Saphira was worried. Dragons do not scare easily. She thought about Eragon's behavior lately.

I can understand your concern Saphira. I will try to talk to him-

No. I may not know the answer to this problem, but I know that he needs time on his own. Maybe you could try tomorrow.

That I will. Thank you Saphira.

Your welcome Arya.

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