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One Fine Day (III) ( I took a little quote from 'First Date', changing it to suit the story, of course...)

As Willow waited for her handsome vampire to recover from the shock, Buffy took Spike by the hand, walking with him towards a private corner.

"You know, pet, since I made all of Angelus' minions run away, I guess that they must have spread the word of it, because all the vampires around keep their distance from me. But I don't give a fuck about that, and I don't even want to make some new minions. I like being a lone wolf!" Spike chuckled.

"You're not alone..." she murmured, caressing his face. "And you'll never be alone, because one fine day I will ask you to do something..." she informed him, and his eyes flashed gold due to the surprise.

"Is... is it what... what I think it is?" he wondered, a little bit unsure, but his beloved girlfriend's smile had already answered his question.

"Yes, Spike, I'm talking about following you and becoming your Childe. But you know, I want to go to College, first!" she pointed out.

Spike burst out laughing.

"Luv, it's not like you'll need a degree to become a vampiress!"

"Ha, ha, very funny, Spike. Truth is that I want to go College with Willow, after all, I'm still too young now. Plus in September, when I start my classes, well... you'll be very useful to me, my lovely Big Bad..." she commented, kissing him.

"Uhmm... enlighten me, then..." he smiled.

"Okay. For example, you could scare some of my teachers if they are way too mean with me, or you could even snack on some girls who are more brilliant than me at school and want to make me look dumb..." she explained.

He chuckled.

"What about the 'No students' rule?" he pointed out.

"Uhmm... well, let's say that with the people I study in College, we can make a… little exception!" she shrugged, nonchalantly.

"So, if I have permission to snack on every girl who is a better student than you... well I think I'll end up devouring the whole College!" he made fun of her, chuckling, but she turned her back at him, insulted.


"But if you ask me to snack only on the girls who are more beautiful than you... well I'll eat no one, then!" he added.

She turned again towards him, with a bright smile.

"You just managed to save yourself at the very last second, my smart adulator!" she informed him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him for a long time.

"So, I imagine that I'll make you turn me into a vampiress when I am about twenty-five years old, okay?" she said.

"Well, do you want to set the date properly?" he smiled at her.

"What? Oh, c'mon, it's not a wedding!" she laughed.

"Why not? It is... in a certain sense..." he murmured.

"Well, I guess you're right, There will be no priest, there will be no guests, instead of the rings we'll exchange our blood, but the final result is just the same: a vow of mutual and eternal love... literally!"

"Oh pet, I'll count the days until that day!" he whispered, kissing her behind her ear, one of her very sensible spots.

"Hey! Are you telling me that you are already sick of my alive version?" she pouted.

"Hell no, of course!" he struck back, capturing that childish pout into a passionate kiss.

"Anyway, I can't wait to be the one who purrs for you!" she smiled against his lips, clinging to him even more. "Plus, I'll finally be able to leave my bite marks on your neck and claim you as mine for the entire world to see. The only way I can do that now is to make you wear a T-shirt saying: 'EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF BUFFY SUMMERS, HANDS OFF!'" she smiled at him. "Uhmm... although to make you wear the same outfit forever... that wouldn't be new to you..." she teased him, making him growl in disappointment.

"Hey! You know what, Slayer? I could amaze you and change my style... in 2015!" he justified, but then he became very serious.

"What about your mom? She doesn't seem to like game-faces very much..." he pointed out, worriedly.

"Yeah, but mom likes a lot the guy who loves me and is ready to take a very serious commitment with me... and is there a commitment that is bigger than forever ?" she smiled at him. "You'll see, she will agree, after all, it's not such a big change..." she added.

"By the way, I almost forgot, when I become a vampire I will keep my soul… is that a problem for you?" she asked, wavering as she feared a possible sharp reaction from him. But those deep blue eyes that were staring at her with such love and endless sweetness didn't seem to be about to snap in any sharp reaction.

"Are you kidding? Your soul is one of the innumerable things I love about you, my kitten..." he murmured, nipping her neck gently.

"It just means that if you want to cut a swath through the continents… well, you'll do it alone, as I'll stay at home, being a good wife and taking care of our nice crypt for two with a white picket fence. But I won't be happy about it at all!" she cleared the point.

"No, pet, I promise, no swath through continents, just one good and satisfying kill every once in a while. Buffy, I can promise to you that I'll try to kill less frequently, but you can't expect me to stop at all. You know, I have to remind to myself that I am and I will always be the Big Bad!" he pointed out, with a low growl.

"I know that I can't stop you, it's part of who you are, after all. But I'm not happy about it anyway!" she grumbled, but he closed her mouth with a sweet kiss.

"You know, kitten, the crypt for two is a lovely idea... but I don't like picket fences very much. Bloody dangerous they are..." he pointed out, making her chuckle.

"Anyway, sunshine, are you sure that you want to take such a big step? Won't you miss anything?" he wondered in concern.

"Well, maybe the only thing I'll miss is the sun..." she admitted, thoughtful.

"Maybe not..." he struck back with a smirk.

"Uh?" she frowned.

"You know, there's a very antique legend about a magic gem that can give lots of powers to the vampire that wears it; one of them is being able to stay in the sunlight without becoming a pile of dust. Well, I don't think that it's just a legend, and no matter what, I'm gonna find it for you, only for you, my love, so you can be in the sun whenever you want to..." he confessed to her.

"What about you? Don't you want that gem for you, too? Don't you miss the sun?" she wondered, but he smiled sweetly at her, shaking his head negatively as he took her hands in his, staring at her until he got lost into the bright green of her sparkling eyes.

"I'm already looking at it!" he stated.

She squealed in delight, jumping on him and peppering kisses all over his face, as everything in Buffy's mind was screaming just one word: 'POET!'

"So, my love, one fine day we'll have an eternity that is made of love, sex, blood, hot chocolate and marshmallows!" she smiled at him, playing with his hair.

"Elisabeth Anne Summers, you really are the woman of my un-life!"



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