Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke (Sasuke is UKE in this one!) May include other pairings in the future.

Warning: Contains yaoi. Don't like, don't read.

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Exploding Stars

Chapter 1 The Morning After

Hot mouths descended on each other and warm, calloused hands roamed over bodies. Their breathing was frantic and uneven. Sasuke couldn't think, all he knew at the moment were the soft lips on his and the talented tongue in his mouth. It was so good. Naruto was so good. He ran his hands up over the back of Naruto's neck and embedded them in unruly blonde strands, clasping his elbows around Naruto's neck for support. He felt as if he let go, his knees would give way. A strong arm honed by years of training wound around his waist, the other up his spine, pressing him snugly against the firm, well-built body. His legs were suddenly jelly-like despite all the years spent training to move silently and stealthily.

Dammit, he hated how Naruto did this to him. The dimwitted blonde could get him so riled up despite all his self-mastery over his emotions with a single, stupid comment. Or make him worry constantly (he'd never admit it) with his careless, inane actions so poorly calculated it could've cost them the whole mission and their lives. Or turn him into something that couldn't think, couldn't make decisions, couldn't do anything but feel—like now.

Naruto pulled away, and he had to suppress a whimper at the loss of that heated mouth. The lips moved eastward, planting wet, sloppy kisses to his ear. That felt so good. Why hadn't he done this before?

The alcohol in his system was still running strong, fuelled by the delightful sensation he was experiencing. Sasuke ignored his thoughts, only concentrating on the warm hands that gently pushed him back. The back of his knees hit the bed, and he fell backward, taking the blonde down with him.


It was a merciless pounding headache, sore muscles, stunning bright light, and an unfamiliar but not unpleasant scent that Naruto awoke to that morning. He couldn't think or even remember what had occurred the previous night—his head hurt too much (Hangover, he cursed.) and his mind was still too befuddled by sleep. He could taste the revolting residue of alcohol in his mouth, the back of his throat was dry, and he licked his lips. He winced and sealed his eyes at the assaulting strong light. The room was too bright. Since when was his room this bright in the morning?

It was late, his internal clock informed him. Naruto didn't care though—as far as he was concerned, today wasn't a day he had to wake up early for. It was the weekend and Kakashi would be away for a few days anyway. The blonde had earned the estimated four days that Kakashi would be gone to do anything he wanted, and sleep was something he had promised himself he would catch up on. But, damn, his hammering head hurt too much to concentrate on anything.

What had he done last night? He couldn't remember, but judging from his symptoms this morning, the only plausible conclusion would be that he had gotten drunk. Most likely gotten trashed with Kiba and Shikamaru. Kiba must have gotten hold of Asuma's liquor collection again, and the three ended up in a drinking binge. Urgh. He didn't care much anyway, his pummelling head didn't allow him to think—and thinking was futile for him this early anyway.

He buried his face back into his pillow, fully intent on going back to sleep. Maybe he could try sleeping his hangover off, or maybe at least it wouldn't be as severe the next time he woke up. His bed was more comfortable than he could ever remember it to be today—it could've just as easily been his imagination, or exaggeration brought on by hangover. He nuzzled into something soft and warm.

The fragrance was back. He couldn't place his finger on it (fruity and a hint of something else) but it was nice, and he decided he liked it. (Maybe it was the new brand of shampoo he bought the other day?) Embedding his nose into the scent and the soft warmth, Naruto inhaled deeply. Something silk soft pressed against and tickled his cheek; his lips unconsciously curled upward. The blonde snuggled even more into the welcoming warmth and creamy velvet. When was his pillow this inviting?

A gentle, barely audible moan emitted right beside his ear. Naruto stiffened and his eyes flew open. It was at that moment that he finally registered the solid body wrapped intimately around him. He had snuggled against a warm, supple neck, and the soft, silky strands were hair.

A girl? He blushed. Even after all his craziest late-night escapades with Kiba and Shikamaru, he had never, ever actually slept with a girl. That was just too far. He has his own dignity after all. He had never gotten so drunk that he'd actually gone so far as to bed a girl. Just how much did he have last night anyway? Well, if this hangover was any indicator, he had more than his tolerated share of booze last night.

Wait. Had they… The rosy tint on his cheeks darkened. He immediately assessed the situation and discovered that they were both naked, tangled only in a blanket and each other. Out of all the gorgeous predicaments fate tossed him into, it had to be this. But then, fate had never been kind to him; rather, he had long resigned himself in acceptance that his life was never going to be easy—fate and destiny had insured that for him the moment he was born. What was he going to do? What should he say? What would the girl say? Oh, Hokage, what would the girl do? More importantly, was there anything he could do to get out of this?

The blonde froze when the girl stirred. She moaned again and shifted her head to cuddle against his strong collarbone. The burning on Naruto's cheeks, if possible, intensified, and the blonde was suddenly aware of the compromising position the pair was ensnarled in. He had one hand cupped tightly on her ass, the other arm circling her back, hugging her securely against him. Her face was buried in the hollow between his neck and collarbone. Slender arms circled his waist, and Naruto could feel smooth, long legs wrapped around his own thigh.

That fragrance… It was her hair, he realized. Her shiny black hair that just naturally spiked up at the back, vaguely reminiscent of someone he knew. It looked so soft and made Naruto want to run his fingers though to determine if it was indeed as soft as it appeared. The girl had pale, porcelain skin, unflawed and untouched by freckles or scars. Naruto had yet to see her face, but he could already tell she was a beauty.

That somehow only served to make him feel even guiltier. Just what exactly had he done last night? He couldn't remember even the tiniest of details. He couldn't recall Shikamaru or Kiba, or even drinking for that matter. Wait—there was Sasuke. Sasuke was a part of last night, he was sure. Was he the one he went drinking with? Naruto immediately dismissed the thought as quickly as it came. He doubted Sasuke even touched liquor. The Uchiha heir was too proud to ever be caught at the end of a bottle, and Naruto had never seen him even consume wine or champagne. But he was most certain Sasuke played a role in whatever conspired the previous night. Hopefully, maybe Sasuke would know something about the girl currently lying next to him.

The girl let out another moan and shifted. Naruto panicked. What would she do when she wakes up and finds him beside her? Fully awake and all traces of hangover gone and replaced by alarm, the blonde gingerly unfolded himself from the girl's embrace. The girl's grip tightened reflexively and Naruto slipped, flopping on top of the girl with a dull thud. He wasn't heavy, but years of training had built lean, hard muscles.

The girl groaned and rolled over, her long black eyelashes fluttering as she delicately opened her eyes, adjusting to the uncomfortable light. Naruto's jaw dropped. The girl wasn't a girl at all.

It was Sasuke.

His mind then disclosed on the smooth, flat chest his hands were on; blue eyes scanned down the expanse of white skin to discover that it did belong to a lean, lithe very male body. If he still sported any doubts, no girl would have that down there pressing against Naruto's thigh.

So, did that mean that he and Sasuke…?

Tanned cheeks sporting whisker scars flamed crimson. Naruto himself could feel the heat on his face, and he briefly wondered in the back of his mind if he had ever blushed this much in such a short period before in his entire life.

Wonderful, he thought wryly. He would've very much preferred the anonymous girl instead. Even having an anonymous boy would've been far better than Sasuke. At least then, things could get as awkward as it could possibly get, rocket out of their hands, and the two would never have to lay eyes on each other again. Konoha wasn't large, but certainly big enough to go through life without ever knowing other people in the same village. However, with Sasuke, it would complicate tenfold. How exactly do you explain what had happened the night prior, why both of you were as naked as the day you were born, or why you two were lying in the same bed this morning, cuddling? To the person you consider your life-long rival and—to a degree—your best friend, no less?

Furthermore, if he knew Sasuke, which he did like the back of his hand, the chances the Uchiha bastard would take it well or try to understand at least were slim to none. Naruto could already hear Sasuke's words in his head: the tirade, the cold, silent tantrum, and the accusations and blame were inevitable.

But what if the two of them hadn't done anything? Just collapsed on a bed and fallen asleep next to each other? It wasn't an unreasonable idea. It wasn't the first time that the two had slept together; some longer, higher-classed missions had forced them to share a bedroll or futon. His mind scrambled for a plausible excuse. For all he knew, they probably weren't even completely unclothed. He could be wearing shorts under the blanket.

Relief consumed him. He released a breath he didn't know he was holding. Of course that's what had happened. It was just absurd to think that he and Sasuke would willingly—he wasn't even going to voice it. It was just a silly assessment brought on by the morning.

He was still staring at Sasuke when the latter slowly detached from slumber, black eyes finally focusing in on him.


Warmth enveloped him. Sasuke couldn't remember the last time he felt like this: comfortable and safe. Perhaps he never had. This feeling of assurance and security was a stranger to what he knew, but definitely not unwelcome. So nice, some sub-conscious part in the back of his mind acknowledged. It shuffled, and he mildly panicked, automatically locking his arms around the pillar of heat. Something hard landed on him, knocking the air out of his lungs. He grumbled incoherently, forcing his eyelids open.

The first thing he saw when his vision cleared was a pair of familiar, distraught blue eyes studying him in a thoughtful, unwavering gaze. Spiky, unkempt blonde hair fell into the intense eyes, and skimmed his forehead. He took in the whiskers on either cheek. Naruto. The second thing he noticed was the close proximity of the two; Naruto's nose was barely touching his and, if one of them were to move slightly, their lips would brush.

Then everything assaulted his senses at once: the revolting taste in his mouth (alcohol?), the sharp, throbbing pain in his head, the stiffness of his body, and the blinding, bright light of midmorning. He felt sluggish, awful, and clumsy—almost like Naruto, much to his dismay. He rarely commenced his day like this: waking so late and in such a disgraceful condition. Usually, he was up at the crack of dawn, sharp and collected. In his opinion, awaking with the sun gave him a satisfaction. A new day cradled so many possibilities and experiences, it would be a waste to sleep through half of it. (Which was why he could never relate to that lazy Shikamaru, no matter how intelligent he proved to be.)

"Ugh," he groaned. Naruto, almost nervously, shifted on top of him, freeing his arm. Sasuke raked a hand through his sleep-tousled raven hair and rubbed the sleep from an eye (an action which the blonde secretly found fascinating) before turning his attention to the weight on top of him. Only to discern the state of complete undress he and Naruto were currently in. His first reaction, though not deliberate, was a blush. Then the situation really kicked in and his eyes widened a fraction.

The blonde shifted again, this time straddling the Uchiha's lean hips. He suppressed a gulp and stared as a collection of emotions ranging from embarrassment to shock to disbelief crossed the pale face beneath him. He groped his mind for a liable explanation, which he just knew the Uchiha would demand soon. Or at least something to say to ease the suffocating tension that was rapidly thickening.

Sasuke was horrified. What was Naruto doing here of all places? And why in the world was he naked? He didn't have to look down to know he himself was naked too. Sasuke was smart; it didn't take much deducting to guess what happened. The equation was obvious: him and Naruto, in bed, without clothes, not fighting (already there was something wrong there).

They didn't… did they? They had better not! For the sake of his dignity, they had better not done what he has in mind.

He clenched his eyes shut. Think rationally, he ordered himself. This is just a dream. No, a nightmare. He slowly counted to ten, praying the blue eyes, blonde hair, and tanned body would disappear. But when he opened his eyes again, Naruto was still there, leaning down, face only inches away.

Naruto was beginning to worry. Sasuke was taking this worse than he thought. He absently chewed on his bottom lip.

Sasuke inhaled a deep breath and spoke, "What are you doing here, idiot?" His tone was cool and calm like usual, the opposite of what was really inside.

The blonde bristled at the insult, then relaxed in relief at the familiar behaviour, and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "I, uh, don't know."

Black eyes shot him a withering glare, one Naruto had long since perfected an immunity against. "Why are we naked?"

"I, um, don't know."

"What happened last night?"

"I don't know."

Anger flared in the dark depths. Sasuke was on his elbows now, their noses almost kissing. "Just what do you know?" he hissed dangerously.

Naruto opened his mouth to say nothing, paused, then immediately shut it. There was no specific recollection of anything that happened the previous night in his mind, but he knew without a doubt that he had gotten more than pleasantly drunk. (How else do you explain the aftertaste and the hangover?) He knew that Sasuke somehow fit into the scene, and that it was all Kiba's fault for getting hold of hard booze in the first place. Shikamaru was to blame too for letting him drink that much, knowing his alcoholic limits. So he voiced his opinions, inwardly congratulating himself on his expert conclusion. He had the upper hand over Sasuke for once.

Sasuke wanted to punch that smirk off his face. Trust the moron to state the blinding obvious. "Anything else that you know?"

The blonde scowled, "Let's see you try and remember last night."

Sasuke faltered, "I can't remember anything." His hand anxiously toyed with a lock of hair. He just wanted to make sure the two of them hadn't actually done what their current circumstance suggested. Noble, aristocratic clans valued pure bloodlines and chastity. To someone born into the reputable, genius Uchiha clan, bedding another person before marriage was beyond disgraceful and dishonourable. The men were viewed as unfaithful and the women promiscuous and shameful.

That it was with Naruto of all people only made it worse, though anyone else wouldn't have been better. Even Neji or Hinata with their highly respected Hyuuga bloodline wouldn't make a difference. He shuddered inwardly at the thought of sleeping with Neji. Where had that come from?

"So did we… do it?" Sasuke asked almost timidly. His cheeks were pink, which didn't go unnoticed by the blonde.

Naruto decided to go with the logical story he had made up earlier. "Nope. I think we were just so tired that we fell asleep on your bed."

An audible sigh of relief washed over Sasuke despite the believability of the story. Naruto glared down at him. "Hey, it's not like I want to have sex with you too, you bastard."

Sasuke, feeling too contented, chose to ignore the insult. He combed his hand through his hair. That was when he spotted the small ring on his left hand. He frowned and brought his hand up to examine it. Strange, he never wore jewellery before. Rings and necklaces were for girls, he always thought. He had never really cared for meaningless, mundane objects like that—they were worthless, in his opinion. Observing his finger from up close, he saw that the ring was really nothing fancy, just a small, golden band. It was plain and simple, but Sasuke suddenly found himself liking it. It adorned his ring finger nicely, and he chose to keep it on. He couldn't recall wearing it yesterday—maybe he just got it last night—but he didn't really particularly care.

Then recognition abruptly struck him. On his left ring finger… It was a wedding ring, he was sure. But that meant… To who? Horror and panic swiftly choked him without warning, and he couldn't breathe for a moment. Was he hyperventilating?

"Eh? Look, Sasuke, I have one too," Naruto's voice broke through his jumbled thoughts. The words registered in his alarmed mind, and his black eyes widened considerably. Naruto has a wedding ring too.

Before he could say anything though, the loud, shrill rings of the telephone went off on the miniature stand beside his bed. Naruto, seeing the horror on his teammate's white, panicking face, decided Sasuke wasn't fit to talk, let alone answer the phone. Secretly, he hadn't ever witnessed the raven-haired Uchiha behave this way, showcasing so much vulnerability for the world to see, and it worried him. Even when up against a bloodthirsty and lethal opponent that wouldn't hesitate to slit their throats in a fraction of a second, Sasuke was always calm and composed, even smirking arrogantly. The Uchiha was somehow always in control in some way, and Naruto had never seen him so shaken up. If he wasn't so worried right now, he might have been very amused and would've filed this into memory as legitimate blackmail material.

He presumed to do the Uchiha a favour and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"NARUTOOOOO!" Sakura's shrill cry pierced through the earpiece.

To Be Continued