I never realized what a fool I was for that girl. The extent at which she rooted herself into me and my semblance of a life was almost disturbing. I'd do anything for her, anything just to be with her. Fight until my last breath just to see those wonderful violet eyes. She became my stars in the night…

The full moon peaked from behind the clouds laying low in the sky. Pale light cast a silvery glow over all that stood silent in the night. A gentle breeze hummed. Somewhere in the sleeping city, two pink eyes peered out with from the shadows with a smile, taking in the quiet building across the way. Without disturbing her surroundings, the figure crept along the wall before dashing across the street, unnoticed. She was alone in her midnight quest; at least, she hoped so.

Nimble fingers plucked picking tools from her black nylon jacket, smoothly sliding into the locked back door. She bested the tumblers in a few short seconds and without a sound, slipped into the building.

Almost immediately after taking a glance around the gloomy office she knew she shouldn't be there. Something was off in the air; something was lurking. Her eyes darted back and forth, searching. Not wanting to take a chance, she crept back out and shut the door before taking off at a dead sprint down the wet alley. Her boots thumped the ground in a rapid, even rhythm as her lungs billowed with deep breaths. No footsteps came from behind yet she knew she was being followed. Years of thieving honed her senses; they were reliable and a life saver.

Ducking down a narrow street she chanced a glance over her shoulder; no one was there. She slowed to a walk, panting quietly as she rubbed her temple. Perhaps she was just a little paranoid, no one was ever following her, right? With a shrug, she turned back.

In a split second she was tackled by something, flung into the alley, and slammed hard against the wall. Hands forcefully pinned her arms to the brick as a pair of lips pressed firmly against her own. Jinx was taken utterly off guard, every sensory neuron firing off the same pleasurable message; she quickly gave in to the soft, smooth lips kissing her. When her attacker pulled back, violet-blue eyes smirked playfully. Raven pressed up against her prey, freeing her hands to drift to the sorceress' side. She nibbled exposed neck before whispering in her ear.

"Caught you…"

The hot breath sent shivers down Jinx's spine; she bit her lip to keep back a moan.

"What were you doing sneaking around like that…" Raven continued her assault on her girlfriend's senses, tracing up and down her side, across her stomach, and back to cradle her chin for the kiss that quickly followed. Her own wicked smile spread across her lips as she watched the girl melt before her. In a puff of cool mist, the Titan vanished, leaving a rather aroused and bewildered Jinx standing alone in the alley.

"I…damnit, Raven…" She lifted her hand to find a small note folded in her palm.


The moon is full and my bed currently made. This simply cannot be…

Jinx promptly shoved the note in her pocket and took off down the road.

After a long distance run at breakneck speed, she typed in her code and ripped open the front door of the Tower, taking the steps three at a time. Robin looked up from the TV as she passed the couch he was lounging on in the living room. "Hey, how did checking the security in the office building go?" he stared as she moved rapidly across the room with an odd and determined look in her eyes.

"I picked the back door and got inside without any alarms tripped, but I had to leave abruptly due to…distractions…" she trailed off as she opened the double doors leading to the hallway.

Robin raised a brow, thinking for a moment before shaking his head. "Scorpios…"

The elevator seemed to inch its way up towards the top level, leaving a very frustrated girl pacing the tiny floor. She growled, drumming her fingers on the steel wall as the seconds ticked by. The doors parted; she stripped herself of the jacket and ran down the hall, slowing as she neared the closed door where she hoped to find her crafty Raven. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she wiped a drip of sweat from her brow before sliding the door open.

Darkness engulfed her as the door cut off what little light poured from the hallway. The dead quiet led her to wonder if the empath was even home. She shuffled her way towards where she thought the light switch was. Her extended hand bumped into a solid form; a familiar snicker broke the silence and Jinx pounced. The two fell to the floor with a thud.

"Smooooth, Jinx."

"Oh, shut-up…" the former thief stood and blindly helped the Titan to her feet. A few candles lit with the snap of fingers and Raven shoved the other girl onto the bed, crawling on top and planting a kiss on her cheek.

"What took you so long?" She asked coyly.

Jinx just growled and flipped her over, pinning her beneath her larger form. "Oh, I don't know, maybe I was on the other side of the city," she snarled as Raven tried to flip her, biting the girls neck firmly; the empath froze as shivers ran down her spine. "You don't know what you've gotten yourself into…"

The early morning sun trickled through the window; clothes lay scattered across the floor. The covers were twisted and wrinkled, with just a corner covering the naked form of one girl while the other was presumably hidden beneath the rest. Raven shivered, blinking her eyes open. Why was she so cold …oh. She grabbed a handful of comforter and dragged it all over, snuggling comfortably underneath. Jinx yawned loudly. The cool air against her bare skin awoke her, and she looked around, smiling sleepily at the cute girl curled up beside her.

She propped her head up on an arm. "I love you."

"You stole all the covers," replied the mound of fabric.

Jinx shook her head and burrowed under the blankets, surfacing once she was pleasantly close and wrapped around her Raven. "Maybe I like looking at you."

"As you were snoring?" Raven smirked.

"I don't snore."

"Yeah, okay…" The empath turned with a smile, kissing the feline. "I love you too, Jinx." Both beamed, squeezing one another tightly. Raven grinned "Breakfast-"

"-is at seven, I know, I know," Jinx groaned, rolling over to fall to the floor. She lay there, face pressed against the carpet, for a few moments while Raven peered over the edge. She never knew how curvy and tone that girl was… She now contently ran her eyes up and down the girl's naked frame every chance she got. Like this occasion.

"Maybe you should get some sun…"

"Like you're one to talk!" Jinx shouted.

Downstairs at the table, the five Titans and Jinx sat down to eat. As usual, Starfire was too chipper, Cyborg way too enthusiastic about waffles, Robin too distracted, and Beast Boy far too curious as to what Raven and Jinx did the previous night. The changeling drummed his fingers on the table nonchalantly and leaned over towards the two.

"So…what were you two doing so late last night?"

"Having sex," both replied casually, never looking away from their bowls of cereal and toast.

Cyborg shook his head with a grin, slapping Beast Boy on the back of his head. Robin laughed and Starfire just smiled, utterly confused yet still too excited to remember why.

"Well, whenever you get around to it Jinx, the old electronics store on Vine Street needs its security checked. They noticed a lot of stuff missing and think it might be someone on the inside, but still want to check."

Jinx suddenly became interested in a speck on the tabletop, all too familiar with the location he spoke of. "Yeah, I'll check the place out," she grinned at the slightly smirking Raven across from her. "But remember, I'm off tonight. Have plans with a certain someone over at my place…"

"God, is that all you two ever do?" Beast Boy threw his hands up in the air.

Raven only chuckled and Jinx leaned back in her chair.