Years later, just before the War of the Ring...

"Yield to me, foe! I am Calanon, of Lothlorien, and you will not defeat me!" a small voice echoed in the forest. The small elfling began to wildly swing a wooden sword about him, as if fighting off dangerous enemies. His father stood nearby grinning, unnoticed by his son.

"He seems to have a knack for it already, eh?" said an elf beside him.

The child looked up at this, his young ears, already sharp and alert, had heard a faint voice. He put his sword in front of him, advancing upon the tree which had seemed to speak. He trembled slightly, but continued to walk forward. Just as he was about to reach the tree and face the enemy, he was scooped up into someone's arms.

"Ada!" the elfling yelled, laughing as he was thrown and caught by his father. Finally, his father set him down and brushed off the dirt that had got on his clothes.

"Your naneth is waiting for us, and we wouldn't want the stew to burn, would we?"

The elfling crinkled his nose in distaste, remembering all too well the last time it had happened and he had been made to eat it as a punishment for his lateness.

The elf that was with his father walked beside them as they set off for their talan, thankfully nearby. They had reached their home in mere minutes.

The elfling broke away from his father and raced up the steps of the talan ahead of him, his little feet moving swift and sure. His father and uncle followed closely behind at a slower pace. He could hear his wife's slight scolding as his son entered the talan.

"Ah, Rumil, what a pleasant surprise! We weren't expecting you," Anira exclaimed as they entered shortly after. An infant was perched on her hip, dozing quietly.

"Yes, and Orophin is sad that he and Merilwen cannot come, but they already had plans to dine with her parents."

"Where did you find him, Haldir?" She adressed her husband.

"Not far, just into the woods a ways," he replied, coming up behind her and kissing her cheek. He reached for the baby and she passed the small elfling to him willingly. "How was she today?"

"Not as fussy as last week, and she went down to nap easily too," Anira answered.

Haldir's daughter had woken up and grinned at him, waving her small hands in the air in greeting and gurgling happily. He smiled and shifted her against him. His son raced back into the room after washing and sat down at the table.

Years ago he never would have imagined having a family, and know he knew what he would have missed out on. He couldn't imagine life without either of his children or, most of all, his wife.

Anira smiled at him as they all sat down to eat, and as he looked around at them all, wife, son, daughter, and brother, he knew that he was much happier than he had ever been.

I veth!

This little scene takes place in 2793 T.A., just at the start of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs (which ends happily, I might add), and three centuries or so before the War of the Ring (2951-3019 T.A.). In my take on the story, I follow the book and do not have Haldir going to Helm's Deep, nor do I have him getting maimed, killed, or critically injured during that time (ahem Peter Jackson). His son's name, as you read, is Calanon, and in case you were wondering, his daughter's name is Tesariel. Orophin does marry Merilwen, as you may have guessed, and for now, in this glimpse of their life, Rumil is still a bachelor. Whether or not he remains so is up to him.

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