Grissom drove as fast as he could to the house. He couldn't lose Sara. He couldn't bear the thoughts he was having in his mind- what if she was already dead, and he was driving to her body? No! She couldn't be dead!

As Grissom arrived at the house, the door flew open. A man walked out of the building, applauding. He had bright green eyes and dark brown hair. He was tall and muscular.

"Bravo, Mr. Grissom, bravo. I'm surprised you still have eight hours left," he said smiling.

"Where's Sara?" Grissom asked, more than irritated.

"Oh, right. Well, she's inside," he said. "And of course, she's not dead…well, yet anyways," he said with a slight laugh. Brass and the rest of the police showed up. He ran out of his squad car.

"What's with this guy?" Brass asked Grissom.

"He's insane," Grissom told him. "Is she in there or not?" Grissom asked angrily.

"I said yes, didn't I? You can take my word for it," he told them. "Come, come. I'll show you around." He walked into the building.

Grissom and Brass were left stunned. Was this guy inviting them in for tea and cookies, or what? They just followed him; Brass with his gun drawn.

"This is a very beautiful place, really." He walked through it. Brass and Grissom saw nothing beautiful about it. There were broken windows and the roof looked like it would collapse at any second. It was dirty and spider webs were everywhere.

"Where is she?" Grissom finally asked. "I've had enough talk now. Tell me where she is."

"Oh, you know what? I really don't remember now…" he said shrugging.

Grissom walked over to him and grabbed him by his collar. "Listen, I've had enough of your little games. TELL me!" he said staring the man in the eye.

The man smiled. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. She's already dead," he said sighing.

Grissom's heart sank, but part of him didn't believe him. "You're not serious."

"Oh yes I am," he said laughing a little. "I'm sorry Mr. Grissom, you're too late."

Grissom threw the man aside. Was he really telling the truth? How could she be dead? He still had plenty of time left to find her! But…this guy wanted to kill her, he was anxious for the bloodshed to begin. Grissom held the tears back in his eyes.

"Jim, get that bastard out of here," he said, his voice a bit shaky.

"Right, come on," Brass said, trying to hold back tears of his own and dragging the man off.

Grissom sat down on an old stool in the building. He was too late- he couldn't believe it. He was too late and that psycho had killed her. The tears were falling down his face in straight lines and he sobbed louder and louder. He just kept wondering if she suffered.

His thoughts were interrupted by a noise made in another room. Grissom quickly looked up. He grabbed his flashlight and walked over to the room it came from.

"Is someone there?" he asked moving closer to the door. He heard a moan. The voice sounded female, but he wasn't entirely sure.

"Sara?" he moved closer. "Sara, is that you?" he opened the door slowly…

"Oh my god!" There lay Sara; she had a large gash across her forehead and a deep cut across her stomach. She held her arm in her lap as she winced every time she moved around.

"Sara! God, are you okay?" He thought that was a stupid question. She was covered in blood- did she look okay?

"Sara, it's Grissom! Please, open your eyes, Sara…" he looked at the pained expression on her face.

She slowly opened her eyes and stared at Grissom for a minute. Her vision was a bit blurry, but she made his figure out immediately. "Grissom…" she was too weak to move.

"Oh god! Sara!" he hugged her tightly.

"Agh…Grissom…" she said motioning towards her arm and bleeding stomach.

"Oh, yes…of course. Sorry, Sara," he said backing away. "Come on, there's an ambulance outside and the police are here," he said lifting her up.

"Is everyone else okay?" she asked closing her eyes.

"Yes, everyone's fine, but are you okay?"

"I'll live," she smiled a little. She was glad to be back with Grissom.

Brass saw Grissom carrying her out of the building. He quickly grabbed his cell phone.

"Catherine! Come over here now! Tell the guys to get off their sorry ass and come down here too! We've found her! She's alive!" he said happily and hung up.

Grissom laid Sara on the gurney in the ambulance and stepped inside with her. He held her hand as they bandaged her up. His eyes noticed the small cut across her neck and he gently rubbed his fingers across it.

"When he did that…" Sara started, remembering when he had the knife to her throat. Her eyes were still closed. "I was so sure I was gonna die."

A tear ran down Grissom's face. "I'm so sorry," he whispered. He felt Sara's hand wipe the tear away.

"Hey, you're the big unemotional bug guy, remember? Don't go crying on me," she smiled opening her eyes and grabbing his hand. He smiled as she brought her hand and gently pressed his lips against her fingers.

Catherine, Warrick, Nick, and Greg ran up after they had driven over there. They looked at the scene in front of them unfold.

"Aww…" Nick smiled. "That's so sweet…"

Warrick just cheered. "Whoo!"

Catherine was running around and she hugged Warrick. "It's about time!"

Greg groaned. "Aw, man…" he said sighing. "Oh, well. I can still flirt," he said moving his eyebrows up and down.

And with that, the ambulance doors closed and Grissom and Sara went off to the hospital.

"Grissom, I'm sorry that this whole thing happened," Sara told him.

"Sara, it wasn't your fault, do don't apologize."


"No buts, alright?"

"Okay," she smiled.

Sara had been through a terrible ordeal, but she knew that the team was there to help her through it. And especially Grissom… she smiled thinking to herself.