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Chapter One: The Pilot

She was alive.

Faith could hear screams over the roar of burning metal but she remained lying in the position on her back. Her breathing pattern finally returned to normal and she blinked several times as smoke billowed around her, floating seamlessly into the air.

Faith leaned forward to rise up on her elbows and coughed, glancing around.

Parts of the plane were scattered and on fire, the midsection being the only part still decently intact. They must have lost the cockpit and tail on the way down.

She growled under her breath as she noticed the medium sized gash on her arm. Blood clots had already begun to form, and Faith ignored the stinging sensation as she stood and brushed at the sand covering her arms and torso.

"Hey, get over here! Give me a hand!"

The screaming had stopped and she glanced at the main wreckage to see a tall, closely shaved dark haired man in a business suit waving in her direction and catching the attention of others as he knelt beside a plane tire.

Faith reacted immediately, moving towards him at the same time as several other people and they all grabbed edges of the tire and the metal attachment.

"On the count of three! One ... Two ... THREE!"

Faith gritted her teeth. She knew she could lift the whole thing by herself but even in the current situation, it would be too noticeable. She allowed the men to lift the brute weight of it first, pretending to struggle a bit then when the weight was distributed evenly amongst them, she lifted the metal. It raised, each person letting out a grunt and the man who had caught their attention pulled the injured person out from underneath, repositioning him a few feet away to rip at his bloody pants.

She watched quietly as he ripped off his tie and looped it tightly against the wound to help stop the bleeding.

In the distance someone else screamed again and Faith shielded her eyes with her hand in order to see where it was coming from. A rather pregnant woman was crawling up the beach, one hand on her overly large stomach while the other tried to steady her entire body.

The man in the business suit instantly noticed as well, pointing at an older, bald man standing beside her.

"All right, get him out of here!" He motioned away from the large engine still turning only a few feet away from them. "Get him away from the engine!" The woman screamed again, screaming for help, and he shifted his gaze towards Faith. "What's your name?"


"Faith, listen, I need you to do me a favor. After he's moved, I need you to stay with this man and keep pressure on his wound, make sure that the tourniquet stays in place and that he doesn't move around too much. Can you do that?"

She nodded moving to replace his hands on the man's leg with her own and he began to move away. "Wait, what's your name?"

He paused only a second before he took off running. "Jack!"

Faith glanced back at the older man he had instructed to help. "You ready?"

He nodded.

"Let's do this then. What's your name?"

"John Locke."

Faith nodded, standing by the injured man's feet and Locke instantly went to grab his arms. They began to pull him away from the wreckage when Locke noticed a man too close to the engine.

"Hey! Get away!"

It was too late, the man unable to hear Locke and suddenly he was pulled into the engine, the entire thing exploding into a giant ball of flaming debris. Faith covered her face, falling to the ground at the same time as Locke and she grunted as pieces of engine scattered themselves around them.

Faith let out a grunt pushing herself back to her feet. "You okay?"

"Yeah!" Locke nodded. "You?"

She nodded and grabbed the man's feet again.


The sun was beginning to set as Faith continued to survey the broken pieces of the plane. She stretched her arms upwards and glanced around spotting a man taking out a single cigarette from a cigarette box. She edged towards him as he put it into his mouth and lit it, staring out into the ocean in front of him as he began to smoke.

"I would kill for one of those right about now." She flashed him a winning smile motioning towards the rest of his cigarettes.

"That right?" The man's eyes flashed towards her. He took a couple of steps closer and looked around at the wreckage, letting out another puff of smoke. Without another word, he turned and walked away, tossing the cigarette on the sand.

Faith grunted, rolling her eyes and she glanced around again before swooping down and picking up the smoking piece of tobacco. No sense in wasting a good cigarette even if it had touched that asshole's lips. Faith inhaled sharply, closing her eyes then exhaled, repeating the motion a few minutes before she discarded the cigarette as well.

The sun had gone down, a large bonfire not too far off in the distance, and she shoved her hands into the pockets of her leather pants. Rolling her shoulders and popping her neck, she let out a long sigh then made her way towards the rest of the crash survivors. It'd be a miracle if she could find her luggage so she could change into some jeans and a tank top but at this point, she'd say one miracle was already enough to ask for one day.


Faith glanced over the injured man, checking his makeshift bandage. The bleeding had stopped. Satisfied that it looked decent enough to where she didn't need to hover over him every passing second, she stood and spotted Locke sitting and staring out at the ocean. He must have sensed her looking and at that moment turned from his position to flash a small smile.

She ambled over closer to him, plopping down on the sand and bent her knees, hugging them with her arms. They sat in silence, both just staring out at the open water as it rushed in and out, the tide strong and steady.

"How's he doing?"

Faith glanced over at the injured man. "He'll make it."

Locke nodded still staring out at the ocean. "You might want to have the doctor take a look at your arm."

She glanced down at the gash and shrugged. "I'm five by five, yo, right as rain. Nothing to worry about."

He opened his mouth as if to say something else when a loud rumbling exploded from the jungle. The island moaned loudly, trees shifting left to right and Locke and Faith both turned around as everyone climbed to their feet, their voices rising in alarm and confusion.

"That was weird, right?" A man spoke up.

"Did anybody see that?"

The trees began to twist, something knocking them down as the sound continued and they all gathered together in a cluster, eyes locked on the sight as it continued. Faith moved forward, inching closer to the front of the line, and stopped directly beside a shorter man, his head covered in a hoodie, eyes fixated on the image with a dry frown on his face.


"Not exactly the word I would have chosen." Faith mumbled. "But it'll work."


The fasten seatbelt sign dinged as it turned off, announcing that it was okay to unfasten the seatbelts and Faith sighed loudly in relief.

"About time I was allowed to pee in this joint."

The person next to her chuckled and she shot the dark haired man a look, eyeing him from her seat with her eyebrow cocked.

"Something funny?"

"Oh, not really." He held up his hands and gave her what she assumed was an innocent, charming smile. "I agree with you, it's about time."

"Right." She looked him over but shrugged, stretching in her seat to see if bathroom area was clear. Just her luck, it wasn't; three people were already waiting beside the now Occupied door. It was the same situation on the next aisle over and Faith let out a grunt, flopping back into her seat.


The man next to her stretched as well then sat back down, his gaze sliding back over to focus on her again. "It's always a rat race to the bathrooms. I think they know that and it's why they only make two for every section."

The woman in the seat next to him let out an irritated sigh and slapped the magazine she had been reading down on her lap as she leaned forward to glance over at Faith. "Ignore my brother, he talks way too much… all the time." The blond woman twisted her lips and flashed her eyes at him. "You can stop pestering her Boone, she obviously doesn't want your phone number."

Faith smirked as the two began arguing and she stretched again to glance towards the bathrooms. The plane suddenly jolted, the hit of turbulence so hard several unbuckled people actually hit the ceiling of the plane, and Faith swore under her breath, yanking her seatbelt on tightly as possible.

People began to scream as the airplane shook violently, an alarm going off, and Faith watched as the oxygen masks fell down from the overhead compartments. She barely had time to pull a mask towards her, slipping it over her mouth, as the people around her continued to scream. The plane began to shake even harder as the turbulence went from bad to worse.


"It could have been monkeys."

"Sure, it's monkeys. It's Monkey Island..."

Faith turned her attention away from the small group debating amongst themselves and watched as Locke peeled back the peel of an orange he had found in the debris. People were busy picking up anything useful they could find, a handful were shifting through luggage while others collected the items that had washed up on shore.

Locke's attention was elsewhere, and she watched as he smiled past her, the peel of the orange covering his teeth. Faith looked over her shoulder to see a petite brunette staring back at them. The woman failed to react, not so much as smiling or acknowledging the kind gesture of attempted comfort and she looked down at the same time that Locke looked away. Faith watched as the woman slipped a pair of shoes off a dead body, not so much as even glancing towards them again before she walked away.

"I don't think she got it."

Locke glanced at her, eyebrows furrowed.

"You know," Faith motioned to the fruit in his hand. "Your 'orange' smile, kinda creepy."

Locke chuckled but said nothing. He simply flashed the orange smile towards her this time and Faith rolled her eyes before turning to follow the brunette in the direction she had fled.

She found the woman with the doctor, Jack, and the group she had been ease dropping in on earlier. Jack was talking to a younger man and she instantly recognized him as Boone, the brother that had attempted to chat her up on the plane. His sister stood next to him flicking at her skin as if trying to rid herself of some invisible pest.

"I stopped the bleeding and took it off last night. He should be all right." Jack glanced towards Faith. "Thanks for watching him."

"No problem." She shrugged nonchalantly.

"Yeah, good job." Boone muttered. His eyes slid over to hers but he quickly looked away.

Faith glanced around at the circle then studied the brunette woman until the short man she had stood next to the night before pushed up from the sand.

"I'll come with. I want to help." He mentioned to Jack.

"Nah, I don't need any more help."

"No, it's cool. I don't really feel like standing still, so ... "

Seeing as how he wasn't going to win, Jack simply nodded motioning at the brunette beside him.

"Excellent." Charlie grinned.

"Where ya going?" Faith spoke up, eyes on Jack.

"We're going to go look for the cockpit." The doctor answered. "See if there's anything we can salvage. There might be survivors, or maybe if we're lucky a transceiver radio we can use to contact help."

"I'll come too."

He looked as if he was going to object, and Faith crossed her arms, leveling him with a stern gaze.

"Trust me; you'll need the extra man power in case you run into whatever that was from the night before. Safety in numbers right Doc?"

A muscle in Jack's jaw jumped but after a few seconds, he merely nodded. "Fine, let's go then."


Faith kept her pace steady at the rear, watching as the two she found out were Kate and Charlie talked back and forth. Jack led, walking quietly with a long stick. She glanced around at the scenery of the island, barely listening to the conversation going on in front of her. She couldn't help but focus back on Charlie as he began to sing in a high-pitched voice, Kate staring at him blankly.

"Driveshaft!" Charlie exclaimed as he finished, flashing a ring on his hand in front of Kate's face. "I play bass."

"My friend Beth would freak. She loves you guys."

Faith couldn't help but smirk as they all stopped, Kate laughing. Jack turned sharply to join them, glaring at the two of them as he approached.

"Hey." He shook his head as Charlie attempted to sing again. "We need to keep moving."

He turned to take lead once again, Kate saying something else to Charlie before turning away, and as Faith moved past him, he was muttering to himself.

"Still together." He glanced down at the ring on his finger. "…In the middle of a comeback."

Faith shook her head and came up beside Jack, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans.

"So why did you come?"

"Say what?"

"Why'd you come on the hike? You could have stayed at the beach."

"I needed something to keep me busy." Faith shrugged. "Staying there on that beach amongst people crying and arguing wasn't exactly meshing with me too well. This is more my style."

"Walking into the unknown?"

"Exactly." She smirked.

"And if we run into whatever that thing was last night?"

Faith kept her gaze forward. "Why'd you come Doc? Wasn't it Kate's suggestion to come get the radio?" She glanced up towards the sky as it began to rain, the large drops splashing down on them. "Let me guess, she couldn't do it alone cause she's a girl, right?"

"Nothing like that." Jack shrugged. "I just didn't think it was a good idea for anyone to be going out by themselves, especially now that we know there's something else on the island."

"Just gotta figure out what that something else is."

"I'm not sure I want to."

She let the subject drop, pointing forward and the group stopped as they came upon the cockpit, finding it resting in a haphazard, crooked position with the nose pointed up towards the trees. Jack glanced over his shoulder at Kate and Charlie.

"Well, let's do this."

Jack entered first, glancing over his shoulder as Faith remained where she was. "You coming?"

"It doesn't take all of us to get one transceiver radio." She gestured towards Charlie and Kate. "Let them follow you, I'll keep a look out from the bottom."

He nodded then disappeared, Kate and Charlie following after him, and all three grunted as they began to climb up the wet, disheveled part of the plane. Faith glanced up into the plane at the sound of someone slipping. She looked just in time to see Charlie regain his grip and the three continued their unsteady climb.

Faith leaned against the broken part of the plane and crossed her arms, looking around as she listened to the three rummaging inside. Noise from something being slammed informed her Jack had probably found the cockpit was locked. The sound of Kate screaming alerted Faith they had found something else as well and she had barely looked up again to see the body hurdling towards her.

Faith jumped back as it landed with a dull thud on the ground and the body of a pilot stared back at her. She could hear Jack questioning if everyone was okay and heard her name being called.

"Yeah!" She yelled. "Just hurry up! It's getting cold out here, yo."

A twig snapping caught her attention and Faith glanced around the forest again. Another twig snapped and Faith popped her knuckles, gradually taking a few steps in that direction. She disappeared into the hedge of the forest, the bushes shielding her completely from the view of the cockpit.


She pushed back the brushes, looking around and sighed at seeing nothing but more trees and even more bushes. Finding absolutely nothing would teach her to be so anal about hearing things in the forest. For all she knew it was a squirrel or bird that had triggered the noise. No sense in even imagining she'd find a demon or vampire roaming around. Then again, life was full of surprises.

She continued to walk forward a few more feet and still seeing nothing at all, made the decision to turn back around. As soon as she did, there was no mistaking Kate screaming in the distance, followed by the sound of something rumbling in the direction she had just come from not two minutes prior.

Faith broke into a dead run, shoving aside limb after limb as she went. She jumped over a log and kept going, finally pushing through the hedges. Faith watched with wide eyes as the cockpit tilted dangerously and suddenly fell, pieces of tree limbs and metal flying into the air. She had barely wiped her eyes clear of the rain when Kate, Charlie, and Jack burst from the cockpit at a dead run, all screaming and waving their arms.

"Go!" Jack yelled waving his arms frantically as he and Kate ran towards her, Charlie trailing behind. "Just run!"

Faith glanced towards the cockpit as Kate sprinted past her and she bolted the other direction just as Charlie fell, tripping on the roots that lay at his feet. Jack saw her start towards Charlie, glancing in the opposite direction to see that Kate continued running, and he turned back as well.

"Help me!"

Faith bent down, brushing back her hair from her eyes just as Jack reached them and she and Jack tore at the branches, Jack helping Charlie to his feet as she threw aside the last limb, whatever it was roaring in the jungle right on them. Faith glanced around, seeing nothing and was shaken as Jack leaned forward and grabbed her arms.

"Come on!" He yelled at them and shoved Charlie forward. "Let's get going!"

Charlie took off but Faith remained standing there, eyes searching for something she could hear but couldn't see. Jack, who had started to run again as well, turned and came back suddenly pushing her towards the side as the ground rumbled, and Faith cursed as they landed in the bushes, completely engulfed by leaves and branches.

Whatever it was roared past them, disappearing into the forest and it became quiet again, both of them lying on their backs as they stared up at the now clear sky.

Faith leaned up on her elbows and stared down at her dirty clothes. "You better hope I find my luggage." She smirked over at him. "Doubt they got a cleaners for leather on this island."

Jack chuckled, accepting her hand as she stood and assisted him to his feet.

Faith glanced around, shoving her hair out of her eyes. "What was that?" She turned to eye Jack who was staring up at the sky. "Yo, Doc?"

He shushed her, not seeing her look of disbelief, and stepped forward, pushing aside the hedge of leaves to show Charlie and Kate looking up at the sky as well.

"What is –"

"It's the pilot." Jack interrupted.

Both Kate and Charlie turned around as Jack and Faith escaped from the bushes. Faith ignored them as Kate stepped closer to Jack with a relieved smile on her face and Charlie continued to look up.

"Did you see it?" Kate whispered.

"No. It was right behind us when I ... dove into the bushes."

"Pushed us into the bushes you mean." Faith muttered. She shot him an irritated look, flicking a finger caked in mud at him, and he had the decency to look insulted yet sheepish about it.

"Uh, guys?" Charlie spoke quietly, his attention still not on them completely. "How does something like that happen?"

She followed Charlie's line of sight, lips flattening as she took in the image of the mangled body hanging from the top of a tree, blood dripping to the ground in slow drizzles.

"Something big and very hungry." Faith muttered. She placed her hands on her hips continuing to stare at the dangling body. "Just great, even on a tropical island a home girl can't get a vacation."