One more humorous TF idea I've had in my head for a while … and yes, yet ANOTHER where Transformers singing human songs is a part of it. There's just something about the thought of certain characters, especially with their cartoon voices in mind, singing certain songs which strikes me as funny. This should be the last of 'em. Really. I think ….


Trailbreaker walked down corridor three of the first floor of Autobot Headquarters. Reaching his destination, he rapped on the door with his gun "hand", and then, not hearing an immediate reply, pushed the panel to open it…

… And regretted it. Optimus Prime, the mighty leader of the Autobots …

… was dancing?

And … singing?

Prime was wearing an emormous pair of headphones and was facing away from the doorway. Obliviously, he continued his surprising action.

"Only when Prime dancing can Prime feel this fre-ee! At night, Prime lock the door and no one else can se-ee! Prime tired of dancing here all by Prime's se-elf! Tonight, Prime want to dance with some-one-e-lse! Get into the groove – "

The course of his performance turned Optimus Prime around to face the doorway… where he saw Trailbreaker. And Ironhide. And Hoist. And Grimlock. And Kup. And Gears. And Omega Supreme. And Ultra Magnus. And Windcharger. And Slag. And Bumblebee. And Silverbolt. And Nightbeat. And Smokescreen. And Brawn. And Topspin. And Hubcap. And Jetfire. And Hot Spot. And Slingshot. And Groove. And Splashdown. And Mr. T. And Mirage. And Outback. And Springer. And Prowl. And Sky High. And Ratchet. And Perceptor. And Jazz. And Hot Rod. And Seaspray. And Tracks. And Wheelie. And several other Autobots who'd gathered in the corridor since Prime's door had opened.

"Okay, I have GOT to stop drinking!" Splashdown exclaimed, leaving to find an Autobots Anonymous meeting.

"Um …. Er …." Optimus managed. "Aaah – greetings, my Autobots!" One had the impression that Prime's mouth would have been agape had he had one.

"Um … hello, Optimus," Trailbreaker stumbled.

"Yes … hello," a couple of other Autobots managed.

"Pansy," Slag said.

"You, uh … wanted to know when they were ready outside?" Trailbreaker continued awkwardly.

"Yes!" Prime said. He removed his headphones. "I, uh … I was just folowing the program which Jazz laid out for me."

"Say wha?" Jazz muttered in confusion.

"You know … to familiarize myself more with Earthern cultures. To increase my … 'coldness'."

"Oo yeah," Jazz said to himself. "'Coolness,' man," he said to his leader.

"Yes, of course … 'coolness'! Right, man!" Prime replied. A few Autobots winced. "I … will be there shortly! Just … let me put some things away!"

"Okay," Trailbreaker said. "You're the boss, boss." The crowd outside the Autobot leader's room began to dispurse, as Optimus Prime went into his back room …

Although a few of them stopped when they heard Prime say "What – are you doing here? No – stay back –" followed by a loud crash.

"Optimus!" Topspin called. "Are you all right?"

"That … sounded like a loud crash," Nightbeat observed.

"Yes … Tess!" Wheelie added.

"Couldn't think of a rhyme, huh?" Windcharger asked. Wheelie shrugged.

"Get outta here, you!" Ironhide said, shaking his fist at the orange and gray robot. Wheelie transformed and rolled out. "Optimus – Ah'm comin' in – "

"No!" Prime's voice came out. "No, no … I'm fine … fine, fine." Optimus walked out into the corridor. "Now, what were we doing? Doing, doing?"

"Um … are ya sure you're okay, Optimus?" Ironhide asked. "Ya seem ta have a lil' … kick in yer vocal unit. We kin git Hoist back here an' – "

"No! No, no … I said I'm fine! Fine, fine … I'm Optimus Prime! Prime, Prime … Let's go! Go, go!"

"O-KAY," Ironhide said, as the Autobots headed outdoors. Optimus Prime closed the door behind him, concealing the hole which had been dug into his room. Dug, or chewed ….


A not-too-long distance away, in a concealed control room:

"We've done it, Kickback, back, back!"

"Yes, Shrapnel, Shrapnel, Shrapnel!" the Insecticon in question replied.

"We've taken control of Optimus Prime, Prime, Prime!" Shrapnel continued to gloat. "And with Bombshell's cerebro shells, and our mobile command unit, unit, unit – we can make him do anything we want, want, want!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Kickback exclaimed. "Although … you may want to back away from the microphone at the end of your sentences, sentences, sentences! So it doesn't pick up your echo, echo, echo!"

"Ah – good point, point, point!" Shrpanel smiled. "After all, we don't want the Autobots to discover that we can now control their leader like a yo-yo, yo-yo, yo-yo!"

"Yo! Yo, yo," Kickback seconded.

"Yo! Yo, yo! Yo-yo, yo-yo, yo-yo!" Bombshell exclaimed, walking into the room.

"Yo! Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!"

"Yo-yo! Yo-yo, yo-yo, yo-yo!"

"Yo-yo, yo-yo, yo-yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo-yo, yo-yo, yo-yo …"