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All of Part One is in May's Point of View.

Ash and May – Adventures in Kanto!


"Why did he have to leave…?" I said. I thought I was over-reacting, lying in my room crying all day. But I couldn't stop thinking about him ever since he left. "Come back…" I whisper to myself. "Please… come back, Ash…"

"May?" I hear a voice from downstairs; it's my little brother Max calling me.

"Yeah?" I say. "I'm up here…"

"Who are you talking to?" Max asks from outside my locked door.

"No one… I'm just talking to myself," I say.

"Mom? Dad? I think May's gone crazy!" I hear Max say as he walks down the stairs to search for our parents. 'Good,' I think, 'I can finally have some time alone… but that's what I've been doing for the past week…' I put my face back in my pillow and let the tears stream from my eyes. Ash had been gone for a week now, and ever since he left I have been locking myself in my room. He asked me to come to Kanto with him, that he had to go there on league business, but I couldn't leave Hoenn, I hadn't for my entire life even though I've wanted to see the world forever. And Ash was my best friend in the entire world… why had I declined his offer?

"I have to… to go to Kanto," I whisper. "I'll go there… and meet Ash."

I start to put some clothes into a suitcase; I was planning to be gone for a while. My parents and Max would probably miss me, but I had to see Ash, at all costs. I didn't know why… something was just telling me inside that I wanted – no, needed to see him that minute. I decided to write a note to Mom and Dad… it read 'Mom, Dad, gone to see the world. Please don't worry about me… I'll be all right.'

"That should be good enough…" I say wiping the tears from my face. I had to leave now – in the night when no one would see me. If anyone saw me leave, they would question me and ask where I was going. And for some reason, I didn't want that. I wanted to get to Kanto as soon as possible.

"I just have too… get to the ferry in Slateport… no, I'll take the subway, it's closer… in Rustboro," I say to myself leaving the town of Petalburg towards the woods. I walked through the woods blindly, not caring what twigs got stuck in my hair or what cuts I was getting. I noticed my arm start to bleed and drip blood on the ground. I had gotten cut by a sharp branch, and the cut was to large to ignore. I unwrapped my bandana from around my head and wrapped it around my arm to stop the bleeding. The blood continued to drip through the bandana, but by the time I had left the forest and arrived in Rustboro, It had stopped bleeding. I walked to the Pokémon Center fast, as fast as I could. As soon as I burst through the doors, I asked, "Excuse me, Nurse Joy, but can you tell me where I might find the subway station?"

"The subway?" Joy asked from the desk. "Oh, it's right next to the Devon building, you can't miss is… that's a nasty cut on your…"

"Thanks," I said running out of the door. I frantically search for the Devon Corporation building, finding it after a few minutes. I see a large set of stairs going into the ground with a sign with a picture of a train beside it. "Finally," I say, running to the station. I go up to a desk, and ask for a ticket to Kanto. The man there said,

"We'll be happy to take you to Kanto, young miss. Just fill out these forms and it will cost you one hundred and fifty dollars."

"Ok," I said, taking the forms. I quickly filled them out and placed them back on the counter.

"Pallet town…" The man said. "All right, all we need now is the money."

I opened my suitcase and pulled out the money I had saved. "I hope this is enough, sir. I saw the man count the money, look at me, and then at the money again. "Yep, this is enough. I can see you're anxious to get there, aren't you?" I could sense the falseness in his voice when he said that I had enough money, but I didn't even care right now. I took the ticket he handed me and ran to the train as fast as I could, and pulled open the door. I handed the ticket to the man at the door, and he showed me where I could stay until the train got to Kanto.

"It'll be about a four hour trip, miss," He said to me. I didn't care… I was on the train to Kanto. No one could stop me now. I opened the door to one of the compartments and locked it from the inside. I sat down on the bed that was in the room, and closed my eyes, strangely dreaming of Ash in the compartment beside me.

I felt the train come to a stop, and awoke to see the train at a station. I read the words on the wall… "PALLET – KANTO" I was finally there! I rushed out of the compartment and up the stairs to catch my first glimpse of Pallet Town. It was just as beautiful as Ash had often described to me, and as he said, there weren't many houses, and by what he had told me allowed me to recognize his right away. I rushed over, and knocked on the door. A woman answered:

"Hello?" She said.

"Hello, you must be Ash's mom!" I said.

"Ah. You're May – Ash told me all about you. Now please, come in!" Ash's mom said to me. ((OOC I know that her name is Delia but this is in May's POV and she doesn't know that))

"Gladly," I said, and for some reason I blushed at mention of Ash. I stepped inside the house, and it didn't look unlike my own. "Where is…"

"He's up in his room," Ash's mom told me. I didn't need to think twice, I just ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. When no one opened it, I pushed it open slightly, and saw Ash sitting on his bed. He didn't seem to notice me. I felt kind of annoyed, until I walked closer to Ash. I saw him holding a picture frame – with a picture of me inside of it! His head was down looking at it, and I saw a few tears fall from his eyes and splash onto the glass.

"May…" I heard him whisper. "Why couldn't you just come with me?" He was still looking at the picture and I got the feeling he had no idea that I was there.

"I didn't come with you," I said, softly. "But I followed." Ash jumped up and screamed, dropping the picture and breaking the glass. "Oh… sorry if I scared you," I said. "Oh, no… your picture broke."

"M… May?" He asked me. I just nodded. "I didn't think you wanted to come – how did you get here?"

"I took the subway, Ash! I just missed you so much; you are my best friend after all. Now do you want me to fix your picture frame?"

"No, May… why bother looking at that old thing, when the real May is right in front of me, ten times more beautiful than in the picture," He said to me. I felt an unusual feeling rise up inside of me, and I started to feel warm.

"Ash… you mean it?" I said.

"Of course I do," Ash said. "Actually, I don't mean that. Every time I look at you now… you get more stunning than before."

"Now you're just being silly," I said, sitting down on his bed next to him. "But… there's something that I've wanted to tell you for quite a while now. Something I tried to tell you before you left…"

"You don't have to," Ash said, putting his arms around me. "I already know."

"I… I… I love you, Ash," I confessed. It came out all wrong, I stammered and blushed beet red, and I could feel my face heat up… but I returned the embrace whole heartedly, and suddenly I burst into tears over his shoulder. "I thought I lost you, Ash! I thought I lost you forever! When you left, I felt like my heart was torn out, and -"

"It's all right, May. Everything's going to be okay now," I heard Ash say. I felt him running his fingers through my hair, and tightening our embrace. All of a sudden I lifted my head and kissed him. The action was sudden and impulsive, like I had lost control over my entire body for a split moment. I was worried for a moment and my face began to burn again, but my worries washed away when Ash returned the kiss. I let my tongue explore his mouth, and I could feel his tongue in my mouth also. I was so happy, I never wanted that moment to end – but it finally did when Ash pulled his head away from mine. "I love you too," Ash said. "I didn't feel that way right away, but the day after I left you, I woke up and missed you so much – I guess you don't appreciate what you've got until you've lost it."

"Umm, Ash?" I asked him.

"Yeah?" He answered.

"I was just wondering… are you gonna put a shirt on?" I asked giggling. Now it was his turn to blush as Ash turned beet red and smiled. He took his black shirt that he always wore to bed from his closet and slipped it on. While he was doing that, I looked around his room. "Wow…" I said, looking at some of his things. "You really have wanted to become a Pokémon Master for some time, now."

"Yeah," I heard him say, his voice approaching me. "I guess I have. But I never would have been able to without you."

"You're so sweet, Ash," I said back to him.

"Thanks! You know, I never considered myself really sweet or nice, but now that you mention it, I'm one of the most sweet and kind people I know!" Ash said laughing.

"That wasn't a very funny joke," I said.

"Yeah, I know," Ash said. "Want to kiss me again?"

"That depends," I said playfully. "Do you want me to?" I didn't wait for an answer before I jumped on him and tackled him to the bed, resting my lips on his. We engaged in another kiss, this one in my opinion longer and more romantic than our first one. When we finally broke away, I remembered…

"Where's Pikachu, Ash?" I said.

"Oh, Pikachu. He's downstairs eating ketchup."

End of chapter one

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