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Ash and May – Adventures in Kanto!

Chapter Three – Pokémon School of Fight

Narrator: May and Ash, having just left Pallet Town to journey through Kanto, find themselves lost on the way to Viridian City.

"Do you know where we are, Ash?" May said. "Because I have the feeling that we're not on the route to Viridian City anymore…"

"Actually, I'm pretty sure that we're right in front of Viridian, according to this map…" Ash said. May snatched the map from him and looked at it.

"This 'map' was upside down," May said, handing him the map.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu said, pointing to the left.

"Huh?" Ash turned to the left along with May. In front of them was a large brick building covered in vines. "That's funny… I never saw this building here before…"

"That's because you probably have never been here before, this building looks old," May said. "Come on, let's go inside. Whoever lives or works here might be able to give us directions." Ash nodded, and they walked along the sides of the building trying to find a door to get in. Suddenly, after walking through the foggy marshland for a while, Ash noticed what looked like a Pokémon Battlefield.

"Hey, look!" Ash said, pointing to it. "It looks like a battlefield!" Ash started to run down to the battlefield, and as he got closer was met by thundering applause. "I just got here, how can they be clapping already?" Ash said. May, who had came down with him, hit him on the back of the head.

"They're not cheering for you, Ash. Look!" May pointed to a boy in a black uniform with a Cradily and a Heracross standing in front of him. He then turned to the other man in the stadium, a man in a green uniform with a fainted Roselia and Crobat in front if him.

"Domino Archer, you have passed your trainer exam! You are now qualified to move up to the final grade level of the Pokémon School of Fight!" a megaphone voice said. Ash and May heard the section of the crowd wearing black uniforms chanting "Domino! Domino!"

"The Pokémon School of Fight?" Ash said. "Never heard of it, and you'd think that people would know about a Pokémon school, even if it is in the middle of nowhere…"

"It is a private school," the megaphone said. "And it is customary that intruders are dealt with by battling the champion of the school!"

"How did he know we were here?" Ash said turning to May, who shrugged. "Well, I'll never back down from a battle." Ash walked into the stadium. "I don't know how you knew I was here, but I never decline a battle!" There were murmurs of "It's Ash Ketchum! The champion of the league!" in the crowd.

"There were two intruders. Come forth, please," the megaphone said, directed at May. May's face grew white.

"How did you know I was here too," she said stepping into the stadium.

"Good. The rules for a battle against intruders are…" the megaphone started to say. "…none! Since there are two intruders, the champion will use two Pokémon and the intruders will each use one! It will be a two on two battle!"

"A two on two battle, eh?" the boy in the black uniform said. He was tall, and his voice had a deep quality even though he only looked around fifteen. "Then I will use my Cradily and my Relicanth!" The boy withdrew his Heracross and sent out a brown fish-like Pokémon.

"A Cradily and a Relicanth? I've seen both Pokémon before!" Ash said. "And since they're both the rock type, I'll choose my Corphish!" Ash held out a great ball and a red crab-like Pokémon came out.

"Phish!" it said, clapping its claws in excitement.

"The rock and grass types are both weak against fire and fighting, so I choose Combusken!" May said, a chicken-like Pokémon appearing from the pokéball she held.

"The battle will begin now! Domino's Cradily and Relicanth against intruders Ash and May's Corphish and Combusken! Begin!" A pistol was fired somewhere. 'How did they know our names,' May and Ash both wondered.

"You first, I insist," Domino said, his large eyes fixed on Corphish and Combusken.

"Really?" May said. "Okay, then, Combusken, use flamethrower on Cradily!" May's chicken Pokémon's mouth started to glow red, and it unleashed a stream of powerful fire at the ancient plant Pokémon. Just as the flamethrower attack was going to hit Cradily, Domino called out "Cradily! Mirror coat now! Aim the flamethrower at Relicanth!" Cradily began to secrete a strange substance on its skin that absorbed the flamethrower. The flames seemed to have disappeared for a second, but they reappeared seconds later, launched at Relicanth! Although Relicanth should have been very resistant to fire attacks, it seemed to be badly hurt as the flames collided with it.

"How can you hurt your own Pokémon?" May said upset.

"You'll see," Domino said. "Relicanth reversal attack on Corphish!" Relicanth's eyes began to glow like beacons of red light, and it charged at Corphish, hitting it square on. Corphish fell on its back, twitching.

"Corphish… you did well. You don't need to fight any more…" Ash started to say, but then he saw Corphish stand up. "Cor phish cor!" All of a sudden, Corphish began to glow!

"What's happening?" May said, and took out her Pokedex.

"This is the power saver ability," the Pokedex said. "The Pokémon using it has stored inner power and is now releasing it in order to become more powerful. It seems that Corphish has stored enough power and has enough experience for this extra burst of power to allow it to evolve."

"Wow!" Ash said. "Corphish is evolving!" Ash watched his small crab Pokémon grow, and become as tall as him. "Crawdaunt!" the newly evolved Crawdaunt hissed at Relicanth. "Now that Relicanth is weak," Ash said. "Use ice beam on it!" A white mist started to filter from Crawdaunt's mouth, and a white icy beam fired at Relicanth! It hit in an explosion of ice crystals.

"Reli… Relicanth…" Relicanth said as it fell to the ground.

"No," Domino said. "Relicanth!" He returned Relicanth to its pokéball in a flash of red light. "This isn't over – Crawdaunt is also weak. Cradily! Use giga drain on Crawdaunt!" Cradily's eyes glowed green, and Crawdaunt was suddenly knocked onto the ground, this time fainted.

"You did good, Crawdaunt," Ash said, returning Crawdaunt to its pokéball. "Now, May, finish the Cradily!"

"All right!" May said. "Combusken, sky uppercut!" Combusken dashed to Cradily, and before it could respond, Cradily was knocked into the sky and then punched down to the ground.

"If you think that's enough to defeat my Cradily, you're wrong," Domino said. "Dead wrong. Cradily, use recover, and then attack with hidden power!" Cradily glowed pink and white and its injuries faded away. Then a purple liquid began to bubble at its mouth, and a long stream of sludge was knocked into Combusken, knocking it over.

"Combusken!" May exclaimed, running over to her Pokémon. "I know you can do it! Use flamethrower again at full power!" Combusken ran up close to Cradily and shot out a powerful jet of flame, hitting Cradily in the face. "Now, before it can use recover, combo with blaze kick!" Combusken's foot began to glow red, and it kicked Cradily square in the head, engulfing the plant Pokémon in flames. Cradily swayed for a while, and then fell to the ground.

"You did well, Cradily," Domino said, returning it to its pokéball. "Congratulations, you two. You've won."

"The winners are Ash and…" the megaphone voice started to speak, but was cut off by a large explosion.

"Hahahahahahaha!" a familiar voice laughed. A Meowth-shaped balloon floated above the Pokémon School. "Prepare for trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"It's Team Rocket!" Ash said.

"Team Rocket?" Domino said.

"They're people who follow us around and try to steal our Pokémon," May explained.

"That's right, twerps! But this time, we're not after you! We're after your friend here's Cradily! We've seen it almost defeat your Pokémon, and it seems powerful enough to get us a big bonus!" Then, a bomb hit the stadium, dropped by the Team Rocket balloon. The crowd screamed and started to run away from the stadium or fly away on bird Pokémon. Domino, Ash, and May were knocked to the ground. A few of Domino's pokéballs opened, and Cradily, Heracross, a Skarmory, and a Steelix appeared.

"Wow! Those are some powerful Pokémon!" James of Team Rocket said. "Why don't we steal them all?"

"Good idea!" Jessie said. The two proceeded to a 'we're going to be rich' dance in the balloon basket.

"Hello, you two! How are we going to fit a Steelix in the balloon?" Meowth said.

"Good point," James said.

"You won't have to, because you're not taking any Pokémon!" Ash said, standing up. "Pikachu, thunderbolt!" Pikachu jumped out of Ash's backpack and launched a thunderbolt attack at the balloon.

"Steelix, help out with hyper beam!" Steelix roared, and a giant blue beam came from its mouth. The two attacks hit Team Rocket with full force, popping the balloon, and making Team Rocket fall in front of them.

"You won't get away this time, twerps!" Meowth said, pushing a button on a remote control. A large digger robot that looked like a dugtrio emerged. "Time to steal some Pokémon!" Two large claws emerged from the robot and grabbed Pikachu and Heracross. Team Rocket jumped in. "Bye bye!" Meowth said, the digger disappearing underground, the two Pokémon drawn inside.

"Pikachu!" Ash yelled.

"Heracross!" Domino said. "We have to go after them. Everyone, get on Steelix. This is going to be a wild ride."