He Doesn't Like The Rain Anymore

I used to imagine that my perfect man would be of the tall, dark, and handsome variety with well-defined muscles and eyes that would make me swoon when I looked into them. Unlike so many other girls with the same foolish fantasy, I actually got my wish. There's only one problem.

He doesn't like the rain anymore.

I remember when he used to stare longingly out the window at thunderstorms, the same way I would, and I would daydream that someday we'd have a deep, intellectually inspiring conversation and we would discover that we were alike in so many small ways, like loving the rain, and he would kiss me and it would be wonderful. But I was stupid.

I couldn't see that he already was in love with me, that he didn't need to realize I loved the rain too for it to happen, that that intellectually inspiring conversation wasn't needed. I pushed him away, I told him he was an arrogant prat, I told him I'd rather kiss the Giant Squid- and I lost him.

He still loves me, I know that. But he's different. I told him to go get over his egotistical self, and he did, and it's horrid. Because now, when a thunderstorm starts, he'll ignore it and sit by the fire with me with his arm wrapped around my shoulders. I would have thought I'd be happy, but I'm not. I can't be in love with a man who doesn't like the rain anymore.

I was such a fool. When we came back for our seventh year, he would hold doors for me, always let me go first- he was the perfect gentleman. I was surprised, but flattered- enough that when he asked me out again, I said yes. I didn't imagine how horrible the change had been to him.

He didn't pull pranks anymore. He didn't mess up his hair, and he barely focused on quidditch. And he didn't like the rain anymore.

So I got fed up with it. Yesterday, I told him off. There was a thunderstorm yesterday, and we had a huge row. He told me he'd changed for me, and I told him that yes, I had already admitted to myself that I had been an idiot for not seeing how wonderful he was, and how now he was nothing more than a shell of himself, of what he used to be. He laughed at me, cold and cruel, and said that he'd already changed once for me and that he wasn't going to do it again. If I didn't want him, so be it.

And then I began to cry, and I yelled at him, losing all sense of propriety and completely forgetting we were in the middle of the Common Room. "You don't even like the rain anymore!" I screeched, horrified at what I was saying but not able to stop. "That was the whole reason I fell in love with you in the first place! I always thought that you could be even more than the tall, dark, and handsome oaf every girl dreams of! I thought we could- could have an intellectually stimulating conversation, and you would realize that I love the rain too, and we would discover how alike we were in the little ways and you would kiss me and oh bloody HELL!"

I threw my hands in the air and stormed out of the Common Room and towards the Room of Requirement, telling the door very firmly not to let James in when he caught up to me (for I knew he would) and collapsed on a couch, sobbing.

He was perfect in every way. He was the one person that I could truly picture myself falling in love with, but he doesn't like the rain anymore.

Fin… ?

A/N: And there is my depressing LJ oneshot… tell me what you think and I may post a sequel, though, as they got married and had a child, we all know it got better in the end.