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The train rattles on, lulling me into a relaxed state, halfway between sleep and wakefulness. It is in this state of mind that memories come to me most, and today, on a six hour train ride to Wales, I remember the day I got accepted to Hogwarts…

"Post for you, Lily!" called my older sister Petunia.

"Thanks Petti," I replied, taking the letter from my sister. The letter was thick, and addressed to "Miss Lily Evens" in bright green ink. I turned it over, and saw the crest in the wax was a large H.

I pulled out the first sheet of thick creamy paper, and astonished, began to read:

Dear Miss Evens,

We are pleased to accept you at Hogwarts School of Ballet and Arts. Term starts on September 1st. You will take the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 at King's Cross Station at eleven o'clock…

At this point, I screamed, and my mum and sister came running.

"Lily darling, what's the matter?" cried my mum, hurrying over to me.

"I got in!" I cried, "I got in! I'm accepted!" I hugged my mother and started sobbing into her cardigan.

"You got in?" asked Mum, "What do you me—ooh…" Mum's confused expression turned into one of realization, and then to happiness, "Oh Lil, that's wonderful!" she started sobbing, and I though that day would be the best of my life.

Two months ago I had auditioned for the famed ballet school, hoping, though not really expecting to get in. My sister had auditioned two years ago and hadn't gotten in, so I didn't expect to either.

The letter also contained a sheet of paper with the dress code and color of leotards I needed, and the rest of things I would need to get.

That was the day my sister got cold and distant towards me, and I was pretty sure I knew why. She was so jealous that I had gotten into Hogwarts and she had not, that she had to hate me for it.

I smile as the train rattles through the country side. Petunia and I had never been close after that, and now, me a professional dancer, and her, a mother married to a banker, really didn't have much in common, and didn't talk to each other much.

It starts to rain and the steady pit-pat lulls me into that state again.

My first day of Hogwarts was just as wonderful as I had hoped. I had said good bye to my mum and Petunia at the station, before boarding the bright red train. That first day I hit off with a girl from Germany, Hermia Albrecht and a pair of twins from France, Adelaide and Adrienne Deniau.

We sat in a compartment and talked the whole train ride, and, by the time the sky had darkened to an inky black and the train was pulling into the station, we had vowed to be best friends for ever.

Of course, to put a blemish in a perfect day, I had to meet James Potter. I guess it was only a blemish at the time, seeing as now we're engaged... It happened around lunch time. This wiry, black haired boy entered our compartment, closely fallowed by another boy with longer dark hair, and fallowing them, a shorter boy with pale brown hair. Fallowing all of them was a small, twitchy looking boy who reminded me of a rat at the time. I was incredibly surprised that this boy had been accepted at such a wonderful dance school, because he was short and plump and didn't have the body of a dancer.

"So," said the leading boy, pushing his hand through his hair so it looked as though he had just finished dancing, "They told me the pretty red head was in this compartment," he smiled, and came over to sit next to me, "Did you know all the men in my family marry red heads? My mum's a red head, I got her hazel eyes, you know. I guess in fifteen or so years, we'll be married!" I thought that incredibly funny at the time, though come Christmas, I wouldn't think James all that funny.

"And who is my groom to be?" I asked, smiling at him. He took my hand, and mocked unhappy surprise.

"My darling, you do not remember me?" He put his hands, still holding mine, to his heart, and I felt it beating, "It is I, James Potter! Your husband to be!"

"My dear, is that you?" I cried, playing along, "I did not recognize your face, so much more handsome you are now!"

"And who is my lovely bride?" asked James.

"Lily," I said, pulling my hands away, "Lily Evens."

"Lily and James Potter," commented Hermia, "I like it!"

I thought I was in love, that moment that he held my hand to his heart, and I could feel it beating. Of course, at eleven, it is very hard to tell. James did seem to be my soul mate. He made me laugh, and my stomach flip-flopped when I was around him, though my feelings would drastically change at Christmas until our fifth year.

"Lily," James had said, "Let me introduce my best man, Sirius Black, and the other groom's men, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew!"

"Yes," I said, eying Sirius's long hair, "This is my maid of honor Hermia, and my two brides' maids, Adelaide and Adrienne."

By that time, the train was slowing at the station, and James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter had to go get their things. Hermia, Adrienne, Adelaide, and I collected our things, and stepped off the train. I could see Hogwarts in the distance, a silhouette against the stars, filled with dots of lights from the windows. I smiled, and knew this was all perfect.

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