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on S&S Syaoran had not confessed his love to Sakura before he left for Hong Kong, but after his promise to come back she realized her love for him. So, generally neither had confessed, but they've become close friends.

on the rest Clearly after reading the above, Eriol had done his job.

Moving on…

The True Disaster

Chapter One: Accident

Please wake up. Please, I beg of you, open your eyes, sweetheart…

The room was quiet as she held the cold hand to her cheek, hoping to warm it as tears fell from her eyes once again.

The others among the room looked on as their ears registered the faint beeping sounds of the heart monitor. Their eyes filled with pleading as well for the young lady who lay on the bed. Her slim figure wrapped tightly by the standard white blanket. She had been barely breathing a week ago so now the respirator that pumped in oxygen wasn't there anymore. But still, it wasn't much of a good sign since she still slept.

Bandages were seen on her arms, her right hand (having an IV) and her forehead; beneath the blankets they were there as well, wrapped around her abdomen and parts of her legs.

It had been three weeks since the accident and still no other movement than breathing was ever registered.

"Tomoyo…please wake up," Sonomi whispered, her voice cracked.

Sakura couldn't take it anymore and went out. Syaoran followed behind. Sitting on one of the hallways waiting chairs, Sakura wrapped her arms around herself. Syaoran sat next to her, awkwardly reaching out an arm around her shoulder.

Sakura had been in the accident as well. Her arms were bandaged up but they had quickly healed. Her leg cast had been removed earlier that week and her forehead only bore a tiny scar that recede into her hairline. "Syaoran." Sakura threw herself at him, wanting the comfort, needing it.

"You mustn't blame yourself."

"But…but, it was all my fault. I should have sensed it; I should have…what good is this power, if I couldn't even avoid having Tomoyo get hurt?"

Syaoran spoke quietly, "Listen to me. You did your best to protect her and if you hadn't done anything then, she'd…"

"If I hadn't she'd have died…" she continued silently.

"Believe in her, Kinomoto. She's a strong person. She will get through this. And when she wakes up, I don't think she'd enjoy you being worried about her," he told her.

Sakura nodded then pouted cutely at him. "You called me Kinomoto again. I've told you before. It's Sakura."


She shook her head at him. "Sa-ku-ra," she repeated, pronouncing her name to him as if he were a child.

He sighed and said hesitantly, "Sakura."

"See, it wasn't so hard, now was it?"

He shook his head at her. "You'll never change," he said fondly then immediately blushed at what he said.

Sakura just smiled at him.

"Uh, let's go back inside before your brother comes out and thinks things."

"He's not so bad, really," she said and received a snort in reply. She giggled then blushed crimson as she realized Syaoran continued to hold her hand as they headed back.

I'm driving my car, my CD's on, playing a favourite song of mine (I don't even know how I knew that), and someone next to me is singing along with it, I can't hear the voice but I know, she is. I'm happy at this moment. But why can't I see the person next to me? Why can't I hear her voice?

I'm eighteen now. But then I begin to feel heavy in my heart…I grow weak and suddenly this shadow passes by; it's only for a split second. My companion doesn't notice as the song reaches its climax.

What was it? I wonder. I start to dismiss it as my imagination when it happens again and this time my companion notices. A second later I lose control. This is dangerous. The car suddenly spins about. I become barely alert, I'm losing consciousness.


My companion tries to do something. But I couldn't let her, so I try to stop her. But, stop her from doing what? Saving us?

I can't remember, I can't remember, I can't, I can't, I can't!

"What's happening? Tell me!" Sonomi screams.

The doctors were trying to stop Tomoyo's shaking. The nurses had managed to bring out her family, and now it was only her that they were trying to bring out.

She didn't know what happened. Her daughter started sweating then soon the shaking started.

"Sonomi-kun, you have to let them do their job." Always the voice of reason, Fujitaka tried to calm Sonomi as well as maneuver her away from the door. The nurses silently thanked him. Sonomi was a handful.

Sakura and Syaoran had reached them and were asking Touya on what had happened when the room became eerily silent.

They looked to the room, anxious and fearing the worst. The nurses filed out and then the two other doctors followed. Dr. Nekido, the family doctor, was still inside. Sonomi went in, the others followed. Tomoyo, her eyes half closed, was staring at the ceiling as the doctor took notes on her condition.

"You're in the hospital now."

"Hospital?" Tomoyo whispered back. Her voice was cracked and rough from lack of use.

Nekido, hearing the family enter the room, turned to face them. "She's finally woken but…" he trailed off as he looked at his patient once more. She'd gone back to staring into nothing.

Sonomi went to her daughter's side. "Tomoyo?" she whispered as she held her daughter's hand.

Nekido continued, "There's a problem."

The raven haired teen looked at the woman next to her then pulls away her hand. "Who are you?"

Silence descended.

Nekido cleared his throat after a while. "Tomoyo-san seems to be suffering from amnesia. It is most likely temporary," he explained.

"Who're you talking about…d-doctor?" Tomoyo sleepily asked. "Who's Tomoyo?"

Nekido frowned. It's worse than I'd thought. The others looked to the doctor after her question and grew even more anxious and pained at his expression. Tomoyo, their wonderful friend had no memories of herself at all.

Back in England, Hiiragizawa Eriol woke up in a cold sweat.

"Eriol-sama!" Nakuru shouted as she came upon her master shaking and breathing so hard. Spinel followed her to their master.

Nakuru, in an act you wouldn't have expected had you known her always-and-forever genki attitude, combed Eriol's hair with her hand seeing the sweat that made it stick to his forehead and held him close.

"What happened?" she asked softly. She'd been speaking so softly lately since the incident.

"They've placed it into someone."


"Someone…but…I…I couldn't see who."

Nakuru looked to Spinel, her eyes full of worry.

"We have to go to Japan. We have to go…back…"

Nakuru nodded even as Eriol went back to sleep. Laying him back down, she whispered, "We'll make the arrangements Master, please dream good dreams."

Spinel landed on her shoulder. They looked at their young master looking so pale against the blood red of the sheets. Again, they couldn't help but wish they hadn't been a burden to him, and then Eriol wouldn't have vulnerable.

He wouldn't have had to lose some of his magic.

Nakuru wipe away a tear. "Well, I have to call the airport. Suppi, watch over him."

"I know that," the guardian replied.

"I know you do, it's just…"

"He'll be fine."

Nakuru nodded and went to make the arrangements for their trip.