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On S&S Syaoran had not confessed his love to Sakura before he left for Hong Kong, but after he left she realized her love for him. So, generally neither had confessed even after Li's return, but they've become close friends.

On the rest Clearly after reading the above, Eriol had done his job if you don't get me, I mean the Clow cards are now Sakura cards but he never divided his power with Fujitaka, all right? that last part is for those who read the manga wherein he did split with Fujitaka but I'll be using the anime cards and so base it on the anime and not the manga and it's perfectly explained plots.

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The True Disaster

Chapter Three: Memories of whom?

Sonomi watched her daughter walking around the garden in deep thought. The hired nurse, Midori, was standing close to her patient but was far enough to give her some personal space.

What are you thinking of, Tomoyo?

Tomoyo was walking around the gardens of her home. It was such a beautiful sight, and with each view of the fountain, a tree, a wall, she began to remember flashes of memory. It had started when she'd first sat at the table her mother was sitting in right now, drinking her tea. She'd remembered the time when Sakura had first come to visit her home. She'd smiled then and now as well. She felt so happy since she was finally beginning to remember. Though, she wasn't at all happy when she'd seen the sad look on her friend's face when she'd only described a red cape and nothing more when memories of her fourth grade were coming though much slower than the years before it and the years after her fifth grade. She had had the feeling of importance in those years. But the reason for it escaped her.

Why? Tomoyo shook her head. There she was again, thinking hard on why –always why. She felt a desperate need to remember and knowing that she felt so confused her thoughts had made her head ache.

"Excuse me, Daidouiji-san, but Kinomoto-san is here to see you." Midori motioned for her to precede her. Tomoyo nodded and walked back to her mother. She saw Sakura smiling at her and waving energetically. Tomoyo waved back with an answering smile. Sakura had come to visit her almost everyday even when school had started. Tomoyo was still in need of rest so she was excused for the whole of two weeks. The first of which was already over. Sakura had been coming bearing homework and stories of her day, mostly blushing over how a certain someone had done this or that for her. Sonomi-kun was always so overjoyed and expressed such gushing words over how cute a couple they (Sakura and Syaoran) would make that it was such a feat that Sakura didn't begin bursting into flame with the way her face heated up.

"So, tell me. How is Li-kun today?" Tomoyo asked casually as she sat down by the table. As expected, Sakura, her ever kawaii cousin, began to turn beet red. She smiled.

"Hello, Seiju High's Principal's Office. May I help you?"

"Yes, I'd like to inquire if you would be accepting late enrollees? I understand that the school year has already begun, but if it would be possible…"

"I see. And how many will be enrolling?"

"Oh, just one."

"Please hold on while I check in with the Vice Principal on this matter. May I have your name please?"

"Hiiragizawa Eriol. "

"So, how was she?" Syaoran asked as they turned the corner. It was lunchtime and both he and Sakura were walking a little behind their friends, all heading for their regular lunch area near the school's more or less woody area behind the main building.

"She's fine," Sakura began with a smile. "Yesterday, she even told me of the time during athletics day…" she trailed off, the smile gone. Looking down at her hands, she continued quietly, "but she said nothing about Flowery. Not even when Sonomi-kun was away…not even when I hinted on it." Tomoyo, why? The urge to cry was strong but she beat it down furiously. A hand on her shoulder startled her. She couldn't help it. She cried.

Yamazaki and the others looked back when they heard sobbing. Sakura was trying to hold in her crying as she clutched at Syaoran's shirt. With a shake of the head from Syaoran, the girls stopped their plans to move to them. Nodding slowly, they left the two. Rika looked back over her shoulder worriedly. Seeing her friend cry was always hard. Sakura was a strong girl and seeing her cry with such sadness was painful. They all knew about the accident with Tomoyo as well as her loss of memory. Tomoyo was always there for Sakura especially when she, Chiharu, and Naoko were not always in reach. It must hurt. Looking at the sky, she made a quick prayer for Tomoyo to return, and for Sakura to be happy again.

Syaoran looked down Sakura's shaking form. Slowly he moved her to the nearby bench, handing her his handkerchief. His arm stayed around her as she continued to lean on his chest.

"Thanks." Sakura wiped her tears away and clutched the kerchief tightly. Her breathing slowly returned to normal as her sobs resided.


The words were fragments from afar. This is a dream. It must be a dream. Tomoyo stepped forward or rather she felt like she stepped forward. She could neither see nor feel anything in this empty space.


Tomoyo covered her ears, and felt cloth. Looking down at her hands, she frowned at the strings entwining her fingers, her palms.


Tomoyo froze. The voice was distinct and she felt sudden warmth touching her face. Looking up quickly, her eyes widened at the sight before her.

She stood in her loose white pants –tied at the end around her ankles with dark bands, her dark pink and gold mandarin shirt with its long tails reaching her knees –the slit at the sides riding high almost to her chest area, the inner robe's sleeves reached the floor with its length of white silk and lightly touching her bare feet.

Standing still, her closed eyes gave off an image of sleep, but her upturned lips spoke again. "You…" And this time, an arm extended, red strings began falling out of the sleeves. Her shoulder length silver and black hair was tied behind her back but a red ribbon, a ribbon that extended as time passed.

Tomoyo stood up, numbly realizing the ribbon and strings were connected to the strings in her own hands and a ribbon that suddenly appeared around her neck. She held her breath as the woman began to wake just as she herself wished to be. I want to wake up…The floor began to turn to water. Wake up…Plunging into its depths, Tomoyo clutched at the ribbon and strings. I want to wake up…The woman was before again, the ribbon began to tighten. Please, someone…Those closed eyes began to open. Help me…

Her scream broke the night and silenced nature's nightly sounds.

Shutting her eyes tight she tried to banish the image of those white-gold eyes opening, the sneer that sharpened the elegant features that brought out the cat-like eyes that glared at her, the face that had suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of her, a fist around the ribbon, tightening its hold.

She couldn't breathe.

Tomoyo froze as her fingers held a ribbon loosely tied around her throat. She lowered her closed eyes before opening them, the tears had already been pouring in her sleep. She whimpered at the sight of the ribbon and gave a cry of anguish at the sight of a hundred strings surrounding her body and trailing of to the open balcony door.

Why? Why is this happening? Someone...anyone…please…


Tomoyo froze, a hand over her mouth as she stifled another scream.


She knew her fear was eating at her, but a small part of her registered the sadness in the voice.

"…always waiting…"

She lifted her face to the voice, prepared to see the woman from her dreams. Prepared to see the sneer and hate in her eyes. But what she saw instead was much worse.

"Waiting…always smiling…" the woman who stood by the balcony was clearly a spirit. Her translucency and her floating form, sitting in open air made the hair want to stand on end. "Never…lived…"

And with the sudden return of the wind and the sounds of the night, she disappeared. Tomoyo slowly climbed out of bed, the ribbon and strings shortening suddenly, she was confused, as much as the ribbon and strings terrified her; she was feeling desperation as the strings began to fade; she didn't want them to fade.

a destiny, a connection…red ties that bind…us…

Standing at the balcony doors, Tomoyo began to fall into sleep, her vision blurred as the strings began turning into steel threads that formed together in her hands a rectangular card. But all at once it disappeared and a feeling of frustration overtook her but it quickly fell to silence as, with the strings and ribbon now gone, Tomoyo closed her eyes and falling to her knees, leaned on the cool glass of her balcony doors.

"…must…I must destroy…"

Midnight. The stars above lay covered by dark clouds.

Keroberus flew to the window looking up at the sky. Something's happened. And I don't like it one bit. Turning to look at his mistress, he frowned at a sudden red haze that disappeared so quickly, he very nearly thought he'd imagined it, but he knew it did.

From the closed drawer of Sakura's desk, the shield that held the cards began turning into red air before seeping into the lock and even further inside, the cards began to flicker into nothing and back again.