Summary: As they get to Hogwarts to start their 7th year Harry and Neville get transported to another world by what they believe is a moonstone, along with Luna Lovegood. They have to choose weapons, equip themselves, and learn wandless magic through a journey full of adventures, fantasy, and missions. RPG/Video Game/Fantasy style. Please R&R.

Song: 'Romancing Train' by Move (From Final Fantasy Unlimited)

AU 7th year that won't set in Hogwarts.

Author's Notes: 1. I don't know what possessed me to write this, but I'm enjoying the idea a lot and hope others will enjoy it too. This will be almost RPG like so if you enjoy RPG games like Final Fantasy you might enjoy reading this. It will have many RPG, anime, and fantasy elements. This is NOT a crossover, but like I mentioned before I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy games so it will have many elements video game like. I will put the name of a song before every chapter. Why? Because I tend to write while listening to music. I know, a weird tendency, but if I don't have the background I lose concentration. Most of the songs will probably be Japanese songs with some exceptions. If you want to know anything about a particular song drop me an e-mail. I don't mind.

2. This fic will have a little bit of everything: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, etc.

3. English is NOT my first language. Eep! No. Don't be alarmed. I am proof reading as best as I can, but if you feel I need help and you trust your English skills very much, say so. If it's necessary I will ask for a beta. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Lost in Another World

Ch.1: The Stone

The boy was running, the armor too heavy for him, plus his latest whip in hand. It was a golden whip and he held it strongly in his right hand as it was his weapon of choice. The long haired boy, hair in a ponytail, wiped the blood dripping down his forehead with his left hand and kept running, but had to fight yet again. The creatures kept appearing out of nowhere like it had been during his last months in that strange place. He desperately wanted to go back to his own world and he knew that it would happen soon. His mission was complete after all and he had already saved the child princess, Marina. He started to fight the tentacled creatures with his whip. They kept aiming their poisonous tentacles at him mercilessly and he was out of poison antidotes. With great ability gained during all the time he had been trapped in that world the auburn haired fourteen year old boy raised his whip and slashed at the same time he rotated his body 360 degrees. In this way he was able to hit all of the tentacled demons and they turned into dust. The boy took something out of his pocket with his left hand and looked forward, panting as he was. Happily he started his race towards the magical door of light that would send him back to his own world, his twinkling blue eyes full of anxiety about going back home, the stone that had sent him to the strange world secured in his left hand. As the auburn haired boy reached the door he hardened his fist around the magical pearly white marble stone and was swallowed through the door of light. At the same time the boy vanished the door also disappeared.


Harry Potter had just arrived at King's Cross station with the Weasleys and was laughing at a joke Ginny had just made. One by one Ron, Ginny, and Harry crossed the magical barrier and started their walk toward the Hogwarts Express. They entered, still laughing, Harry was always happy when he was going to Hogwarts, his real home. He would never be able to call the Dursleys' house his home and he was glad that he was at last seventeen. As soon as he graduated Hogwarts he would destroy Voldemort and he had no plans of ever returning to his so called relatives' house. The only way he would go back was if he got possessed by some evil divinity that drove him insane.

Harry waved at Ginny as she went to a different compartment with some 6th year friends and he sat alone in another compartment. Hermione and Ron also waved to him before leaving too. Hermione was now Head Girl and Ron was a prefect so they had to go to other compartments. Harry wasn't alone for long. He was soon joined by Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. He smiled at them and sighed, leaning his head against a window. So many thoughts encompassed him... He still had a huge burden over his shoulders that most ignored. He had to be the one to vanquish Voldemort and it was something that bothered him a lot. Why couldn't he be just a normal teenager? Why did he have to be the Boy-Who-Lived and not just Harry? He looked at Neville. The boy was holding his toad, Trevor, oblivious to how close he had been to fill the Chosen One's shoes. Voldemort had chosen him, Harry Potter, the half-blood. Neville raised his eyes and smiled at Harry, then looked out the window and at Luna, who was playing with a set of what looked like woodened turnips. Harry was also looking now at Luna and raised an eyebrow at what she had in her hands, stifled a laugh, and shook his head before closing his eyes.

When Harry opened his eyes it was already almost dark outside and he was alarmed. Ron and Hermione calmed him and told him that he looked so peaceful that they didn't want to wake him. He stretched his arms and they gave him some snacks they had bought as his stomach was grumbling. He thanked them and ate quickly. Soon they would be in Hogwarts and a great dinner would be served. Mrs. Weasley's cooking was great, but Harry still missed the food served in Hogwarts, even if Hermione kept complaining about the use of house elves.

"So? Why were you so tired, mate?" asked Ron.

Harry stretched yet again and held one of his arms with the other as he stretched them upwards. "Nothing important."

"Were you not sleeping well in our house, Harry? If mum finds out she'll have a heart attack."

Harry frowned at that: "You will not tell her, Ron. I've been thinking about too many things lately and I don't want anyone worrying about me."

Hermione sat on Harry's other side: "Harry, we all worry about you, whether you like it or not. It's inevitable, you see? Has your scar hurt?"

Harry shook his head. "It's not that, Hermione." Harry didn't want to tell them. He didn't want to tell them that he was afraid of losing against Voldemort. He didn't want to say that he didn't feel prepared. He wouldn't admit that he felt weak and like a mediocre wizard with a burden too big for him to carry. "I'll change now."

Hermione nodded and she left the compartment for a while along with Luna to give Harry a break to change to school robes. After five minutes both girls re-entered the compartment and Harry was dressed just as they were arriving at Hogsmeade.

The students got off the train and Harry smiled as he heard Hagrid's voice calling the 'firs years' to escort them to the castle in boats. He definitely preferred the Thestrals pulling the carriages that he once thought were horseless. As he saw the carriages ready to take them to Hogwarts he looked at Neville and Luna. They could both see the Thestrals too, but ever since they had used the creatures to take them to the Ministry of Magic in 5th year they were no longer apprehensive about them. The Thestrals could still be a little scary for Harry's tastes, but they weren't bad at all.

In Hogwarts Harry was looking forward to have a great dinner at last. He hoped the sorting would be very fast and was about to walk to his table with Neville, Ron, and Hermione when Luna received an object from Mr. Filch. Curiosity got the better of Harry and he approached Luna a little to hear what Filch was telling her: "I still don't know if this is what your father wants, but this is the stone that I thought was a moonstone. It's been between the confiscated items ever since before I was caretaker so it's indeed an antique. Probably been there since more than one hundred years ago." Harry could see a beautiful eliptical stone that was pearly white and looked like a marble stone with a certain shine. It even had what looked like glittery pink dots embedded in it. The stone was carefully enclosed inside a small glass cube and Harry wondered how such a thing that looked like a relic got confiscated and not by Filch for what he had heard. Maybe it was confiscated by the previous caretaker or many caratakers before? Probably no one knew.

"Can I take it out?" asked Luna curiously and Filch shrugged. The caretaker honestly didn't know if the stone was dangerous. As a Squib he had never dared take it out because he was afraid of it. Luna started to open the glass cube as the students were still entering the Great Hall and getting into their respective tables.

Neville approached the Ravenclaw girl that had protuberant eyes. He seemed worried all of a sudden: "Luna, you shouldn't get that out. I have a bad feeling about it." Luna turned to both Harry and Neville, giving her back to Argus, and smiled before entering her hand in the glass box and removing the stone. She showed it to them.

"Isn't it beautiful? My father will be ecstatic when he sees this. He was very happy when Filch wrote to The Quibbler in answer to the 'Moonstone search' that had been published. Mr. Filch will receive a nice compensation even though it is unusual for The Quibbler's staff to pay for things... Usually it's non-profit, but in this case..." She looked at the stone, her gaze enthralled.

Harry felt a strong desire to touch it and the same happened to Neville, even though the chubby boy had been fearful at first. At the same time both their hands touched the stone that Luna was holding a blinding light surrounded them. When the light that had illuminated the whole Great Hall vanished none of the three teens were there. Filch looked frightened as Albus Dumbledore ran towards where Harry, Neville, and Luna had been just seconds before. Ron and Hermione also ran there, their faces blanched with fear.

"What was that, Argus? What is it that just happened?" the Headmaster looked worried, but at the same time there was a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"I... I don't know what happened, professor. I gave a stone to Miss Lovegood and when she removed it from its case she disappeared with the two Gryffindor boys!"

"What did the stone looked like, Argus?"

"Well... It looked like a marble stone with tiny pink stones encrusted in it. The stone itself is pearly white and I believed it to be a moonstone. It's been between the confiscated items for a very long time."

Albus lowered his gaze and frowned. Hermione and Ron looked at him expectantly and Hermione quickly spoke. "Professor! You can bring them back, right? That wasn't a portkey, right? Was it a portkey prepared by Death Eaters to take Harry?"

Albus shook his head at all of the questions and with a very tired expression replied: "It wasn't a portkey, but it does transport powerful wizards. Harry's magic must have activated it. I cannot bring them back. They will have to come back by themselves."

Ron looked very alarmed. "How long will it take for them to come back?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled: "We do not know, Mr. Weasley, but I can assure you they will come back."

Hermione looked at Dumbledore curiously. It seemed that the ancient wizard knew about the stone, but simply wasn't stating so.


Neville lost his balance and fell on his behind as they suddenly appeared in what looked like an unknown land. Luna blinked several times and looked at Harry. The green-eyed teen studied the area before stating: "Somehow, we are so not in Hogwarts anymore..." His stomach grumbled and he growled. He had been so happy about dinner being served soon after the sorting and now he wasn't even in Hogwarts.

The chubby boy got up from the ground and pointed: "Harry! There's someone looking at us!"

It was true, there was a person in a beige hooded cloak that approached them. The person removed the cloak and they could see that it was a dark skinned woman with short and spiky black hair. "I am Samiria. I have been waiting for you. Just like the prophecy said, three young heroes would come to help us."

Neville, Luna, and Harry looked at each other. The woman couldn't be serious, could she? Harry cleared his throat before addressing the strange woman: "Samiria, you must be mistaken. We are just some stranded students and we just want to go back to our school."

The woman shook her head and smiled: "You are the ones we've been waiting for. Come to my house. You must be hungry. I will explain everything so that you can start the mission you are here to fulfill."

Without any more words Neville, Luna, and Harry followed the strange woman to her house. She gave them dinner, which was something Harry appreciated much, and started to tell them again about what they were supposed to be there for.

"It's been about one hundred and forty years since the last hero came. Legends say it was a young boy, younger than you three. I've read that the boy was fourteen years old and you three look older than that if I'm not mistaken. What are your ages?"

Neville was the one to answer as Harry had his mouth full in a way that reminded of Ronald Weasley. "Me and Harry are seventeen. Luna is sixteen."

Samiria looked at them and then lowered her eyes. "I wonder why the heroes are always so young..." Her dark eyes then locked with Harry's. "You are the most powerful one." Harry almost choked at this, but tried to ignore it. "What weapons do you possess?"

Harry swallowed his food and replied: "We have wands."

"Interesting. Just like the boy from so long ago. He also had a wand, but the history says that he soon found out that his wand didn't channel his magic in this world. He had to choose a weapon and learn magic in other ways. There are hidden orbs that can add to your magic skills and orbs that can add to your physical skills. You will also need weapons. Tomorrow we will search for the proper weapons for you. I can help you with that. I will also tell you what you are to do first."

"Will you accompany us the whole time? Will you help us to eventually get out of this world?" Neville looked worried. He really hoped that his grandmother would not punish him for somehow managing to disappear from school. "Gran is going to kill me."

Samiria smiled: "Well, I do hope that no one will kill you and no, I will only supply you with the basics and you will start your mission on your own."

Luna suddenly asked: "What kind of money do you use?"

"Money? Don't worry about that. I will provide you each with an empty sack. The sack will start filling itself with money as you destroy monsters."

Harry's bespectacled eyes went wide: "Destroy monsters?"

"Yes. That is part of your mission. The monsters have multiplied yet again, reaching dangerous numbers for all the people. You will have to diminish the monster population between other things."

That night Harry was in what seemed like a futon. They were together in a small room, lights were already out and he was in deep thought. When had his life become so complicated? It seemed that having Voldemort in his list of evils to vanquish wasn't enough as now the list had suddenly grown. Now he even had to fight monsters between other things. He was afraid to know what the other things were, but he wondered about the legend/history and the boy that had been their predecessor. Samiria mentioned that the boy also had a wand and that meant that the boy had been a wizard, but only fourteen years old? The boy must have been a powerful wizard. At least Harry could be sure of that aspect, but who? It couldn't have been Voldemort. Not if the boy had come there about one hundred and forty years before. That meant that if that wizard was alive he was very old and Voldemort had to be in his sixties, not one hundreds. He suddenly laughed to himself wondering if Hermione would have told him about a boy that had disappeared more than a century before registered in Hogwarts, a History. It was definitely a funny thought. Harry smiled thinking about his friends before finally falling asleep.

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