Riven and Skye Switch Bodies

Summary: Exactly what it sounds like. A spell cast by a preteen witch causes two rivals to switch bodies. And you thought Sky and Brandon's identity swap was confusing.

Dedication: This first chapter is dedicated to the following: Riven, MusaGirl15, and crazy people. If you aren't one of them, sorry.

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Chapter One: Be Careful Where you Shove Your Friend

It was a nice spring day. The sun shone brightly and classes were out for the afternoon. Both Skye and Riven were meeting their girlfriends in Magix Memorial Park for a date so they decided to race there on their levabikes there.

It was supposed to be a nice friendly race, but there was just one small detail. No on was around to give a fair and unbiased say on who got there first. So of course an argument broke out.

"You cheated Skye, admit it." Riven accused.

"I cheated?" Skye was indignant. "I believe past history shows who the cheater would be." The blonde jabbed Riven in the chest with his index finger to bring his point home.

That jab made Riven even more pissed off and he shoved Skye causing the prince to knock over a small raven haired girl who had been walking by carrying her school books.

Now we know that under ordinary circumstances Skye would have apologized profusely to the girl. And if he knew who the girl was he would have begged her pardon for knocking into her.

But these weren't ordinary circumstances and Skye didn't know the little girl from any other witch or fairy in Magix. So he didn't apologize- heck he didn't even acknowledge that the girl existed as he shoved Riven harder.

"Excuse me?" The girl tried, but her young voice was too soft to carry over the shouting of the two Red Fountain boys. "Fine then!" The child- and she really was just a ten year old girl- pointed her two index fingers at the squabbling specialists and began to chant quietly. "If you two can not co exist by yourselves you shall be eachother for a while."

After the last word was spoken a red light escaped Riven and went into Skye just as a blue light left Skye and entered Riven.

"Aine(2)!" Cried a red haired woman just as the transformation was complete. "What have I told you about pointing your finger at people?" (3) Her flame colored hair shook as she scolded the raven haired girl who was obviously her daughter. "Now lets go home." The mother took her daughter by the wrist and began to drag her away, as they left the woman added. "I hope you didn't accidentally cast a spell on someone."

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(1) Name that movie villain!

(2) Read Babysitting Trix to get the whole story on who Aine (pronounced Anya) is named after.

(3) Some Pagans (myself included) believe that all you need for a spell is your finger, so you shouldn't point it at people.

Sneak preview:

Skye was the first one to notice something was amiss when he looked down at his shoes and noticed they were hideous. "Oh my God! I'm in Riven's body!"