Riven and Skye Switch Bodies

Summary: Exactly what it sounds like. A spell cast by a preteen witch causes two rivals to switch bodies. And you thought Sky and Brandon's identity swap was confusing.

Notes: Skye is now Riven and Riven is now Skye. I will spell Skye with an 'e' if you don't like it tough. And most importantly I will not be yelled at, insulted and threatened into updating! I have other things to do besides write fanfiction. The most important is my daughter. Thank you and good day.

Dedication: This second chapter is dedicated to people. I just don't know who yet. Oh and Neko Kioko, wait until you see what I do to these couples!

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Chapter Two: Adding Insult to Injury

Riven winced as the red haired woman spoke those words. 'Cast a spell?' he thought. 'Don't you have to talk to cast a spell?' And he didn't even notice the little girl until her mother dragged her away. The cherry haired specialist-who was now in Skye's body, but didn't know it yet- decided to lean against a tree and wait for Musa to show up.

Skye was the first one to notice something was amiss when he looked down at his shoes and realized they were hideous. "Oh my god!" He exclaimed. "I'm in Riven's body!"

"What? That's crazy!" Riven gasped and looked down at his hands and noticed that they were smooth, the cuticles were pushed back and his nails were filed. Those were not his hands! "Oh my GOD! I have metrosexual hands!" The formerly red haired specialist began to spaz. "This is all your fault!" He accused.

"My fault?" Skye in Riven's body was indignant all over again. "If you hadn't cheated this wouldn't have happened."

Riven who was now Skye growled in a feral way. "Well, if you hadn't gotten in my personal space, that girl wouldn't have cast a spell on us." He was almost certain that little girl who was being led away by her mom was the cause of this. (Let us now pause and over come our shock at Riven's quick observation.)

"Well if you hadn't shoved me I wouldn't have run into her!"

"How about I shove you again to make up for it?" The now blonde boy asked as he dove at the other.

The two boys were about to start a new game of 'Kill the Classmate' when their girlfriends showed up and pulled them apart. Of course neither girl knew what had happened to their boyfriends

"Skye!" Bloom exclaimed unaware that she was really restraining Riven. "What's wrong with you?"

"Yeah you two. Chillax already!" Musa added giving Skye a half hug. "Skye, you're such a bully."

Skye was about to reply but then he remembered that he was now Riven. So instead the blonde stuck in a Jell-O head's body grinned wickedly. "Yeah Skye. You're such a pushy individual just because you're a prince."

"Riven! That was uncalled for! Really you're such a jerk sometimes I don't know what Musa sees in you." Bloom's temper was getting the better of her. "Come on Skye let's go."

Riven wrapped an arm protectively around the red haired fairy's slim waist and smiled triumphantly at Skye. "Yes, let's go." He agreed kissing Bloom on the lips.

Skye was livid. It was bad enough that he was now trapped in Riven's body, but now he had to watch that jackass make out with his girlfriend. The prince thought about what would hurt Riven the most, and then he looked down at Musa and began to smile.

That smile was quickly erased as he spoke those six little words to Musa. "I think we should break up."

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(Musa) Yeah, chillax

Yeah, what she said.

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Sneak Preview:

"Hey, professor Codatorta?" Skye asked innocently. "Did anyone ever tell you that your pants make you look fat?"

Codatorta turned to glare at the blonde boy.

The blonde took a deep breath and continued. "Well, they lied. It's your fat that makes you look fat!"

The entire class waited in anticipation for what would happen next.