This is a part of my Hellblazer seires, It takes place before the movie in Greenwich Village, NY. The story is based on Issue 11 of Hellblazer, most of the characters are from that story, with the exception of Aaron Crowley, some crearive liscence has been taken, I should note that Frank North's name was changd Sean cause there was a Frank in the previous fic and it would have been confusing.

Note: Both Aaron Crowley and Sean North appeared in HellBlazer: the Crimson Child, and although this is a stand-alone fic,it's better that you read Crimson Child.

John Constantine
sat in a booth in the corner of the bohemian Greenwich Village coffee shop, students and artists of the age ranging from teens to early thirties swarmed the place talking about cheerful topics like poetry and foreign films. 'They're lucky.' John thought, they had no idea about the world behind the world, most of them though the Devil was just a Christian figure designed by the catholic church, and they all thought God was one thing or another, not knowing what or who exactly.

John took a sip of his Irish coffee, his friend was late. Hopefully it was just the traffic.

He felt uncomfortable with his surroundings, he was out of place. The wrong appearance, and the wrong age. Suspicious looks darted him, which made him more uneasy.

He sighed in frustration, when would that British character show up?

It wasn't really his surroundings that bothered him; he was always out of place in someway or another. It was something else entirely, some ghost of a past that he disliked. A memory of something that happened here long ago, something that went terribly wrong.

October 1990

A black Viols Wagon van with the worlds 'Mucous Membrane' spray-painted on its side in bright orange barreled down the streets heading to Greenwich Village and pulled up by an apartment building.

The passengers were an odd bunch; there were six of them, two women and three men. The portrait of contradictions they were; a motley crew.

They had come from all walks of life; they all had their backgrounds and particular abilities. So let's meet them, shall we?

Leading the group is a young man of twenty-one, with long black hair and an addiction to cigarettes, lead singer of 'Mucous Membrane' and a beginning occultist; he is John Constantine, from Los Angeles. To his right is his band mate and best friend of similar age, a blonde man with a punk haircut, he is Aaron Crowley from Boston, Massachusetts. And then there is Sean North, coming straight out of a prison in West Dallas, Texas, a man of twenty five who wore a tank top that allowed his muscular body covered in tattoos to appear for all to see. He'd picked up some Shaman witchcraft in prison from a Native-American inmate but was mostly hired for his daunting physical strength.

The auburn haired woman of her early thirties is Anne-Marie McDougalfrom Washington D.C., a shy and awkward character, a divorced wife with no children, she was dressed prudishly and had a massive set of eyeglasses covered her eyes, no one could know she had had psychic powers for all her life. Walking slightly behind her is a completely different character, a beautiful blonde of twenty, with a spring in her step that showed an outgoing attitude, arrogant, crude and spoiled a daughter of a wealthy family from Manhattan, New York; Judith Baker. And last of the gang is a boy of sixteen years old, slightly plump with an established smoking habit; Ben Cox from Lo Angeles, a teenage prodigy and Demonology expert.

They carried their luggage and hauled it to an apartment on the third floor, except for Judith, who opted to leave that task to Sean. The ex-con was not happy with it but obliged at Crowley's command.

"I wouldn't have Sean do all the donkey work if I were you." said John as he lit a smoke and walked up the stairs.
"Then what good will he be?" asked Judith pompously, the upper class brat didn't have much respect for the brute.
"John's right," said Aaron, "Sean isn't here to be lugging your suitcase around, he has more uses than that"
"Yes Sir." she sarcastically said then left the duo and pranced away.

"Your little girlfriend is getting on my nerves." John said.
"She'll grown on you, I promise." said Crowley.
"All she does is pick on everyone and make out with you. I don't know exactly what's her use to us"
"She's resourceful, she has connections, and she had all the money we might need"
"So she's our sugar momma, huh?" scoffed John with a smirk, his friends punched him in the arm jokingly.
"Yeah, I guess I'm a man-whore."

The apartment the group had rented was a four room, John and Anne had their own rooms while Ben and Frank shared a room, and the couple of Aaron and Judith had their own as well.

Anne peeked from behind a wall and watched as John walked in with Aaron, she watched as he brushed his hand through his hair and put out his cigarette. She wondered why did a young man like him didn't have a girl; she wondered what kind of girl was his type.

"How's the peepin'?"

Anne gasped as she was startled by Judith who crept up on her and at the moment had a smirk on her face.

"I wasn't peeping," said Anne, "And don't ever sneak up on me like tat"
"You're not that interesting anyway, Delilah"
"My name is not Delilah, it's"
"Look Delilah, I think it's really weird you lusting for John lie that, so cut it put will yah?"

Anne-Marry was shocked to learn that Judith had noticed, to which Judith said, "Relax, don't get your grandma panties in a twist; I won't tell. Just stay out of my way."

Judith left, leaving Anne speechless, and only the sound of Aaron's call brought her attention.

"Listen up, guys," said Aaron.

The group gathered around the broken coffee table and listened as John spoke out.

"The time has come to do what Aaron and I have gathered you all to do, we're going to perform an exorcism"
"The Six of us?" asked Ben.
"I though you two could do that stuff all by yourself." said Sean.

"We're not pulling some solider demon out of some pubescent girl," said John, "We're kicking a whole lot of 'dark and hellish' out of a club in the neighborhood. It's called Brujaverd," said Crowley, "Our band played there a year back, just after Sean got out of jail, it's quit standard really, two drink minimum, open mike-night, oh, and the owner, Alex Logue is a sorcerer. And of what we hear is into orgies."

"So the guy likes to have fun," said Judith," What's it to us?"

"As I said, he's a sorcerer, bad of what we hear, not a very smart one, he tends to do all his thinking with his dick. So sooner or later, he's going to fuck up royally."

"John, what do you expect"
"It's obvious really," said John," Logue has been having some kind of interspecies sex, your usually bohemian Greenwich village sick shit, and we have to clean up after him for the sake of mankind, objections?"

Although most had their doubts about John's theory, and whether or not they were willing to do a thing about it, and being generally not too trusting in the young man's experience in the occult; they all stayed silent.