An eleven year old looked strikingly out of place among all the college students and artists in the coffee house, John watched her glide innocently through the place and shed a tear.

He'd come a long way since that time, as learned the fact that he once told Chas, 'It's not always like in the books.'

A catastrophe is the proper word to describe the situation, from beginning to end; a stupid, shameful and inexcusable catastrophe. They all did what he told them, it was his fuck-up. And they all paid a price.

Anne-Marie was permanently disfigured and received her holy orders in a New Jersey convent, where she'd been serving as a nun till the day.
Ben would eventually gain a PhD in philosophy and theology, and he'd never lost his stutter.
Judith disconnected herself from the group and returned to the upper class position as a socialite, gaining a substance abuse problem along the way.
Sean went biking around the country, learning Witchcraft from Native-American shamen.
Aaron lost his only remaining kin, and disappeared for a while, it was only learned years later that he'd sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for arcane knowledge and power.

And he, John, was arrested and sentenced to a sanitarium for the mentally deranged.

And Balthazar escaped the burning club and blended his essence with that of a musician looking for a gig, he'd became a half-breed and was there to haunt Constantine's life for fifteen years, up until he killed him for his violation of the balance a year and three months ago.

All the demons he'd sent back, all the souls he'd saved form the gaping mouths of hell didn't make up for the fact that one poor girl was in hell because he was too cocky and ignorant.

God had forgiven him for it, but he would never forgive himself, not ever.

He looked up and saw a brown haired man of his late forties approaching him; he had glasses on his eyes and wore a dark gray trench coat.

"John Constantine?" he asked in a sophisticated British accent.

"I'm Rupert Giles," said the Englishman as he shook hands with him and sat across the table from him.

"So what's this about"
"The End of the world is coming."

In the next Volume, Constantine, Giles, a demon working for the government and a myetrious drifter band togeather to ward off a League of the Fallen bent on establishing their own regime on earth.