As I seamed a Godos' shoulder weld together, a voice call up to me. I powered down the torch and lifted my goggles. It didn't take long for me to smile.

"Colonel Sifen! Good to see you, old friend!" I called down from my perch on an elevated platform.

"Please, Jeremy, despite my gift of rank, I will never ask you to call me by that title." He humbly replied.

"You're just lucky the Republic was desperate for officers last year." I winked. Once the platform was lowered, I continued our conversation. "So what brings you to me and Kavid's repair shop?"

Before he could answer, another voice entered the shop. "Is that the big-time Republic Colonel Kellar Sifen in here?" Kavid walked out from his back office.

"Hello, Kavid."

"You better not be asking us to fight for you." Stated my stern-faced business partner. "I've got a girlfriend now."

Sifen held up a hand to calm him down. "Relax. I was just passing through New Helic City and thought I'd come say hello. I've heard of a pretty nice bar around here. Care to show it to me?"

"Put up the 'Closed' sign Kavid, we're headed to Bruno's 'Castaways Bar & Grill.'"

"Hot damn! It's 'Ladies Night!'"

"I thought you had a girlfriend." inquired Sifen.

"I do! She works there!"

The team was back together again, at least for one night, and it felt great. Kavid and I had stayed close, and Bruno wasn't far away, but Sifen was a veteran to the core, and chose to stay in the army.

The War of the Southern Frontier was pretty much cancelled by the actions of the Geyser of Fire. The massacre of Zoids scared off both the Republic and the Empire for decades to come. The Stone Dragon was never seen again, although the Blade Liger Vampire popped up from time-to-time, performing a random dark deed.

No one ever heard from Katrana Sared again, or even found her PAC-1. Sifen and I chose to keep our PAC-Wolves, but kept their Plasma Armor a secret. Kavid didn't buy another Zoid, although, ironically, he became a Zoid repairman. Bruno faired the best in my opinion. His bar became the biggest night club on the lower south side of New Helic City.

Our lives dropped to a level of refreshing simplicity, but as I've said before, life always works in circles. I knew that the simplicity could not last forever, but I would enjoy it for as long as it would last. Let's just say, keeping my life quiet isn't easy.