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Birthing stories of the Tortallan Women.


The sun was an hour away from rising when Alanna felt a sharp pain in her very large belly. She sat up quickly.

"Ouch" she said, placing and hand onto her pregnant stomach.

"Gods above, that hurt."

She slowly slid out of her bed and pushed herself into a standing position. The pain stopped. She sighed in relief, she did not want the baby born today of all days. All the palace healers were going into a conference in the city. The red headed woman scowled as she attempted to get back into the bed. The instant she lay down though, the pain started again, low in her belly. She sat up as quick as her belly allowed and slid out of bed once more. Maybe a walk would be good; she though as she slid on some altered breeches and an altered shirt that would slide over her large bulge. She tried to reach her feet to slide her boots on but gave up when more pains started.

"Oh bugger it." She said angrily.

"I will just walk around barefoot."

She walked over out of her chamber and into the corridor that led out of the nobles rooms. The cool air on her face was a comfort as she stepped quietly down the hall and to the stairs that led down towards the great hall.

She paused at the top of the stairs and thought; if I go down them I'm going to have to come back up. She decided against it and went to turn around but as she did there was another sharp pain.

"Ok then I will go down the stairs." She told the baby and grasped the rail that followed the stairs to the bottom level.

Her walk, really a waddle, was slow. She eventually reached the bottom and stopped for a breather.

"I don't want to walk back up that." She wheezed out before looking around. The pains had stopped momentarily, so she decided to keep walking she didn't think she was in labor, the baby was not due for another two weeks.

She had just passed the kings study and gone up a flight of stairs when there was another sharp pain, and a rush of water between her legs.

"Oh gods no." she said, looking down onto the ground.

"Not today, not today."

George was out of the city with Myles, on a mission with the king. He was supposed to be back but he had yet to return.

He might be in the city now, she thought. She needed to get to the city for a healer.

She took a few steps back towards the stairs, but a pain so intense stopped her mid step. She cried out and placed her hand under her belly.

"Why today?" she asked as she sucked in air and tried to think. "Why has this child chosen today to be born? When there are no healers in the castle and its father is away."

She didn't no what to do. Her mind was thinking only of the pain.

There was another wave of pain that sent her gasping for air. She needed to know where George was.

She placed her hand out, palm up and pulled a small tendril of violet fire, until there was a flat flame the size of a hand mirror in front of her. Through it she could see a two sleeping figures by a dieing fire. She recognized George and Myles's horse tethered to a nearby tree.

"George!" She shouted through the small violet fire.

"George wake up!" He stirred in his bedroll and turned over towards her. Blinking for a few moments, as if to realise where he was, he looked into the small flame in which his lass was standing.

"Darlen girl, I've missed ye. What are ye doen waken your poor man up at this hour?" He smirked at her.

"George where are you? Why aren't you home?" She could feel another wave of pain about to hit, and when it did it hit hard. George saw her face twist in pain, he jumped out of bed and got closer to the flame.

"Lass what is it? What's wrong?" The look of worry was almost funny had she not been clutching her stomach and close to tears with the pain.

"George, what do you think is wrong with me? IM HAVING THE GAD DAMMED BABY!" She needed to take the pain out on somebody, and because George wasn't here, she thought he would do. He laughed loud and clear into the dawn sky.

"Then lass what are ye doen standing there for? Find a healer quick smart." Another wave of pain hit her and she moaned out his name.

"All the bloody healers are in the city."

"All but Jon." He said, he was now pulling on clean clothes and rolling up his bed roll. she looked at him sharply.

"You know for a fact I would never ask Jon to deliver this baby."

"Lass go and find Jon, if I ride hard I might be there within the hour. Don't have this baby with out me." And with that he closed their chat and left his wife leaning against the wall.


George Cooper pushed every thing into his saddle bags and then readied his mount. He needed to contact Jon quickly. He opened up his green gift so he could tell him about Alanna, he knew she would rather walk to the city then go to Jon. Suddenly George could see into Jon's room. Thayet was seated on a cushioned chair in front of a large mirror, only a large towel wrapped around her body. Her crows black hair was pinned up roughly and she was applying colour to her skin, Jon was no where in sight.

"Arghmmm" he said, hopping to catch the queen's attention. He didn't.

"Um Thayet, sorry to barge in but is Jon around." Thayet turned quickly, to quickly, her towel came undone and fell around her waist. George quickly looked away and Thayet swore, trying to pull the towel back up she laughed and said happily.

"Woops, don't tell Jon that." She chuckled and called to her husband. The king stepped out of the privy, hair freshly washed and short cropped beard neat and trim wearing only breeches. When he saw George he smiled.

"And to what do greet this early visit George?" He asked, perching on the edge of his large bed.

"Is Myles alright?" George swore suddenly, he had forgotten that he traveled with the old knight.

"Myles quick, wake up its Alanna." Jon and Thayet both glanced at each other. What was going on?

"George what's wrong with Alanna? Is she still in the castle?" Thayet asked as she stepped behind the dressing screen, to quickly don underclothes and shirt and breeches.

"Oh Alanna is being stubborn as usual. She is having the baby outside the library at the moment she refused to come and find you so I thought I should."

"She's what?" Jon nearly fell off the bed. He quickly ran out of the room. Thayet called for the nursemaid, her two year old prince was beginning to wake up in the chatter of events.

"Don't worry George we will look after her."

"Don't let her have the baby until I get there." He called after her as she quickly followed her husband. He had a quick conversation with Myles before mounting his horse and galloping off towards the city.


Alanna was close to the chambers when she heard two voices call out to her. She turned quickly to see Buri and Thayet running up to meet her.

"And what in the Goddess's name do you think you are doing Alanna? We have been almost searched the entire palace looking for you."

"Well you shouldnt have." Alanna retorted giving both the women a glare.

"I would have been ok." Buri chuckled and took hold of Alanna's arm.

"And now missy, to the infirmary." Tahyet grabbed Alanna's other arm and the lead her back towards the stairs.

"There are no healers there, why would taking me there help? Wouldnt we be better off in the city?" Thayet and Buri both shook their heads.

"Jon's a healer he will deliver your baby." Alanna bulked at the idea and stopped moving her feet.

"Im not going to Jon for this baby, if you try to make me I will walk to the city mysel." As she said this she doubled over in pain.

"And I would love to seeher walk to the city in this state." Thayet said to Buri as they pulled the Lioness back into a standing position.

"We would carry you but.." Buri trailed off as Alanna looked at the girl sharply.

"I can walk by myself thankyou." And with that, the pregnent woman walked down the hall to the starirs. Thayet and Buri walking behind. she was halfway down the stairs when she heard a very loud shout. Buri muttered under her breath as Raoul ran up the stairs to them.

"Here comes our knight in shining armour." When Raoul reached Alanna he quickly scooped her up in his arms and walked her down the stairs and towards the infirmary.

"WHAT IN THE GODS NAME'S DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!" She shouted, trying to thupm his thick chest.

"As king's champion I order you to put me DOWN!" Raoul justchuckled and walked faster.

"Just like the day Jon and I pulled you out of that frozen lake, not wanting your pride hurt yet to helpless to do anything about it." When he turned the corner there was another shout, Jon.

"Alanna what do you think you were doing?" He asked as the acompany of people filed into the infirmay.

"MustI remind you that me being the king and you my champion i am responsible for your well being whilst you are at the palace?" Alanna closed her eyes as Raoul laidher gently on the healing bench.

"Oh Jon just SHUTUP. Im not the mood for your tempers now."

"What tempers?" He shouted back. Raoul brushed a stray curl from her forehead.

"See you soon old friend." Alanna grasped his forearm as another contraction hit, he smiled when it had finished and then walked out of the room. Buri did the same after saying.

"Now if you need to shout at anyone Raoul is in the other room." She quickly kissed the red headed's cheek before following the large knight. Thayet sat down next to Alanna and took the her hand as Jon readied himself for the birth. He passed over to Thayet an old gown that he wanted Alanna in before nodding and leaving the room.

"Do I have to put that on?" She asked Thayet as the queen pulled Alanna up into a sitting position, the woman nodded and unbuttoned Alanna's shirt.

"Only for the birth." Thayet helped the Lioness until she was dressed in the gown and propped up on a heap of pillows. Jon came back in, not looking the happiest she had seen him.

"Can you give us a moment?" He asked his wife, holding the door open. Thayet nodded and shut the door behind her. Jon leaned against the wall and looked over to one of his oldest friends. Alanna looked every where but at him, she didn't want to be here, it just felt wrong. Another contraction started, stronger than the last, making the Lioness squeeze her eyes shut and clench her fists. Blue waves of coolness swept through her mind, the pain slowly ebbing away. Alanna opened her violet eyes to see Jon sitting beside her, large hands resting on the nape of her neck. She turned her face towards his arm and rested her cheek against his scars from their time in the desert.

"Im so scared Jon." She whispered out, clenching her teeth to stop herself from crying.

"George isn't here, and Im scared." Jon slid closer to her and proped her up against his chest, holding her tight, he soothed her softly, gently running his hand over her copper head.

"I know Alanna, I know." He tightened his grip around her and whispered into her hair.

"Im here to look after you always Alanna, dont forget that. I would never let anything happen to you." She nodded and smiled into his chest, she knew things would be alright. She heard the door open and close and Alanna opened her eyes to see Thayet standing at the door.

"How is our Lioness going?"She asked her husband, before stretching out beside her old friend. Alanna was about to reply when another contraction hit.

"Seems to me this birth is going to be a quick one." Jon said and stood up. He placed hands on Alanna's belly checked to see how far the baby was away.

"Im wrong, you shouldn't have the baby for a while yet, George should be here in time for the birth." The Lioness sighed in relief.

"He had better be."

-Two hours later-

Alanna had her knees drawn up and her back proped up high on pillows. George still hadn't arrived home yet and even Jon was begining to look stressed.

"Alanna this baby is going to be born very soon wether or not Goerge is here." Jon said between contractions. Alanna nodded grimly and silently swore at him, this was hurting so bad. There was the crashing of somebody falling through the door and Alanna opened her eyes to see a very flustered George standing there with a saddle bag over his shoulder. Alanna cried out in happiness to see him as he rushed to her side, he kissed her face all over. They didn't notice Jon and Thayet leave the room.

"Oh lass I was worried that I would be to late." He said, running fingers through her damp hair. Alanna smiled through clenched teeth and spoke.

"I thought you would never get here. Iwas so scared George. I was worried you wouldn't be here and I would have to do this alone." George took his wife's hand and cupped her cheek with the other.

"Never, never, never will I leave you to do this alone Lass, never."

"Good." She replied, "I was worried I might have to hurt yo-" She was stopped mid sentence from another contration and the need to push. George looked worried.

"Get Jon." She said urgently. "Quick."

Jon was suddenly in the room with Thayet at the end with him and George at the side, holding her around the shoulders. Alanna gripped her knees with both hands as Jon told her what to do. She couldn't really hear what he was saying, but George was saying it into her ear anyway.

"Now push Alanna, thats it. A little bit more then you can stop for a moment, breathe deeply, good." Jon was concentrating hard while Thayet and George urged her on. Alanna's head was resting in the crook of her husbands neck when she felt hte urge to push again.

"A little bit more Lass, just a bit more." Her heart was thundering in her ears and she could just hear herself scream out in her final pushwhen suddenly it was over. She fell back into George's hold as a screaming baby was pushed intoThayet's waiting arms. The queen held a blanket and quickly wrapped up the squarking child gently cleaning him. She could fell tears streaming down her face and she could see tears in everyone else's eyes. George too had tears streaming down his face.

"It's a boy Alanna." She heard George whisper in her ear. "Our son." The baby was placed onto Alanna's chest and it quietend down slowly. Thayet laid a sheet over Alanna and let George open up the front of the gown for the baby to suckle. Alanna smiled as her son made suckling noises and settled down. The door opened to adimt Buri, Raoul, Myles, Eleni and Coram, all beaming towards them, Coram and Myles looking just a little bit stressed.

"We have a son." George announced to the crowed. Jon was cleaning up when he met Alanna's waiting eyes.

"Thankyou." She mouthed to her king, smiling broadly.

"Your welcome." He mouthed back. Alanna's attention was caught back to the conversation between Buri and Raoul, what his name would be.

"Thom." Alanna said simply. "I think we should name him Thom." Every one smiled at this, and Raoul placed a large fist in the air.

"Three cheers for Thom and our LIONESS!" But before they could start the cheer Alanna cut in.

"Huzzah." She said sarcasticly before quickly leaning into George's arms and shutting her eyes. Laughter drifted out the open window and into the morning sky.

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