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A warm breeze blew in the open window. The sun lit up the room, glinting off everything shiny. In the corner of that room Veralidaine Salmalin lay resting on the sun lounge that was soft and comfy. She was so tired, the only time she could remember being that tired was in the immortal's war after defeating Ozorne. Being pregnant with a baby shape shifter was not the most ideal thing. Eight months ago both her and Numair had been ecstatic about their new unborn child, but halfway through her sixth month of pregnancy the baby decided to change shape up to thirty or more times a day, making Daine use her gift. Numair didn't think the baby had enough energy to change anymore than that, which was a good thing because neither did Daine. Every time the baby changed Daine too would have to change the lower half of her body to prevent the unborn child kicking itself free from the womb. The good thing about this baby was that when ever Daine slept so did it, so she didn't have to worry that when she was sleeping the babe would change and kick itself out.

There was a knock at the door, but Daine was in to much of a slumber to wake. It tapped a few more times and eventually the door opened and in walked the commander of the Queen's riders, Buri and the head horse mistress Onua. Both looked a bit stressed and both women had blood over their arms and front of their shirts. Buri saw Daine and looked back towards her friend and said quietly.

"Do we have to wake her? She has been so tired lately with the pregnancy. The other morning it took her five minutes to get George's joke." Onua shook her head before replying with.

"If Stefan was here you know I wouldn't wake her, but he isn't here and there are no other good animal healers, we need her or the queen's mare will die." Buri nodded her agreement and Onua walked over to the sleeping woman.

"Daine, sweetling its Buri and Onua." Daine didn't even flinch. Onua placed a hand on the woman's shoulder and shook her gently, leaving a bloody hand print on Daine's shirt.

"Daine are you awake?" The pregnant woman mumbled something out and her eye's opened to reveal their stormy colour.

"I am now." She snapped and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She suddenly realised how rude she had just been and sat up.

"Onua I'm sorry, please don't take that personally I am just tired." Onua nodded in understanding and smiled down to the younger woman.

"What can I do for you?" Daine was obviously too tired to realise all the blood that covered both women.

"It's Thayet's mare, she just had her foal but she is still bleeding. Hemorage- hemmorrage-." Buri gave up and Onua said.

"Haemorrhaging, bleeding from the inside. There is a healer with her but he is not strong enough to stop, just slow it down. If Stefan were here I would have ask-." Daine cut her short.

"No it's fine, quick then, lead me to the stables." Daine stood with difficulty and the minute she did she felt the baby change.

"Oh curse it." She said and she quickly changed the bottom half of her body into that of a horse. Buri turned away and Onua just smiled. Daine now looked a lot like a centaur but she had only changed into a regular mortal horse. She sighed and walked, well trotted out the open door and followed Buri, who had a hand over her mouth. Daine smiled to herself. Thankfully the baby changed back to regular shape. Daine followed suit, making sure she had all her clothes on when she did. When she finished she had a sudden dizzy spell, making her stumble.

"Oops." She said, and tried to turn her body so that if she fell she wouldn't land on her baby.

Buri had turned and saw her and she reached out to her friend, catching her just before the floor did. Onua had stretched out and caught the back of Daine's shirt. They stood standing together for a moment to catch their breaths. Onua and Buri both looked at her worried, but Daine just smiled and shook the dizziness away.

"I'm ok, just a little dizzy. My head just feels a little willy-nilly, let me just sit down for a second." The three women walked slowly over to a bench, Onua and Buri both holding onto one of Daine's elbows. They sat her down and Buri ran to fetch a glass of water. The baby still had not changed which was odd, either had it moved or kicked.

Daine knew she shouldn't but she did a quick check on the baby using her magic. She sighed in relief to find that her baby was sleeping, probably still tired from this mornings shape shifting. Buri returned and Daine drank the cool water. When she was done she sat the glass on the bench and stood carefully.

"Well come on then, lets go patch this lady up."

Moments later, Buri, Thayet and Onua watched Daine from outside the stall. Daine had smiled at the healer that had slowed the bleeding and then sent him off for clean clothes and a rest.

"Daine do you think you should be doing this?" The queen asked worriedly.

"I don't want Numair biting my head off if something goes wrong." Daine flashed a smile over her shoulder to Thayet and replied.

"I will be fine Thayet; the baby is sleeping now anyway so I won't have to change while healing." Daine hopped that that was still the case. Both Numair and Alanna had told her not to use her gift for healings, and only for the baby's changes. She had already used most of her gift today, and she knew that if this baby woke up after she had finished healing the mare that she would have to tap into her life force to shape shift.

Thayet's mare snorted and tried to stand from the corner she was laying. The foal was snug up against her.

"Has the foal drunk from the mother yet?" She called to the woman.


"Bugger." Daine spoke to the mare, silently telling her to rest.

-But my baby needs me- The mare retorted, flaring her nostrils.

-She needs to have a drink of my milk, please help me-

"I will, hush now while I patch you up." Daine set to work on the mare, easily finding the problem and getting started. She had almost done when there was a commotion behind her. The mage ignored it and finished healing the new mother.

Daine broke contact and rested her head on the mare's side, breathing slowly and fighting the dizziness that was swamping her head. The filly whinnied and Daine sat back to watch the mother stand slowly and then nudge her foal to do the same.

The wild mage wriggled over to the foal and gently pushed her up and then guided her over to her mother.

-Thankyou, oh thankyou- the mare kept saying as her filly took its first drink.

-My kin and I are forever grateful-

"No problem." Daine answered, and then shuffled back towards the stall wall and leaned against it. Something felt odd; it felt as though something was tugging at her life force. Daine closed her eyes and sat there a moment longer, savouring the rest for as long as she could she didn't realise that the woman had left.

"Magelet?" A familiar voice said from the other side of the stall. Daine smiled eyes still closed; she had known that the commotion she had heard before would have been Cloud or Numair. She was glad it was Numair.

The wild mage opened her eyes, and she smiled up at her husband.

"Hello darling." She said quietly. Daine placed her hands palm down on the wall and pushed herself up. She heard a voice call Numair and he looked towards to stable's door.

"She is in here Alanna." Daine looked over to him.

"We have been looking for you." He said.

Daine was finally standing. Her back was aching and so were her feet. The mare was eating some grain and the foal was still busily drinking away.

"You wouldn't want to carry me back would you?" She asked her husband, giving him a cheeky smile. Numair chuckled and opened the stall door for her.

"Of course fair lady, I wouldn't have it any other way." Daine was about to take a step but something felt wrong inside her, very wrong. She looked up at Numair, panic written plainly across her face.

"Numair." She said, starting to fall.

"Numair, help me." She saw Numair jump forward to her, and she could see Alanna behind him, both threw out magic to catch her fall. The mare neighed in concern as did another horse a few stalls down. The last thing she saw was Numair standing over her as darkness closed in.

"NUMAIR!" Daine cried out, something was holding her arms down, and she felt so tired. It was amazing she could shout out his name.

"Numair calm her down, she needs to keep as much energy as she can." Daine knew that voice, it was Alanna.

"Alanna, what's wrong? What has happened?"

"Daine? Magelet open your eyes, please, open your eyes." Daine opened her eyes and saw Numair standing next to her, tears in he dark eyes.

"Numair its ok, my eyes are open now, stop crying." She tried to raise her arm and realised she couldn't she was so tired.

"Why can't I move?" She asked curiously looking at Numair then Alanna.

"Daine you used the last of you gift on Thayet's mare, now you don't have any gift until it returns, apart from your life force which is at the moment keeping your baby alive." Daine could feel the colour of her face draining away as Alanna explained things to her.

"Daine if we don't deliver this baby now, you both will die." Numair reached for Daine's hand.

"But why can't I move?" She asked again.

"Magelet we had to calm you down so we used another potion, like wake flower but this one stops you from moving for a while. See already the effects are wearing off." It was true she could now lift her arm a little.

Daine wasn't trying to hide her terror of what was happening. It was all too much.

"The baby is still too young isn't she?" Daine asked hoping in some mad way that this was a dream and soon she would wake up.

"No not really, I have done a check on the baby to see how strong she, him, it is and for you to have this baby now would be ok."

Numair looked at Daine worry in every corner of his face.

"Am I strong enough?" She asked in a whisper, but they heard her.

"Jon will be here soon, so will Nealen of Queenscove. They will help me with your birth." That didn't answer Daine's question.

"Am I strong enough?" She shouted to the knight, making both her and Numair jump.

"No Daine you're not strong enough. That is why Jon and Neal will be here, they are going to give you a small amount of their gift to keep you alive. Your heart isn't strong enough for this birth; you are too exhausted from the baby's changes. There is a very high chance Daine that you will die." Daine tried to stop a cry escaping her throat but she wasn't quick enough, her cry echoed in the room. Numair moved and sat behind her and tightly wrapped his arms around his wife, tears were streaming down his face. He gently rocked her back and forward. Alanna left the room, tears also running down her face.

"Numair, I don't want to die. I don't." she turned into his chest and clenched the front of his shirt in her hand.

"What about the baby Numair? What if it dies, what if I die?" Numair rocked her gently.

"Shh Magelet, you are not going to die, I wont let that happen." Daine listened to his voice, praying that things would be ok and the baby would be born ok, and that she would live. A knock on the door brought them out of their trance and Daine sat up and wiped the tears from her face.

"Come in." She called. Jon walked in, Numair stood quickly and bowed to the king, Daine tried to follow suit but her legs felt funny.

"Daine what do you think your doing. The world will not come to an end if one of my dearest friends did not bow to me." Daine smiled a little and settled back down into, that was one of the highest compliments she had ever been payed.

"Now Daine, Alanna has told me what is happening, and I can promise you that everything will be OK." Daine nodded and tried to lift her spirits as the king explained what would happen. Apparently after she finished healing Thayet's mare, the baby woke and couldn't survive off Daine's wild magic but instead the 'Little angel' (as Jon referred to their baby) tapped into Daine's life force to stay alive, which if emptied would kill them both.

"We have ways in which to induce a birth which is what we will do to you." Jon came over to Daine and took her hand.

"I don't want you to worry about a thing Daine, just think about yourself, we will do the rest." He motioned towards Neal and Alanna who had re-entered the room. They both nodded.

"Well then let's get to work."

"Just a minute please Jon." She said, making them all look at her.

"Could I have a moment with Numair please? Just one moment?" Jon was about to protest but Alanna stopped him with a hand to his shoulder. He nodded and the three healers left the room.

She looked over to Numair, and his eyes met hers. She saw so much love and affection in them that she started to cry once more. Numair knew what she was saying. Goodbye. Numair jumped to her side once more and held her, with her eyes she was telling him goodbye in case something went wrong.

"Magelet I love you so much. I don't want to lose you." Daine was sobbing so hard that it was hurting her lungs.

"Numair if I die don't mourn me for long, if the baby survives take care of our child, but move on from me and find another." Numair shook his head.

"Never, never, never will I find another." He whispered into her hair.

"You are the one I have chosen for life, if you go to the peaceful realms, wait for me." Daine knew she couldn't say anything else to make him change his mind.

"Numair, gods Numair I love you so much, don't you ever, ever forget that do you hear?" she sat up and looked him in the eye.

"I will always love you. Always." She cut through the space between them and pushed her lips onto his, they kissed with a passion and hunger, and if she was to die it would be with his taste on her lips. Eventually there came a knock on the door and Alanna called through.

"Daine we can't wait any longer." Numair pulled away from his wife and cupped her face in one of his large hands.

"I know you love me Daine, and I will always love you too."

The door opened and it all started. Jon induced the birth with magic, starting her contractions and making her waters break.

Her pain started off dull and slow but as time went by the pain became harder and faster. Neal was at the end of Daine with Neal while Jon was next to her; she felt the pressure in her lower belly, this baby would be born soon. She started to feel really tired, she leaned back into Numair's hold and shut her eyes, and she was so tired. Jon pulled her back to where she was sitting before and placed a hand on her head, suddenly she was burning, her body felt as if it were on fire. She screamed in agony as it continued to burn her. It stopped just as suddenly as it had started and she opened her eyes to see them all looking worriedly at her.

"I don't think you are going to be able to use your gift to give me strength." She said in a daze, it had burned so bad. Then she remembered Cloud, she had given her strength to be able to kill the old stormwing queen after she first came to Tortall.

"Cloud." She gasped out between another contraction.

"Cloud can give me strength, she has done it before." She looked over to Alanna who was looking at Jon who was looking at Numair who was looking at her. They all just stood there. It was Neal who shouted out the door for somebody to come. Thayet was there suddenly, looking quite rushed. Neal explained what was happening and she raced from the infirmary.

Daine felt the sudden urge to push and she cried out as a new pain started full force. Alanna spoke through a fog which felt like it was covering her mind.

"I can see the baby, Daine, just I little bit longer and Cloud will be here to help."

Numair whispered into her ear.

"Magelet, please hold on, just a little bit longer and we will be holding our new baby in our arms." She smiled slightly through the pain that felt as if it were tearing her apart. There was a commotion coming from the other room and suddenly she felt strength in her every corner of her body. She opened her eyes to see her small mountain pony leaning into her. Daine smiled weakly and gripped Numair's hand tighter. He smiled down to her, and then kissed her cheek. She whispered in his ear.

"I love you Numair." Another wave of pain hit her and she cried out.

"Daine you have to push now." Alanna said through the ever thickening fog over her mind. Her heart was beating in her ears so loud.

When the next contraction hit she did as Alanna said and pushed, and screamed. Her head felt dizzy and full of sand and her breath was coming in short bursts. Numair looked pale and was sweating heavily as he tried to comfort his wife. Jon was offering support and another hand to hold. Alanna and Neal were both at the end of the bed, waiting for the baby. The contraction stopped.

"Very good Daine, just a bit more, slow your breathing down Daine." Daine tried to slow her breathing down but it was not working, her heart felt weak and she was out of breath. Cloud was offering strength but weakening, so Daine cut off her mount's energy. The Wild mage felt the loss of energy instantly, her head dropped back on to Numair's arm that was around her and her eyes rolled back into her head as her heart slowed.

"DAINE!" Somebody slapped her face and something, Cloud, bit her leg and Daine tried to focus her eyes. Alanna was telling her to push once more and it was then that Daine remembered. Stay alive to deliver this baby, she told herself, pushing with the wave off the contraction.

The pain stopped suddenly and Daine fell back into her husband's hold. She could vaguely hear a baby crying and people talking. Diane shut her eyes as her heart started to slow and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Numair had tears in his eyes as he watched Neal and Alanna clean, check and wrap his new daughter. Jon was cleaning up. Numair looked down at his wife and his heart stopped with the terror of her lying there.

He checked for a pulse and couldn't find one.

"Magelet wake up." He said shaking her shoulders.

"Gods Daine wake up." Alanna heard Numair and turned to see Daine laying still on the bed, not breathing. She pushed the baby into Neal's arms and rushed to the woman's side. Numair was shaking Daine in and attempt to wake her.

"Jon get him away!" she shouted to her king, and then placed her hands on Daine's chest.

Jon grabbed for Numair but the taller mage just pushed him off.

"Numair stop it." The black robe mage turned on Jon and in a hysterical act started to shout at his king

"YOU PROMISED THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE OK!" he screamed at the king.

"YOU PROMISED THAT SHE WOULD BE FINE AND THAT NOTHING WOULD GO WRONG." Numair was shaking uncontrollably as Alanna worked on Daine. She sent a direct jolt of magic to the younger woman's heart and then pulled away. Nothing happened. Numair turned back to his wife and fell to his knees beside her bed, the anger gone now and anguish and despair closing in fast. Alanna tried once again as the new babe screamed over the silence. The Lioness was sweating and muttering words under her breath as she kept jolts going to Daine's heart.

"Come on Daine, don't leave us here. It isn't your time to go yet. Don't leave your daughter and Numair alone." Tears were falling from her eyes as she kept up the jolts. Jon was suddenly by her side holding her shoulders.

"Alanna, sweet, Daine's gone. You tried to bring her back but it's to late now." Numair sat silently in shock as Alanna shouted her frustration.

"No Jon I can bring her back!" She sent another bolt of magic but the Wild mage was as still as ever.

"Alanna listen to me, Daine's gone now, she has gone." He tried to pry Alanna's hands from Daine's chest.

"JUST ONCE MORE!" Alanna sent one more large jolt of violet fire direct to Daine's heart. Cloud came over to Daine's arm and bit down hard as Alanna's fire hit the heart. Everything was quiet, even the baby. Neal had taken her out to Thayet, who was now standing in the doorway with Buri; both had tears leaking from their eyes.

Life suddenly roared to life under Alanna's hands and Daine opened her eyes and sucked in air. Jon shouted with joy and rushed forward to Daine and started to check her over with magic. Alanna leaned back against the wall, hands over her face as her shoulders shook.

"Horse lords, that is going to hurt tomorrow." Daine gasped out to Alanna, making the older woman look up, and to everyone's surprise laugh. Daine turned her head down to Numair who had tears soaking his cheeks.

"Oh sweet." She said and she put her hand down to him. The mage pulled himself up and grabbed his wife.

"Daine I nearly lost you." He sobbed into her hair, holding onto her tightly.

"I thought I would never see those eyes of yours open again." Daine gripped his shirt with all the strength she could manage and held on for dear life. They were interrupted by a wailing from the door, and Daine tried to sit up and see her daughter. Jon propped pillows behind the woman as Thayet gently laid the newborn in Daine's arms.

"Glad your back." She said and then kissed the Wild mage's cheek.

The baby opened her eyes to look up into Daine's, who's were filling up with more tears. The baby didn't shape shift once, which they were all very grateful for.

"The poor baby is too tuckered out to change shape."

"You think she is tuckered out, what about her mother." Daine retorted, but her eyes never left her daughters face.

"I need a bloody strong drink." Alanna said suddenly, making everyone look at her.

"Cant I go for a drink?" she asked.

"Gods forbid I need one." Alanna walked out the door but Daine called out.

"Alanna wait." And the lady knight walked back in.

"Thankyou." Daine said, meaning every word. Alanna smiled and said.

"Just don't do it again, once was enough but two times, really." Daine smiled while everyone else laughed as the day outside continued into the afternoon.

Now the fun begins, Daine thought as she cuddled her new baby. Now the fun begins.

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