There For You

Brina: Behold! The product of my boredom! Ok, so it wasn't actually boredom, this idea has been in my head since like, I forgot. Anyway, I'm in a good mood today since I received my postings! grins So I decided to write it today :) My apologies for those who wanted this one shot to be longer...

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"You're annoying. Go away,"

Why do I even bother to do this?

Why do I even bother about you?

Why do I even bother to care about you?

Why do I always choose to reject Naruto and his endless date offers just to keep you company? I gave up all these, and you don't even seem to acknowledge it… in fact, you just find me and my presence annoying.

Why do I even bother to ask you on dates everyday, when I know that you will just reply with the same answer?

But why do you think that I actually ask you that same question constantly, and letting my heart and hopes get crushed each time I ask?

Why do I even bother to try to understand you?

"You'll never be able to understand me,"

True, I may not be able to understand you completely, or even at all, but I'm trying. The least that you could do is not to push me away… like what you usually do.

Perhaps you are right; maybe I just don't understand you.

But regardless of all that, I just wanted you to know,

That no matter what happens

If you need someone

I will be there for you.

So Sasuke-kun, you're not alone.

You will never be alone.

Not with me by your side.

I love you.

And regardless of whether you would ever feel the same way towards me,

I will still continue loving you.

I want to be your everything

To be all that you ever needed

To have your eyes look into my soul

The one and only person you will ever love.

When the night comes

When the darkness falls

Whenever you feel alone and lonely

I will be there

To take your hand and never let go

And to tell you that you will never be alone.

Aishiteru, Sasuke-kun.

Author's note: So how was it? Good? Bad? I would really appreciate it if you guys would leave a review! Oh yes, credits to one of my best friend's blog for the poem lines in italics.