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Summary: Beastboy and Raven are alone in the tower. Raven is feeling a bit "under the weather". When Beastboy offers to make a run to the store for her, does he realize that he is offering to go Where No Man Has Gone Before? BBRae story

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Chapter 1: Ignorance is Bliss

Beastboy's mouth cracked open in a cavernous yawn. To be perfectly honest, he really had no business yawning, as it was noon and he had only been up since nine, but the yawn had less to do with being sleepy than it did with being bored out of his mind.

As he flipped through the channels for the three hundredth time, he raised his can of soda to his lips, only to remember that he had emptied it not thirty seconds before.

Eventually, he gave up, threw the remote onto the couch in disgust, and got up to dispose of his can. It was then that he made a startling observation.

"This sucks."

Yes, the teenager's amazing powers of deduction were quite capable of reaching that conclusion.

In the kitchen, he stood in front of the open refrigerator door. He wasn't hungry. He ran his hand along the counter as he walked back towards the living room, randomly pressing buttons on the microwave and playing with the knobs on the stove. After several minutes of wandering aimlessly around, he ended up back on the couch, loading up a video game he had beaten countless times. He definitely preferred playing against someone else, but that wasn't an option at the moment, so he was relegated to what would be a very unsatisfying victory in one player mode. Finally, the game loaded. He chose his car and the course and began zipping around the pixelated race track.

This very well could have been his fate for the rest of the day, just sitting in the living room, playing games he had already beaten, punctuated by the ingestion of copious amounts of soda and tofu and the occasional trip to the bathroom.

But, alas, that was not to be, for shortly after beginning his game someone else entered the room.

Beastboy heard the door open and close, but didn't even glance up at the new arrival. He knew exactly who it was simply through the process of elimination. On screen he was lapping his computerized opponents, unconsciously leaning his body in and out of turns along with his little car.

"Hey Raven."

"Hello Beastboy."

Beastboy didn't really expect any other interaction with the usually reserved girl, so he was a bit surprised when she continued the conversation.

"Do you know where Starfire is?"

"Yeah, she went to the mall." For absolutely no reason, he fired his lasers at the car in last place as he came around and lapped it again. The screen lit up with an orange fireball as a loud explosion blasted through the speakers.

"Oh." Raven moved up behind the couch and continued in her normal monotone, "Do you know if she took her communicator with her?"

He finished the race, easily coming in first place. Maybe if he gave all the computer cars a two lap head start it would be more challenging. "Probably, but I don't think she would appreciate you calling her."

"And why is that?"

"Because she was actually able to persuade Wonderboy to go with her." Beastboy skipped through the screens that allowed you to improve your car, knowing it would just make the game even more boring.

"Really?" Raven sounded impressed. Beastboy understood why. Usually it took an act of God (or at least Slade) to convince Robin to do anything other than train or research. On screen the next race started.

"So any idea when they will be back," Raven asked.

"They left a couple hours ago. She mentioned shopping, lunch, and a movie, so I expect it will be a while still," Beastboy answered while continuing to punch buttons.

"Wait... was this a date?"

Beastboy grinned at that, "Dude, I hope so. Even I can tell they like each other, and I'm the oblivious one."

"Oblivious, huh?" Raven smirked. "Didn't know you knew words like that."

"I know, right?" Beastboy wasn't really offended. He knew he wouldn't be winning any scrabble tournaments any time soon. "You called me that a couple weeks ago and I looked it up. I can't believe I actually remembered it."

Raven just rolled her eyes. "And used it correctly, too. Amazing. Since when do you listen to anything I say?"

Beastboy chuckled lightly. "Heh, good question. I guess if you throw enough mud at a wall, some of it is bound to stick. Anyway, Rob and Star are out, and Cy isn't back from Steel City yet. It's just you and me here."

Raven let out a frustrated, "Damn."

Beastboy finally paused his game and turned around to look at Raven. While he wasn't exactly offended by swearing (he was, in fact, known to let off a few good strings of colorful language from time to time, usually directed towards a certain half-robot and usually on the subject of various meat products) Raven almost never swore. It was enough to catch his attention.

She was standing behind the couch, scowling at the floor. Beastboy was more than a little surprised to see she was not wearing her uniform. She wore a pair of gray, flannel, drawstring pants and a plain white t-shirt. They looked like what someone would wear to bed.

Beastboy furrowed his brow in thought. Wait a second, did she just get up? That's not like her. But this is the first time I've seen her today. And, now that I think of it, she did go to her room earlier than usual last night.

He had no idea what to think about any of this, so decided not to mention it. "Gee, thanks Rae. I didn't know my company was so terrible."

Raven just looked at him.

Beastboy gave a wide grin. "Ok, I know that for you my company is that terrible, but its not very polite to actually say it."

Raven let out a small sigh. "It's not you, Beastboy." She gave him a short glare. "At least not this time. I was hoping to ask Starfire for a favor. Now it looks like I have to do it myself."

"Hey, what am I? Chopped tofu? I can help you out. What were you going to ask her to do?" Beastboy replied, slightly indignant but ready to prove himself useful (and hopefully alleviate his boredom).

Raven's eyes dropped to the floor so quickly Beastboy looked down to see what she was staring at, but saw only her feet. She's barefoot? I guess she really did just get up. After a few seconds, Raven replied to his question."Oh, I'm, uh, not feeling well and was going to have her, um, pick something up for me. But I will just go get it myself."

As Raven started to turn away, Beastboy could have sworn he saw a light pink tinge on her cheeks. What the...? She's blushing? And stuttering? Just because she's sick?

Beastboy jumped up and slung an arm around her shoulders, pretending not to notice how she stiffened at the contact. "Aw, c'mon Rae. You shouldn't have to go out if you're sick. What do you need? Medicine? I'll go get it for you. What kind do you want?"

She shrugged off his arm as the red on her face darkened. She reached to pull up her hood before remembering she wasn't wearing her cloak. "Oh, um, th-thanks Beastboy, but you don't have to do that. You are, um," she looked around for a moment, as if searching, and her eyes landed on the t.v., "you're in the middle of a game. I wouldn't want to interrupt, so don't worry about it, just go back to your game, I will do it myself, no need to trouble yourself, I'll see you later, bye." By the end of her statement, she was speaking very rapidly, and started quickly walking back to her room. It almost looked like she was trying to get away from him.

Thats weird. Since when does she care if I am in the middle of a game? And why won't she let me help? I guess she's kinda touchy about being sick.

Beastboy hurried to follow her. "It's no big deal Rae, I was just playing video games because I was so freakin' bored. I'd be happy to help. In fact, you would be doin' me a favor, just giving me something to do. So what do you need? Aspirin?"

"No, Beastboy, really..." There was a slight note of panic in her voice.

"Advil? Tylenol?"

"No, Beastboy, I just..."

"Nyquil? Dayquil? Alka Selzer?"

"No. Beastboy, listen to me." The panic was gone now, replaced by annoyance, but Beastboy was, to use his own words, the oblivious one. They were almost to her door.

"Um, Robitussin? Pepto Bismol? Pepcid AC?"

"NO! Stop, just..."

"Tums? Benadryl? Chloroseptic?"

"NO, BEASTBOY, I ..." Her face was still red, but now it was more due to anger than embarrassment. The vein throbbing in her forehead gave that away. Unfortunately, Beastboy was too busy trying to think up more medicines to really notice, so he continued speaking as they finally reached her door.

"Umm, Tinactin? Wait, thats for athletes foot. C'mon, Raven, just tell me!"

By this point, Raven was fed up with Beastboy and his annoying persistence, and before either of them really knew what was happening, she was screaming at him.


As if to punctuate her anger, dark magic lashed out and shattered every bulb in the hallway. She quickly whisked into her room, leaving a very stunned Beastboy staring open-mouthed at her door.

Raven slumped against the inside of her door, breathing heavily, still furious. Various small items around her room were floating and rattling, encased in her dark energy.

Why does he have to be so annoying! First I have to have a conversation with the back of his head because he can't stop playing a stupid game for two seconds, and then he pesters me until I can't think straight! Why can't he just ever leave me alone when I ask him to! I am going to kill him. And then I am going to kill the others for leaving me here alone with him. How could they do that to me!

A tiny, small voice spoke up in the back of her mind

He was only trying to help.

Raven let out a rather inelegant snort at that. Well, I don't want his help. Especially not with this! It was at this moment that she finally started to realize exactly what she had screamed at Beastboy, and soon mortification replaced anger. Oh, no. Did I actually say that? Did I yell at him about my period?

After several minutes of alternating between berating herself, Beastboy, and the other Titans, Raven's internal reverie was broken by a light knock on the door. She let out a tiny groan, knowing who it had to be. What does he want now?

"What do you want, Beastboy?" There was still a very pissed off quality to her voice.

"I j-just want to t-talk. I'll make it quick, I promise. Please?"

Raven gave a deep sigh. I swear, if he wasn't so good at that pathetic, whiny voice I would have killed him by now.

She grabbed her cloak off its peg next to the door, threw it over her shoulders, and pulled the hood up. Opening the door just enough for him to be able to see her face, she did her best to compose her voice. "What?"

A nervous Beastboy stood at her door, staring down at his suddenly fascinating feet. When he started speaking, she could barely hear him.

"Um, hi. I, uh, just wanted to apologize."

Raven stared at her green teammate for a moment before answering. "Fine. Apology accepted." Then she started to close the door.

Beastboy finally looked up, and stuck his hand out to stop the door from closing. "Wait!"

Raven narrowed her eyes menacingly at him. "What, Beastboy?"

He let go of the door and let out a small nervous chuckle. "Um, I really am sorry. I knew you weren't feeling well. I should have left you alone when you asked me to. I really was just trying to be helpful. And, um, less bored. But I didn't mean to be annoying."

Raven could see he was sincerely contrite, and decided to cut him a little slack. She slightly softened her voice as she replied, "I know. And it wasn't totally your fault. I probably overreacted. I already accepted your apology, so can we just forget this ever happened?"

A smile spread across his face as she was speaking. Not his normal goofy grin, but a small, happy smile, though she did notice that his fang was still visible. "Um, actually, Rae, I was hoping I could make it up to you."

She didn't say anything for a moment as she thought this over. This was new for him. Usually he was just thrilled to have her even listen to an apology, much less readily accept one with no retaliation in the form of physical pain. She was intrigued.

"What did you have in mind?" She tried to keep her tone even, unwilling to betray her curiosity. "Because a tofu lunch is not a peace offering."

He scowled lightly at her. "Hey, c'mon now, there is nothing wrong with tofu. You just wish you were lucky enough for me to make you a tofu meal."

She was only slightly relieved, still not knowing what he intended. "Fine, then. What did you have in mind?" It was such a simple question, really, but she was not at all prepared for the answer he gave her.

With a strangely neutral expression, not meeting her eye and with a slight blush on his cheeks, he made his offer. "Let me go to the store for you."

Raven was stunned into a wide eyed silence. She couldn't speak. She couldn't even move. But while her body had entered a temporary shutdown, her mind was working overtime.

Did he just offer to...? No, I must have misunderstood. That's it, I heard him wrong. Or he heard me wrong earlier. Yeah. He doesn't actually understand what he is offering to do. That has to be it.

After a few seconds, her body finally started working again. Of course, it was just enough to make her soundlessly open and close her mouth, but after her goldfish impression, she was finally able to articulate a reply.


Beastboy slowly looked up. The blush was still on his cheeks, but he did look her in the eyes. "You need, uh, ...stuff... from the store, but you don't feel good. So let me go get it for you."

Raven was positive she had heard correctly that time. Obviously he doesn't know what stuff I need. "You do know exactly what I need, don't you? That stuff on the aisle that you and Cyborg and Robin and every other male on the planet refuses to walk down." He looked away as she continued. "The aisle you guys ignore and pretend isn't there." He gulped loudly. "The aisle with 'feminine products'." Was he actually sweating? "The aisle with... Tampons!" At this pronouncement, Beastboy physically winced.

See, I knew he didn't know what he was getting into. It was all Raven could do to keep the smug grin off her face.

"Y-yeah, I-I know."

Smugness was quickly replaced by confusion. "What? Beastboy, are you serious?"

He was finally able to look her in the eye again, and seemed to actually gain confidence as he spoke. "Look, it's no big deal. I was looking for something to do anyways, and you don't feel well. I'll fly to the store, go in, come out, fly back. I'll be back here in, like, 10 minutes."

Raven was truly touched that he was willing to do something that would obviously make him very uncomfortable just to save her a trip.

He really is sweet.

Raven jerked her head in surprise. It was that same small voice from earlier, the one that was defending him. You stay out of this!

"Thank you, Beastboy. Really. It's very nice of you. But I can't ask you to do that for me."

Beastboy was shaking his head before she even finished. "You didn't ask, Rae. I offered. It will make me feel better, saves you the trip, and let's us put this behind us without being all awkward for the next two weeks about it. C'mon, it's really not that big a deal."

Raven eyed him nervously for a minute. What he was saying made sense. It was actually very mature, as odd as that was for Beastboy. "Are you sure?"

His big goofy grin came back. "Sure I'm sure! Don't worry Rae, I'll be back before you know it."

He started walking to the elevator. He had made it about 3 steps when Raven called out. "Wait! You don't know what kind to get."

Turning back, he looked at her with a bewildered expression on his face. "They have kinds?"

Raven just stared at him for a moment, marveling at his ignorance, before shaking her head and replying, "Yes, they have kinds."

Beastboy walked back to her doorway. "Oh. Ok. So, umm, what kind do you want?"

And suddenly they were both back to awkwardly staring at their feet and fighting off blushes. It will remain a mystery if Raven would have ever worked up the nerve to describe her preferred brand of tampon to him, because at that moment she had an epiphany.

"Wait here. I will be right back." She quickly made her way to her bathroom and pulled the empty box out of the trash. She ripped the front section off and took it back to the door.

She held out the ripped cardboard for him to take. "Here. Just match the boxes."

Slowly, cautiously, tentatively he grasped the corner of the cardboard with two fingers, careful to hold it away from his body. Without another word he turned and marched towards the elevator. Raven watched him walk away, mildly impressed. He really is braver than I give him credit for. He is literally going where no man has gone before.

Just as he reached the elevator at the end of the hall she called out to him one last time. "Are you really sure?"

He gave her a cocky little grin and replied, "Of course. I mean, really, how bad could it be?"

The elevator door closed.