Dear Diary,

I am unhappy. In fact, I am very unhappy. I am so unhappy that I'm actually pouting. Really, I am! It may be undignified, but when you're as unhappy as I am, dignity drops a bit in importance. (But don't worry, all my pouting is occurring in my chambers – dignity may be down at the moment, but I still have an image to maintain.)

Now, as you are my friend, this is where I know you're asking me why I'm unhappy. And because you're my only friend, the only person (so to speak) that I can trust with everything, I'm going to tell you.

You know how my Horcrux plan was completely foolproof? How there was absolutely no way that anyone would be able to get their hands on a single piece of my soul? Well, taking into consideration the fact that my previous diary has quite definitely been destroyed, it occurred to me that maybe my plan wasn't so foolproof. As Lilith cited the other day, 'nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.' I hate Sod's Law.

So I decided to check on my Horcruxes, and you know what? That little brat found not one, but TWO of them! Three pieces of my soul have been destroyed, and who knows how long it'll be before he finds more.

If I had hair, I'd be tearing it out right now.

No matter how devious, intelligent, and downright kick ass I am, there's always that damn Gryffindor Factor to take into account. After all, in the battle of Good vs Evil, it seems that Good triumphs – which I can't understand. After all, Evil has all the good plans. Evil has the masterminds. Evil has the manpower, the knowledge, the resources – everything! Good is always bumbling little cockroaches that refuse to take the hint and die.

So why doesn't Evil ever win? I don't think it's at all fair.

Of course, "life isn't fair" is the motto that the orphanage 'caretakers' loved to tout. Every time anything happened at all, that was the excuse. They didn't give a shit about us. It was easier to pass it off as life lessons than it was to actually do something about it. I guess that approach made me into the man I am today. And isn't that ominous?

I'm still unhappy, in case you were curious. Maybe even irritated. Certainly less than pleased.

I think the intelligent thing to do might be to start researching worst case scenarios. I mean, sure killing the brat might work, but with Gryffindors you never know. I think we discussed his similarities to a cockroach before. I'd really hate to have killing him go wrong. Of course, loosing isn't exactly appealing, either.

But that's enough with the morbid stuff. On to the more interesting information! I've set in motion a plan to secure me a few damsels to distress. I got my hands on one Cho Chang earlier this evening – Malfoy Jr assures me that my having this one will really get to Potter – and I secured little Miss Bones yesterday. I've got plans laid out to capture Miss Gabrielle Delacour tomorrow.

Of course, having them isn't quite enough. Now I need to find something to do with them. I could kill them, of course, but there's not a lot of fun in that. Especially with the Bones girl – she's important, and she's pureblood. I'll probably just torture her a bit and return her nicely. She isn't directly connected to Potter anyways.

Lucky her.

Delacour, on the other hand, is practically family from what I understand. Lilith was going into the connection during her debriefing – something about one of Potter's Weasleys marrying a Delacour. She'll be a bargaining chip, I'm sure.

Anyways, I should go. I'm late for a meeting. Punctuality is next to godliness, as the saying goes. Or is that how the saying goes? I may be mixing sayings – but they're Muggle sayings anyways! Why am I quoting Muggle sayings? Habit sucks.

Sorry I'm rushed!

With love,

I AM LORD VOLDEMORT (I never get tired of that!)