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Chapter 1

It was a blustery afternoon, storm clouds lingered threateningly in the distance as Bill Sikes made his way towards the small town of Shefferington, about 15 miles outside of London. Fagin had sent him out on this expedition to find a place worthy of their time, so to speak, and there was no shortage of empty summer homes for them to choose from. It was late fall, Bill pulled his jacket tightly around him to keep out the cold wind, hoping that he would make it to the next town before the rain began to fall. Currently he was walking down a seldom used dirt track that was surrounded by impossibly large trees on either side. He kept a careful eye out for trouble as he walked along. He knew this would be the perfect place to rob someone having done the very thing many times when he was younger.

The trees now borne the colourful effects of fall, the trees had exchanged their normally green leaves for bright reds, yellows, and oranges. Leaves littered the ground and crunched under the robber's feet as he trod along. Bill looked up as he felt the first drops of rain beginning to fall and cursed knowing he was still an hour or more away from his destination; or so he assumed from Fagin's directions. He had never been out to this town before, although it was only a few miles from places he 'knew' all to well.

Only minutes after the first few drops had fallen, the sky seemed to have opened up and it was raining so heavily that Bill could hardly see a few feet in front of him. He pulled his collar up around his neck and cursed the weather and Fagin for sending him out into it. Bill stepped up his pace, eager to get out of the downpour, ducked his head against the wind and hoped he was getting closer to his destination.

A snapping tree branch caught Bill's attention and he looked up in time to see a person rush out onto the road in front of him, a club raised to strike. Bill blocked the blow with his forearm and, ignoring the pain, rushed his attacker, knocking him to the ground. Bill punched the man in the gut as he wrestled for control of the club; a fist caught him in the cheekbone angering him. Bill punched the man in the face twice before the club fell from his grasp; Bill then stood and kicked the man harshly in the side.

"David!" the man on the ground called, rolling onto his side and curling up. "Help!"

Bill looked around, trying to find the other man that his attacker was calling for. He grabbed the club off the ground, holding it in a white knuckle grip and pulled a knife out of his coat pocket. "C'mon David! Shew yerself!" Bill shouted as he scanned the sides of the road, unable to find the second man. "Where's your friend? Eh?" he shouted at his attacker, kicking the man again. Bill bent down to pick up his hat which had fallen during the scuffle and as a result the blow that was meant for his head struck him between the shoulder blades. Bill dropped to his knees form the force of the blow, knowing he needed to get back to his feet or he was finished. He rolled to the side, a club digging into the ground where he had just been, then jumped to his feet to meet this new threat.

"David I'll venture." Bill smiled through the rain at the big man standing before him.

"Yeah, who's asking?" David replied, smirking as he wrung his club with his hands.

"None of your business." Bill said tightening his grip on his knife. "You'd better drop the club." He warned, trying to keep an eye on both men. He was beginning to wish he'd brought his gun with him. At that moment Bill saw the man on the ground reaching under his coat, he quickly brought the club down hard on the man's head.

Seeing Bill distracted David rushed at Bill, slamming the club down on his leg which buckled beneath him and he fell to the ground. Bill cried out, clutching his leg but at the same time lashing out with his knife, grazing the man's side. David stepped back holing his side in pain.

Bill tried to stand but his leg once again buckled beneath him, David ran at the injured man, raising his club and bringing it down with vicious power. Bill blocked the blow with the other club which he still held; his leg was in serious pain. David now knew to stay out of reach of Bill's knife and continued to swing the club at Bill who was managing to block the blows thus far but wouldn't be able to keep it up for long.

Bill knew he needed to get up and fight back. He managed to get to his feet, putting very little pressure on his right leg. He changed his hold on his knife to a throwing grip, shaking the water from his face he yelled for the man to drop his club.

"Drop it!" he warned, lifting his arm in preparation of the throw. "Drop it or I'll drop you!"

David lifted his hands as though about to comply but instead flung the club at the other man, striking Bill in the chest and face. Once again knocked off balance Bill hit the ground a moment before David leapt on top of him, grasping for the knife. Bill dropped his own club and repeatedly punched David in the face and side, finally managing to knock the man off before stabbing him in the leg. David cried out and tried to stem the flow of blood as Bill staggered to his feet.

He looked down at the two men o the ground, one unconscious the other crying in pain. Bill waited a moment until he'd caught his breath before slowly backing away from his two attackers. His leg ached badly but he needed to get away before the two composed themselves or someone else came along.